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“Working with Naomi was like

having someone who is for  you, 

who keeps seeing you and

accepting you. I couldn't have

written the book without Naomi.  

She is truly my fairy godmother

of writing.

~ Katayoon Zandvakili: author,

My Beautiful Impostor









"Naomi has provided unwavering support, profound mirroring, and

has gently guided and encouraged

me, again and again, to write from the place of my true and authentic self.

In the process, I have come into relationship with my deepest

creative self, after a lifetime of longing and disconnection from it. This gift beyond measure I attribute

in large part to Naomi's soulful,

loving, supportive and wise guidance."

~ Carolyn Shoshana Fershtman,

Ph.D., Psychologist; author,

Carrying Joseph's Bones









“Naomi Rose has been instrumental

in keeping the project of the book

I'm writing alive. Her insight, understanding, encouragement,

and caring have helped me to remove confusion, show me a path, and keep me inspired and going. No one else I know could have aided me in such a way.”

~ Billy Weprin, author,

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“ Naomi encouraged me to do the joyful thing, instead of the things I think I should do. This was very affirming. And I felt heard, in a very strong initial way. It's different from trying to write a book on my own, because it feels like what I'm doing

is being done in relationship.

~ Shirley R. McGinnis, author, Sometimes Love Is Enough  



Writing from the Deeper Self

"Bringing Your Treasures into the World . . ."

Naomi Rose
Book Developer

(510) 653-ROSE / (510) 653-7673 

This page features the most recent

Writing from the Deeper Self newsletter,

put out by Naomi Rose to her readership.

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        1. Introduction: "Reflecting on Your Life in Slowed-Down Time"

           2. Feature Article:  "The Importance of Silence and Slowing Down in

               Writing a Book"

           3. Rose Press Books & Flower Essence Remedies

               "The Creative Process" Series / The "Money & the Inner Life" Series /

                The "Healing" Series / Flower Essence Remedies for Writers &


           4.  Special Offer through May: MotherWealth book (print and ebook

                versions) and flower essence remedy at a very special price, for a short time



Reflecting is such a large part of deep writing. Whether you are reflecting back the impressions of the outer world, like spring (bursts of pink blossoms exuberating forth on the thick grey-brown branches)~ or the impressions that lie within you when you give them room to arise and tell you things about yourself and life ~ the willingness to simply be present with all of you to what is there; to let it pass through you; and to articulate the facets that remain is a creative act that is also a profoundly healing one. In the push-and-pull of daily life responsibilities, we can easily overlook how wealthy we are inside. It is when we make space to explore this wealth and invite it out that we get to be our own beneficiaries (as well as sharing our findings and articulations with our readers, as I have often done here with you).

In this newsletter, you will get to explore the benefits of slowing down in writing, which can have a beneficial effect not only on your writing itself but on your spirit, soul, and physical health. When we listen to ourselves instead of rushing ourselves, we can be astonished by the wisdom and sustenance we find within.

For those of you who have harbored a dream of writing a memoir (or have already written one), you will be interested to know about an interview I will be doing online on May 10th, courtesy of the National Association of Memoir Writers (NAMW) and its president and founder, Dr. Linda Joy Meyers. (See below for details.) I will be speaking at the NAMW Memoir Writing Roundtable about “The Riches and Rewards of Writing a Memoir,” based on the experience of writing my narrative nonfiction book, MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money. Linda Joy Meyer is said to be a wonderful interviewer, so expect some valuable things about memoir writing to be explored that may encourage you to take that step. You can sign up by clicking here to go to the NAMW page. (Only people who sign up will receive the audio download after the event.)

And for those of you who have not yet had a chance to listen to Soul-Purpose Coach Sasha Sabbeth's interview with me earlier this month on “How to Create Anything from the Soul,” you can still hear it for free (through April 28; $11 thereafter) by going to Sasha's site. I have received feedback that the interview was really inspiring, so I hope you will make room to listen.

And of course, if there is a book in your heart waiting to come out, remember that my work as a Book Developer will support you as well as your book. Writing the book of your heart doesn't have to hurt. There's a way to do it that can heal (you as well as your readers), free your creativity to arise and soar, and bring you self-compassion, self-discovery, wondrous new vistas, amazing artistry, a way to make your real contribution, and joy. I am happy to talk with you by phone for ½ hour at no cost, to explore how the book of your heart can become a reality.

So enjoy this issue of the Writing from the Deeper Self newsletter. The feature article even has cartoons (once you click to the newsletter on my website). Depth and comics – what could be better?

Wishing you a good rhythm to your writing and living,

Naomi Rose





Reflecting on the Journey Helps Create the Journey's Blessings

If you have ever been on a silent retreat, or been in nature for a period of time in silence, you already know from experience how incredibly fertile that bed of silence can be. As the usual chatter fades, the things that pull us away from our in-the-moment inner experience (things to do, places to go, errands to run, emails to send, worries to keep circulating, etc.) show their true colors as mind-distractions and perhaps –addictions, and just don't seem as compelling as they had before. Something in us begins to relax, then; to stop always being on alert, ready for the next action, the next item on the to-do list, the next thought/opinion/decision. We drop into ourselves, and into the moment. We are that most essential of things: here.

Not everyone has the opportunity to go on a silent retreat, or even to spend a stretch of time in nature. But what we do always have with us is our own deep nature. I bless you that if you are writing, or wish to write ~ a book or a shorter work ~ that you can do so from within the sacred silence of your own deep nature. Whether this means setting aside a morning to write in which you do nothing else ~ or clearing the papers off your desk or table, and lighting a candle accompanied by a conscious intention or prayer ~ or even taking a flower essence for writing, such as Rose Press now has available (see #3 below) ~ setting aside the world's concerns for a time, so that you can hear the silence within you and allow it to give you something wonderful to follow in words written down, is a gift you can give not only to your writing project, and not only to your eventual readers, but to your own soul.

And this silent, sacred space and time will help to heal the world. Just your doing it. Even before your book hits the stands.


In our very speedy times, just to contemplate contemplation as a doorway into writing is to be moving according to your own deep rhythm, rather than the culture's. It's not that doing is wrong or bad ~ far from it. But I know that for myself, if I am out of touch with the natural rhythms of my being, my doing can have a frenzied feel to it ~ an automatic wind-up-toy kind of movement, in which the combination of my hurried breath and worried mind (even if I construe this worrying  as being "productive") urges me on to more and more and more activity. And whether this activity is connected to the true movement of my being when in stillness, and receptive ~ well, that hardly even enters the picture.

Today, as I sat at my studio with piles of things to do, ready to push myself onwards to the next task, all of a sudden I realized that I needed rest, and that I did not have my own permission to rest. This moment of realization was a sobering one. It told me that I had given my allegiance to some cultural standard ("do more faster"), rather than to the wisdom within me. I put my hands on my head and for the first time that day actually felt the contact of my hands with the (aging) smoothness of my forehead. This contact, always available, told me that I had (again) forsaken my true and instantly available nature for some carrot at the end of some stick that I hadn't even been the one to invite as my goal.

You know about the movement called "Slow Food," where people get together to learn about where the food they eat actually comes from, who works the soil, how the vegetables etc. get transported to their table? Where food is seen as sustenance and a way of bonding people, allowing them to take their time cooking, and eating, and savoring each other's presence as well as the food itself? Well, but did you know there is also a "Slow Time" movement, which considers the subjectivity of time passing, and how there are ways to open to this slowing down? Not only breathing more deeply and listening to Baroque largos and adagios (which I am fond of doing), but actual cultivating a slowed-down relationship to time. Making room to "do nothing," to let life present itself to you as it unfolds. To gather in beautiful impressions and let them color your inner life and imprint themselves in memory.

While I continue to ponder how "Slow Business" might arise out  of this ultimately human kind of wisdom, what I do know is that "slow writing" pays off.

Recently I was interviewed about creating from the soul, and in answer to a question about whether writing fast is the way to go (thus bypassing the "inner critic"), I found myself saying for the first time ever that while fast writing has its place, of course, there is also a lot to be said for slow writing. Contemplative writing. Writing that emerges out of silence. Out of Being. Out of the no-words-place, so that we can actually receive something true and then ~ and only then ~ seek to bring words to it. This is in line with seeking to give words to what cannot be put into words. Naming the ineffable. Why bother? one might think. But it is worth the bother. Even if you can't reach the thing itself with your words, even just the reaching makes a difference.


One day last week, I was reading the comics in my local daily paper ~ a reflection on life I often look forward to. Usually these comics (a compilation of about 10 or 15) reflect life's challenges, problems, frustrations, once in a while, joys. But that day, amazingly, three of the comics all dealt with repose, reflection, and contemplation. That is, 1/3rd to 1/5th of the total synchronistically addressed repose, reflection, and contemplation.

Here they are. See how this lands in you.





What might this tell us? That we are, despite our best intentions, living  "lives of quiet desperation," only not so quiet? That we need to get simpler? To listen to our breathing? To lie on our backs ~ in a lake, or on the living grass ~ and look up at the infinite blue sky? To unhurry ourselves, take our time, see what calls us and freely move towards it in our own time and way?

A book, unlike a blog, or even an article like this, is a long project. It's like a marriage, or becoming a parent, or living one's life. If you really give yourself to it, if you commit for the long haul, then there are themes that arise (not from your intellect, but because as you seek to live truly, they come up like motifs in music). There are chapters that begin, continue, come to a close, and then you turn the page and a new chapter starts. If you are close to the heartbeat of the writing, if you follow its course rather than commandeering it, you may find that though the new chapter has a new focus, there are still trace-elements of what has come before ~ working itself out through your psyche and body and soul, refining, washing off the silt in hopes of finding true gold.

Writing in silence, from silence, in contemplation gives us the room to be. In this state, we find something we have longed for, and if we get all the way to completing our book and sharing it with readers, they find something they have longed for, too.

In this age of super-dynamic, always-on, fantastic, amazing, high-energy, busy-busy-busy, it may take inner courage to just slow down into Slow Writing. But why not follow your heart into the stillness where all the nourishment and beauty and guidance lies? Why not?

When you have met yourself in that place, you may find wonderful company with whom to feast. This, at least, is my prayer. And sometimes it has actually come true,through my writings. May it be so ~ if these words move your heart ~ for you as well.


Copyright 2012 by Naomi Rose. All rights reserved.

3. Rose Press Books & Flower Essence Remedies

"The Creative Process" Series /

The "Money & the Inner Life" Series /

The "Healing" Series /

Flower Essence Remedies for Writers & Readers


Rose Press: Books & Other Fragrant Offerings to Bring You Home to Yourself offers you books in three series: “The Creative Process,” “Money & the Inner Life,” and “Healing.” Each one of these books will assist your flowering.

In “The Creative Process” Series, we have my book, Starting Your Book: A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What's Inside You, and the Process Notebook.

Starting Your Book

A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page

by Attending to What's Inside You

Starting Your Book

This book is a mirror in which to see your own treasures, and to truly realize that you (not techniques) are the most essential thing about writing your book. When you can make contact with your limitless inner treasures (by slowing down and listening, for example; by finding your unique creative pathways; by being willing to not know everything right away), there actually is no effort to writing. It comes as a natural outgrowth of your openness, your willingness, your interest, and what your heart wants to speak. Starting Your Book is the nurturing teacher you always dreamed of that would coax and praise you to reveal your heart.” ~ Linda Eckmann

This book is available in print for $17.95, and as an ebook for $12.95.

For more details / to purchase, click here.

Process Notebook

ring binder Stock Photo - 5097647

This Process Notebook accompanies Starting Your Book, and enables you to go more deeply into this “attending to what's inside you” process, and actually track your own creative process as you write your book. In this way, you become more at home with, and intimate with, the unique creative person you are, and therefore can more easily navigate writing a book (or anything else) based on who you actually are, how you actually work, what you actually want.

This ebook is available for $14.95.

For more details / to purchase, click here.

In the “Money & the Inner Life” Series are my books, MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money and The Portable Blessings Ledger: A Way to Keep Track of Your Finances and Bring Meaning and Heart to Your Dealings with Money. (There is also a book-in-progress as a sequel to MotherWealth, called Living in MotherWealth.)


MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money

C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\MotherWealth\MotherWealth, The Feminine Path to Money (MW)\Publishing MW vol 1\MotherWealth cover low res.jpg

This book tells a story about how underneath the life we live that we don't feel fully at home in is the possibility of an entirely different life ~ more loving, more abundant, more at home in Being ~ but that most of us get to this underlying life through loss, pain, and, often, initial fear. When that underlying life can break through our self-limiting ideas and patterns, we have everything we need. Told as a story from my own experience, since stories convey heart-to-heart what cognitive approaches only skirt around, MotherWealth will touch you, illuminate your heart, and likely bring forth an understanding of your own inner life and relation to the Feminine, and even start connecting that with your relationship to money.

“Naomi is a princess weaving straw into gold. There are very few books being written today that come close to this kind of genius.” ~ Judith Avalon, author, Entering into the Heart of the Mother.

This book is available in print for $17.95, and as an ebook for $12.95.

For more details / to purchase, click here.


Living in MotherWealth

Living in mother wealth

The sequel to MotherWealth, Living in MotherWealth is still in progress, and I'll let you know when it's ready. Its premise is that MotherWealth is too fulfilling a place just to visit. It's a place to live in. This book shows us how.

For more details, click here.


The Portable Blessings Ledger:

A Way to Keep Track of Your Finances

and Bring Meaning and Heart to Your Dealings with Money

This is something I first came up with years ago, when I realized that I needed to be able to track my finances down to the penny (something financial advisors often counsel, but at the time I found impossible to do). Being, at that time, much more of a “right-brained person” (I have since activated many left-brain cells), I felt that if I could bring the human experiences involved in my personal finances into the picture ~ if I could see the workings of my inner life, as I spent money and tried to earn money, and even thought about money ~ I would be able to sustain the tracking part, and even begin to understand the relationship between money and myself (not as an abstract concept, but in a more engaged and lived-out way). So I put together a “Portable Blessings Ledger” (since blessings were also what I was seeking, in this realm) and started using it. It turned out to be so helpful, on so many levels ~ tracking finances, understanding my relation to finances, and yes, seeing umpteen blessings in my financial experiences, now that I was looking ~ that I have stayed with it all these years. Now it is available for you, too.

$12.95, ebook only.

For more details / to purchase, click here.

In the “Healing” Series are two amazing books by two amazing healers: Healing Civilization, by the renowned Chilean psychiatrist Claudio Naranjo, and Dark Innocence: Book One of The Star-Seer's Prophecy, by retired psychotherapist Rahima Warren.


Healing Civilization

Healing Civilzation

by Claudio Naranjo, MD

In this remarkable book, consciousness pioneer and renowned psychiatrist Claudio Naranjo brings over 30 years of transformational work with individuals and groups into the societal realm, in hopes of diagnosing and remedying our collective ills. I think he succeeds. After exploring with characteristic brilliance and cross-disciplinary beacons of investigation why it is that we as a civilization are in so much trouble, in so many ways, especially at this time ~ he comes up with a single root behind all these problematic manifestations. And this root, he says, is not only active in our collective history; it also exists in our own minds. We have been conditioned to carry around the seeds of our own destruction.

However, there is also good news: we can change this. We can change it not only by how we educate our children, but we also can change it from within. And the way he presents this healing transformation, it actually can be done.

I have worked with the essence of this book in my own life since I first edited it, then published it, and I can attest to the profound healing of my “internal civilization” that arises when I take Dr. Naranjo's prescription. If enough people did ~ whether private citizens, or governments ~ we would indeed have a civilization that would support the best in us and in what is possible for humanity. “Claudio Naranjo is at the forefront of those seeking to transform the world. For anyone wanting to make a difference for the better, Healing Civilization is a must-read!” ~ Michael Toms, President and Host, New Dimensions Radio

Print edition only, $19.95

For more details / to purchase, click here.

Dark Innocence

(Book One of The Star-Seer's Prophecy)

by Rahima Warren

Dark Innocence, by retired psychotherapist Rahima Warren, is a gripping fantasy novel (the first of a trilogy, The Star-Seer's Prophecy ) that follows an unlikely hero's journey to free an entire land from the grip of an evil sorcerer's legacy, and restore the balance of male-and-female that the Star-Seer's Prophecy foretold. But for this hero, Kyr, to make this journey, he first needs to be freed from the sorcerer Dauthaz's grasp (potent even after Dauthaz's death), and learn both to realize the extent of his abuses (both received and given), and to forgive himself and his abusers.

As we follow his path from subjugation to abuse to becoming a courageous young man who can trust in love and have the strength to bring about the fulfillment of the prophecy, something positive happens in our own hearts. For Kyr is us in the extreme, and his healing ~ chronicled with rich, sensory language and a profound understanding of the wounding and healing of the heart ~ is our hope, because it is our own healing too. A daring, taboo-breaking, visceral, intensely moving novel. You won't be able to let go of this book, any more than it will let go of you.” ~ Jodie Forrest, author, The Ascendant, and The Rhymer and the Ravens

This book is available in print for $17.95, and as an ebook for $12.95.

For more details / to purchase, click here.



Flower Essence Remedies for Writers & Readers

Bringing the flower theme and the healing theme together, I have designed a series of healing flower essence remedies for anyone wanting to write a book (or shorter work), and also for readers of Rose Press books. These flower essences are gentle yet effective balms for the feelings, thoughts, spirit, and even body. They have been around for at least 80 years (beginning with the work of Dr. Edward Bach in the 1920s), with wonderful results.


Remedies for Writers: What I have done is to bring my detailed knowledge of the book-writing process, and common obstacles I have observed in my clients over the years as well as myself, and found flower essence remedies from around the world which, when blended specifically, address these obstacles and dissolve them. So if you are wanting to write a book, there are flower essences to take you all the way through the process, from beginning to end. There are 9 essences for writers:

"The Writer's Muse"  ~ "Confident Expressions"  ~ "Flow"  

~ "Seeing the Big Picture"  ~ "Coming in Closer"  ~

       "Self-Compassion: Rewriting the Past"  ~  "Going the Distance"  ~ "Revision: The Gift of Refinement" ~

"Shining Star: Letting Your Light Come All the Way into the World"

Remedies for Readers: There are also 7 flower essences for readers, so that when you read any of the Rose Press books, you can use a flower essence designed to enhance the benefits and nourishment of that book.

For “The Creative Process Series : So in reading Starting Your Book and the Process Notebook, it will help you to also take the flower essence, “You Are the Treasure You Seek.”

For the “Money & the Inner Life” Series: When reading MotherWealth, you can take the flower essence, “MotherWealth.” You can already take a flower essence that distills the wisdom of Living in MotherWealth, even though this book is not yet in print. This flower essence is called “Being Will Bring You All You Need.” And when working with The Portable Blessings Ledger, you can take the flower essence “The Joys of Keeping Track.”

For the “Healing” Series: When reading Healing Civilization, you can take the flower essence “The Inner Family.” And when reading Dark Innocence, you can take the flower essence, “Forgiveness and Self-Forgiveness.”

And one for reading any book at all:

"The Reader's Gift" ~ to help you absorb what you read so you receive lasting benefits.

For more details on all these essences / to purchase, click here.

Purchasing flower essence remedies

All these flower essence remedies are available in ½-oz. dropper bottles, shipped to you directly. If purchased separately, they are $15 each. If purchased with the book they accompany, they are only $12 each. There are also discounts for buying in bulk, or purchasing the entire series.

For details, see Rose Press ( The “Books” page will lead you to a page devoted to each book. The “Flower Essence Remedies” page will tell you all about the remedies for writers and for readers. When you find what you want, the “Shopping Cart” page will take you through the process of making it your own.


May your garden bloom!



From now through the month of May

MotherWealth ~ the book + the flower essence remedy

at a special price,

for your abundance of having & being

My book MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money can make you wealthy outside by revealing your true wealth inside. This intimate narrative nonfiction story gets to the heart of what we have lost track of, and how to get it back by being present to it.

"Naomi is a princess weaving straw into gold, using her experiences and interpretations of deprivation and tragedy as the path to the abundance of The Mother within herself. There are very few books being written today that come close to this kind of genius."   —Judith Avalon, author, Entering into the Heart of The Mother: Spiritual Practice Embodied in Daily Life

"An interesting exploration into one woman's complicated and highly personal journey to a healthy relationship to her money. Naomi Rose encourages us all to examine our assumptions about money and to be conscious about our behavior around it."    —Susan McCarthy, "The Soul Authority on Money Management"; author, The Value of Money; host, PBS special, "Money and Emotions"

"In this deeply warm-hearted and beautifully written book, Naomi Rose takes us with her on a journey to discover a woman's way into the realms of money. Through her very personal and profound journey she helps us move through and past our shame around money, and learn an instinctual way to open to allowing our wealth to come to us by giving up going out to get it.”     —Barbara Wilder, author, Money Is Love: Reconnecting the Sacred Origins of Money

Normally a $29.95 value (print book), you pay just $22 + shipping.

(For the ebook, normally a $24.95 value, you pay just $18 + shipping).

[If you want to see more about the book and flower essence remedy, detour to the Rose Press site, then come back here to order (click the back arrow on the Rose press site).

Detouring to the Rose Press site: MotherWealth]

Ready to purchase now? Good for you! May your wealth increase (inside and out).

To purchase the print edition

+ the "MotherWealth" flower essence remedy

($22 + shipping):

Outside California

Within California

(CA state sales tax of .095% is listed along with shipping)


To purchase the ebook edition

+ the "MotherWealth" flower essence remedy

($18 + shipping flower essence remedy):

Outside California

Within California

(CA state sales tax of .095% is listed  along with shipping)


You don't have to "go out" to get money.

You just have to be Home to receive it!

In harmonious prosperity,

Naomi Rose



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