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Naomi Rose

Book Developer

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Connect with the divine Creative force

~ for any art form or project ~

~ to enhance your real life!


with Naomi Rose

Creativity is more than just coming up with lots of good ideas. It's the very nature of your own being. It's already inside you. When you are able to tap into it and become an instrument for it, something incredibly beautiful happens inside you. And out of that, a beautiful work of art (or "just" a beautiful life!) can result.

The Creative stream is inside everyone, whether they think of themselves as a “creative person” or not. And while this Creative connection is universal, how it comes to and through each person is totally unique. So once you discover how Creativity flows through you, you can set up the positive conditions that will invite it into your life, and learn to use it most fruitfully and fulfillingly.

You Can Create Anything That Calls to You (not only writing)
I'm happy to let you know that I am expanding my book-development practice to include Creativity Coaching & Consulting. The form this creativity will take can be anything that’s calling to you. You may want to write something other than a book. You may want to open to being a painter. You may want to let your secret musician out. You may want to create a specific project, or a new way of being, or simply once-and-for-all experience yourself as a creative human being. In a certain sense, it doesn’t matter which particular focus you choose to express your creativity: whatever the focus, you will get to connect with the Creative force, use it, and be uplifted and enlarged by it.

What Is Creativity, Anyway?
Creativity is our connection to the Divine ~ to our larger nature, which we usually are not conscious of. However, since Creativity is really the nature of our own being, it is already inside us. When we are able to tap it, open to it, and become an instrument for it, something incredibly beautiful happens in the process and the “product.”

Sometimes people think that being creative means having lots of new, good ideas. To me, it includes that but goes far, far beyond that. Anything that has ever inspired you in your life ~ whether the work of great artists, or thinkers, or humanitarians, or spiritual teachers, and so on ~ speaks to the particular ways in which you yourself are creative.

There is an innate yearning to touch and express this Creativity in some form (or many forms).

How We Can Work Together
As my book-writing clients (and friends) have told me, I have a gift for bringing out the creative in people. Although I have various streams of creative expression myself (writing; visual art; singing), I don’t even have to be an expert in the creative form that interests you. My job is to listen to what you want ~ help make conscious your unique creative path, already in you, so that you can follow it ~ encourage your courage ~ and fine-tune your esthetics, if desired, so that your creation, and your experience of creation, is blissful, beautiful, and beneficial. My job is to shine a light on where the inner switch is, so you can turn it on at will.

We can work together in person (if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area) or by phone. It’s amazing how, with the right kind of listening and care, trust and creativity can take place over the phone. One to four sessions (with occasional booster shots) should do it for most people. My rate is $120/hour (sessions last an hour). Payment can be made by PayPal or check. And the results (even the process) are ~ as they say ~ priceless.

“What Naomi does superbly is to evoke the creative and articulate in each person who works with her—to such a degree that each one is surprised at his/her own talent for expression.” ~ Gay Luce, author, founder of Nine Gates Mystery School

Contact Me Now
If you have been wanting to create something in particular ~ or even just to truly know yourself as a creative person ~ now is the time to give yourself the joy and fulfillment of this Creative connection.

To discuss setting up a Creative Coaching & Consultation session, email me at naomirosedeepwrite@yahoo.com, or call me at (510) 465-3935.

Naomi Rose is an award-winning writer, a trained visual artist and book illustrator, and a semi-professional singer of classical, folk, and sacred music. A lifelong lover of the creative process in any field, she has paid close attention to what is universal about creating, and the unique path Creativity takes in each person which ~ once known ~ can be followed and replicated. She has written for Pure Inspiration magazine, among many other publications. And she is a featured writer for the award-winning online publication, Creativity Portal (www.creativity-portal.com).



    "Naomi is gifted with the ability to create time and space for those of us who are her writing students to know how to feel our experiences welling up from our roots, their own unique tides coursing through our bodies, and to meld them with the words that name them. Together, we can swim in the language like fish, as naturally as we were always meant to. Naomi will cherish you and your work as you begin to recognize the beauty and poignancy of your own stories."

    —Carolyn Francis



Bringing Your Treasures Into the World . . .

One-to-one consultations with Naomi Rose, M.A.
30 years in the publications field
as a book developer, writer, editor, and consultant
Gentle, expert guidance and support

Sessions in person (Oakland, CA)

or by phone and email

(510) 465-3935 
e-mail: naomirosedeepwrite@yahoo.com

Contact me to talk about the book of your heart.

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