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Writing from the Deeper Self

Naomi Rose, Book Developer





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Specialite de la Maison

Custom-provided by Naomi Rose:

  • Private consultations
  • Private in-person consultations, plus actual in-studio writing time
  • Workshop: Writing from the Deeper Self
  • Workshop: Listening from the Deeper Self
  • Workshop: Money and the Inner Life

Fruitful Imports

Expertly provided by Naomi's family and friends:

  • Write your life story ~ without writing it yourself: Ralph Dranow, Celebrating Your Life
  • Expert proofreading: Gabriel Steinfeld
  • Get your book into print: “Book Shepherding” with Paula Hendricks, Cinnabar Bridge Communications




Specialite de la Maison

Direct Offerings with Naomi Rose

Naomi Rose is now seeing clients and hosting workshops at her studio on the Oakland/Emeryville border, in the San Francisco Bay Area, East Bay.

All the following "entrees" are done in person, with the exception of private consultations, which can also be done long-distance.


1. Private consultations with Naomi Rose as your Book Developer (in person or long distance)

There's something basically sacred about private book-development consultations with me. The level of being listened to is so deep and fine that the place inside you that longs to write a book ~ to see and be seen, to express and share yourself, to make known to others what's significant to you ~ breathes a sigh of relief and stretches its arms, wriggles its nose, laughs (maybe cries a few tears), and starts to grow. This process of finding your real self through your book is a transformative one; and everyone benefits: you, me, and your readers to come.

Sessions are 1 to 1-1/2 hours. Bi-monthly or weekly meetings are recommended. In-person is ideal, if you are local; otherwise, very warm, successful sessions have taken place over the phone and by email.

Current availability: I have ten slots currently open. The fee per hour is a sliding scale of $120-85.

Contact: Please call or email to discuss your needs and wishes: (510) 465-3935,

Further details: For more details on book development and/or Writing from the Deeper Self, see

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2. Private in-person consultations, plus actual in-studio writing time: "A sanctuary of your own"

For those who seek a complete experience of encouragement and guidance, plus actual sacred time and space in which to write without interruption.

Clients have sometimes reported being quite inspired during our sessions together, but not being able to carry that state into their normal lives, where responsibilities reign or it's just plain hard to hold onto the flame. My having the studio allows me to offer you a very special space in which to be inspired to write, right here.

We begin by sitting together, as in a regular consultation. But to our talking and listening, we add on other modes, as you desire, to bring you into a more interior, inspired state: music, visual art, gentle bodywork, conscious breathing and body focusing. From this inner place, it is easy to access what's alive and creating itself inside you. What's hard, in fact, is to stop the process prematurely, and try to go home and write.

Fortunately, there is time and space for you to do that here. While I remain in the studio in quiet, you get to spread out and write as you are drawn to. The space is here, the tools are here (pen/pencil/paper; laptop computer; even a typewriter), and the support is here. Moving into the writing from the earlier part feels natural; and when you are done, we can do an organic ritual to seal your experience and celebrate your expression. Out of this, you may find it easier to write on your own; or you can use this special time and space to do your writing.

Time frame: Private consultation (talking/listening, and various other modes): 1-1/2 hours. Uninterrupted writing time and space: 1-3 hours. Total time: 2 to 4-1/2 hours, your choice.

Current availability: Thursday and Friday afternoons. Fee: $250-200, sliding scale.


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3. In-Studio Workshop:

Writing from the Deeper Self

If you have never consciously experienced what it's like to write from the deeper Self ~

to find a wealth of treasures closer than your fingertips, and be able to put them down on paper so that you are the first beneficiary of your writing (your readers being the second) ~

then this workshop will give you doorways in, will show you how the Source of Creation works in you, and will give you a taste of what it might be like to go all the way and write a book this way. View it as an appetizer or a meal in itself, this workshop will nourish you in the moment and later, during the digestive process.

Date: A Sunday in January 2010 (exact date to be set)

Time: 10am – 4pm

Location: Oakland/Emeryville border

Fee: $100-75 (sliding scale)

Room for: Limited to 10 participants.

Contact: Naomi Rose, (510) 465-3935 or

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4. In-Studio Workshop:

Listening from the Deeper Self

For all the emphasis on talking, who is taught how to listen? And yet listening is joyous, creative, fruitful, nourishing, kindly, fun, and limitless. Listening can give us guidance, love, wholeness, beauty, belonging, and so much more. Developing your receptive capacities is what really opens up your wealth.

If you feel there's something missing in your life ~ like you're feeling more strain than joy ~ like you're stressed with too much doing ~ like your “real life” is on hold ~ then give yourself the gift of listening from the deeper Self. You will never feel cut off or deprived again (and if you forget, you can always return).

Some of the ways to listen we will experience include:

  • Listening with your ears
  • Listening with your eyes
  • Listening with your skin
  • Listening with your heart
  • Listening into the silence
  • Listening to your deep Self
  • Listening to another

(This is a wonderful workshop to take if you are interested in Writing from the Deeper Self, and/or Money and the Inner Life. It will help with both.)

Date: A Sunday in February 2010 (exact date to be set)

Time: 10am – 1pm

Location: Oakland/Emeryville border

Fee: $55 (sliding scale)

Room for: Limited to 10 participants.

Contact: Naomi Rose, (510) 465-3935 or

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5. In-Studio Workshop:

Money and the Inner Life

(they aren't really separate)

Most of us think about money as something outside us, especially in our current economy. What we may not realize is that there are energies within us held in place by beliefs of separation from the bountiful gifts of the divine, and these beliefs ~ often, based on experiences within the family, as well as cultural conditioning ~ play out in our outer lives.

By looking into who we really are, in contrast to who we think we are, we free ourselves to seek and attract what will best support us. Money then becomes an extension of our hearts, rather than a cold “thing” that we have to abandon ourselves to get enough of.

This workshop is based on my 10-plus years of writing about money's connection to the inner being (in the books MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money, Living in MotherWealth [in progress], The Blessings Ledger [in progress], and The Portable Blessings Ledger ). I am also a former Board of Directors member of the Cooperative Federal Credit Union of Berkeley, CA.

Date: Winter (late 2009 or early 2010, date to be set)

Time: 10am – 4pm

Location: Oakland/Emeryville border

Fee: $125-75 (sliding scale)

Room for: Limited to 10 participants.

Contact: Naomi Rose, (510) 465-3935 or



Fruitful Imports

Offerings of Family and Friends

That Support Your Writings from the Deeper Self

~ Soup to Nuts ~


I am fortunate to have as family and friends people who are extraordinarily gifted in things to do with writing and books. Now, I am opening up the doors of our “cottage industry” to offer you even more options to make your writing dreams come true.


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6. Celebrate Your Life by writing (or not writing) your life story

with Ralph Dranow

Now, you can write your life story ~ as a memoir, an autobiography, an oral history ~ without necessarily having to do the writing yourself! Ralph Dranow makes this possible.

A human life is an extraordinary passage, and writing the book of your life makes that all the more clear. And yet some people don't really want to do the writing themselves.

Is there an alternative? Well, yes.

Working with Ralph Dranow ~ writer, ghostwriter, oral historian, and well-published poet and journalist ~ allows you to explore what's meaningful to you, what's worth leaving as a legacy, and how the threads of your life came together to form a unique tapestry. Ralph's lifelong fascination with people's stories, coupled with his skill as an interviewer and empathy as a listener, allows him to evoke those details from his clients that make a book come alive.

Whether you want the book ghostwritten, or to do some of your own writing yet have help, or all your own writing but have editorial guidance, Ralph will gladly work with you to produce not just a book you are proud of, but an experience of coming to more fully treasure your life.

Relationship to me: Husband. Ralph is an award-winning poet who has published poems and articles in over 100 magazines and journals.

For more details, see his website,




7. Expert Proofreading, with Gabriel Steinfeld

Don't let your manuscript or book go unproofread! Error-free manuscripts and books are your calling card.

Once your manuscript or book is written, you want it to look professional in print ~ free of those embarrassing typos, misspellings, glaring punctuational errors, etc. that can mar the best of books (even books put out by the best of publishers).

Gabriel has an unerring eye for what's out of place and how to make it right. After going to all the effort to complete your book, you really owe it to yourself to make it perfect on the page. Gabriel has proofread memoirs, how-to books, art copy, and much more. His eagle eye will ensure that your words in print are as they should be, and bring you the credit you richly deserve.

bRelationship to me: My adult son. He's the latest in a long line of literary people. A better proofreader than I am (and I used to do it professionally!).

To contact Gabriel, email him at


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And when it's all done, get your book into print.

5. "Book Shepherding": Typesetting, book production, and self-publishing done for you

Paula Hendricks, Cinnabar Bridge Communications

Once your book is written, you have the option of finding a publisher, or publishing the book yourself. If you decide to self-publish (in many ways, it's easier and quicker, and gives more creative control), you would do well to let Paula handle as many of the details as you want to give over.

A typesetter, designer, production manager, and past president of the Bay Area Independent Publisher's Association, Paula can take your book all the way into printed copies.

Relationship to me: Paula is a friend and colleague. We have worked together extensively on two books, so far.

For more details, see


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