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Today is my grown son's birthday, and unexpectedly I find myself going back over the years in my mind, to his birth and childhood and all the way up to the present. I say "unexpectedly" because I hadn't anticipated how the arc of his story-to-date would touch me, how full-force my love for him is, still. There's something about returning to the beginning of the story from my present vantage point and seeking to understand more about him ~ who he is, who he could flower into ~ that plucks me out of the daily, limited understandings and raises me to the level of soul. Questions arise that weren't there yesterday, each question opening the possibility of learning more about his story's meaning and purpose. Each question holds the possibility of my simply repeating the memories as I experienced them at that time (a 28-year-old mother of a newborn, exalted and terrified), or seeing with new eyes made possible by both the passage of time (allowing a longer story arc) and my ability to be present to what arises with compassion rather than self-judgment.

I share this with you today not only because it's what's most meaningful in my life on this day of August 10th, but because there is a parallel to writing our stories, whether we do it on paper or simply within ourselves. We may think that our experiences, once done, are set in stone; but in fact we are always rewriting them internally, seeing them in new ways as new understandings arise. Time provides a lengthier path to look back on, to see the turnings round the bend, the pastures, the mud flats, the mountain climbs, and the reason why we kept on with our stories at all.

And so this leads me to the subject of first drafts. This month's feature is about first drafts in writing ~ something that I feel passionate about the need for patience with, if you want to write a book or anything else. And you can also read it as a way to see at least parts of your experience as a first draft, capable of being revised and refined over time through understanding, perspective, forgiveness, compassion, and just plain increased esthetic taste.

Two notes of interest:

1. Working with me as your book developer:

Soul healing comes about when you can write deeply and inspiredly; and inspired writing comes about when you can listen to yourself deeply, and encounter what arises in a receptive, reverent way. My work as a Book Developer has released client after client into the beauty of their own being through written expression, and those expressions reveal that beauty. You owe it to yourself to take seriously the expression of your being in some form. If writing a book or shorter work calls to you, I can help you love your book into being.

2. I have a new phone number: (510) 653-ROSE [(510) 653-7673]. Please call for a free initial consultation to discuss the book that's in your heart. Half an hour of exploration will tell you whether my way supports your writing needs and your being.

Whether you write a book or simply live the book of your life, there is much to be learned from the art of Writing from the Deeper Self. May reading this newsletter be a blessing for you in that way.


Naomi Rose





Sometimes you can be in such

an inspired and aligned state that every word you write is a keeper, and there's nothing to do at the end but raise your eyes to the heavens and give thanks, then go take a walk or a bath, or play with your child or your cat. But more often, what you write will be a first draft, to be refined over time by further thinking, sensing, and leaps of understanding.

Unless you have had a lot of experience doing first drafts, and then seeing how they lead to more clear, full, and subtle refinements ~ and even if you have had experience ~ it can be frustrating to withstand the impatience and edginess that writing a first draft brings about. You know that what's on the paper isn't "it," but you don't know yet what "it is ~ and that gap between the yearned-for and the actual (at least for now) creates a level of discomfort (in some extreme cases, anguish) that can be difficult to bear. It can easily lead to an onslaught of self-doubts about the writing, and, by extension, about your talent in general, and, by devious extension, about you.

But wait. There is hope. Things don't, perhaps can't, always reveal themselves at once. A draft is a beginning, something real put down on paper. It may not inspire you when you read it, or even tell you what to do next; but it does provide a something, a foundation, to build on, even if you end up only using the pillars of the foundation and replacing the walls.

If you think of a draft as a sketch, like a visual artist's sketch, you can get a clearer, more trusting picture of what a draft is for. When a visual artist makes a sketch, she may put intricate details in her drawing. But if the sketch is a preparation for a more detailed work ~ say, an oil painting, with the sketch first done in quick charcoal strokes on the bare white canvas ~ more likely the artist will put in large shapes, forms, and strokes in various places to see how they build up a whole composition. If you can imagine an experienced (i.e., trusting-in-the-process) artist at a blank canvas with a piece of black charcoal in her hand, trying out an arc here, a circle there, a rise and fall of line there to see what is emerging ~ whether a landscape, an abstraction, human figures, a still life, or any of a myriad things it "could" be ~ you would be entranced by the apparent dance between the artist and the canvas, as she comes close, makes a stroke, then another, and another, then stands back to view how these individual strokes cohere. Eventually, a picture settles into view as a sketch, as the foundation from which to work in bringing what the sketch suggests to life.

In the process of refinement, the visual artist will likely amend and adapt and erase and add various things. What was background may become more important; what was in shadow may be in light. Colors may change, as the spirit of the painting informs the technical aspects. But if the original sketch were not there ~ although a painting could have been done directly, without a sketch (and many have) ~ there would be no place from which to develop; to find the greater subtleties and aliveness out of the original, sketchy, frequently awkward beginnings.

If you can regard your draft, in your writing, as a sketch, something that you are laying down as a foundation so that you can see what refinements want to take place, you will have more patience with yourself, and more interest and curiosity about the process of how this comes to pass in your particular piece of writing, That moment when the writing turns from awkward and labored to flowing, spacious, and true is one of the great celebrations in a writer's life. But it doesn't just happen automatically. It has to simmer in the crucible of your Being; boil (like the beans on my stove at this moment, actually boiling over because I got so caught up in writing this) on the back burner of your consciousness; and, when ready, come forth as a gift of and from and to you ~ causing you to say, if not "Eureka!" ("I found it!"), at least, in a most heartfelt way, "Wow!" and "Thank God!" and "Thank you!" No less than the drafts of your own life, always a work in the making, not fixed in stone or beyond redemption on account of mistakes, your writing will move into a state of grace if you stay with it, care for it, cultivate it, and love what's bringing it into being.





Writing a book ~ especially one that you really want to write ~ can be a wonderful, fulfilling experience. But it helps to have true support and direction, and the encouragement that what is in you to write, you can.

It helps to have a knowledgeable and compassionate ally along the way ~ someone who not only knows about how to put a book together, but who also understands how delicate can be the process of being true to yourself throughout, and who can shine a light on your unique essential nature so that it has room to alight on the page.

Offering solid book-writing support developed over 30 years' experience in the publications field, I also bring my love of the healing process toyour journey, so that you trust your inner voice and let it guide you. In time, your inner voice sprouts as an authentic writing voice. From there, you can take wing and soar.

For more details, my website will give you the full flavor. Or simplycontact me directly, by email ~ ~ or phone: (510) 653-ROSE / (510) 653-67673. I offer private consultations in my Oakland studio in person, or work by phone andemail if you are out of the area, anywhere in the U.S. and internationally.

Writing from the Deeper Self: Bringing Your Treasures into the World

Naomi Rose, Book Developer


Starting Your Book:Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What's Inside You




"Starting Your Book: E-Book Now Available"

Let's say you have a secret (or not so secret) desire to write a book. Maybe you know what you want to write about; or maybe there is only, at the outset, the desire. How can you keep that spark alive, and nurture it into the committed process of actually writing the book? For most people, the big first question is: "How do I begin?"

(Hint: You are the essential ingredient!)

This most encouraging book about writing a book has as its premise that what's inside the writer is what makes the book valuable, and the process of writing a book worthwhile. Most writing books focus on the product alone; this one focuses on the person doing the writing, and the process of being present to the writing. As you get more and more acquainted with what's inside you, you'll find that writing your book flows easily, surprising and sometimes even delighting you with what (and who) you find.

"I am floating, I am beaming. I am half way through your book and simply love it. I love your writing style and the information is worth the gold medal." ~ Petra Meinke, Germany

"Reading your book was like receiving a comforting hug of encouragement. I love everything about your book." ~ Shelley Klammer, Canada

"The cover art has a magical image. [And] The content! I so appreciate the slow-down process that I will take up these wonderful listening practices into my daily routine. Training for an Olympic event, or in this case writing my book!" ~ Mary Ann Plansky, California, USA





  • It will allow you to breathe a sigh of relief that there is a way to write a book that actually has joy and deep satisfaction as an intrinsic part of it.
  • It will assure you that if you are called to write a book, you have within you what you need to do it.
  • It will shine a light on how to find your own unique creative pathways ~ those inspiring openings native to you, which you can cultivate and turn to again and again.
  • It will touch your heart as you realize that, far from being inadequate to the task, who you are is essential to the book that has taken root in your heart ~ and that this is the true gift you offer your readers.

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Starting Your Book




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