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RosePressThe Rose Press "Healing" Series presents a thrilling fantasy novel of the healing journey ~ the first in the trilogy, The Star-Seer's Prophecy ~ by retired psychotherapist Rahima Warren:


Long ago, an ancient, peaceful land was blessed and guided by the Goddess Zhovanya. Then, an all-powerful sorcerer called the Soul-Drinker conquered the land, banished the Goddess, and turned Her sacred Temple into a dark maze of suffering and evil. Keeping himself alive for six generations through orgies of human sacrifice, the Soul-Drinker has cowed the people, and is draining the very essence of life and spirit from the land.

The Circle, a dedicated group working covertly to end his horrific reign, is led by Rajani, a Warrior-Mage oath-bound to ensure that the Star-Seer's Prophecy is fulfilled. The Prophecy foretells that the only one who can destroy the Soul-Drinker, bring back the Goddess, and restore the sacred balance of the earthly and divine realms is the “twin-souled dark innocent.”

But that dark innocent is an unlikely savior: Kyr, a youth born and raised as a slave of the Soul-Drinker, who blindly carries out the sorcerer's brutal commands. How can an abject slave overcome the Soul-Drinker's unbreachable sorcerous defenses? Even more impossible, how can he overcome his vicious upbringing, and become a man of courage and compassion who is willing to fulfill the demands of the Prophecy?

In Dark Innocence, Book One of this exciting trilogy, Kyr begins an astonishing and arduous journey beyond the darkness that is all he has ever known.


When the Wanderers
form the Dire Cross
under the Firebird's wings,
sorcery and murder
must give him life.

He must be abandoned.
May we be forgiven!

Star-cursed, twin-souled,
knowing only evil, pain and ice,
the dark innocent
is our salvation.

He must be betrayed.
May we be forgiven!

Through three hells,
through blissful heaven
and its loss,
he surrenders all
yet never yields.

He must be forsaken.
May we be forgiven!

Hollowed by suffering and evil,
Hallowed by expiation and submission,
the Vessel of the Goddess is created.

We must ensure his Fate.
May we be forgiven!

For anyone who loves the power of myth and a deep, riveting story well told…

who yearns for a better world through the difficult, rewarding work of inner transformation…

who has known suffering and darkness, and seeks to live in the light—

this deeply affecting fantasy will be an intimate companion on the journey to wholeness,

a guide to healing seemingly unforgivable transgressions.



Praise for Dark Innocence

"A daring, taboo-breaking, visceral, intensely moving novel.

It's impossible not to get wrapped up in the characters and their passions, only to be surprised again and again.

Every time you think you know where Warren is going, her taut prose and its searing images take an unexpected turn, jolting you and your expectations to a completely different place.

Take a deep breath and approach this wild ride with an open mind about all human relationships,

and [allow] plenty of time to read.

You won't be able to let go of this book, any more than it will let go of you. Highly recommended!"

—Jodie Forrest, author, The Ascendant, and The Rhymer and the Ravens

"Potent, magical, and unforgettable. A call to awaken, to face the unfaceable, and to find the heart of humanity."
—Robin Winn, MFT

"Engrossing, entertaining, and inspiring."

George Taylor, author, Talking with Our Brothers

        "A can't-put-it-down, page-turning adventure story, deliciously abducting you into an enchanted world

        that is brimming with powerfully complex characters, both dark and light magic, ...a healing pilgrimage

       through the treacherous and liberating underworld of the psyche.

I can't imagine how any reader cannot come away

deeply and personally transformed."

Chris Zydel, MA; founder, Creative Juices Arts

"Like eating thick, dark chocolatedeep, rich, denseand very hard to put down."

Ivana Marshall, MS

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Print edition: $16.95

E-book: $12.95

About the Author


Rahima Warren

is a lifelong lover of fantasy, and a retired psychotherapist.
She lives in California.

For more on The Star-Seer's Prophecy, and Rahima's blog, see www.starseersprophecy.com

For more on Rahima and "Art for Awakening," see www.rahimawarren.com



Excerpts from Dark Innocence

“Rajani, wake up!”

The Warrior Mage jerked out of a doze and jumped up from the faded blue chair by the hearth, rubbing his eyes. “What is it?”

“It's time. One of my spies managed to escape the Labyrinth, and brought news. Kyr was chosen as the new Favorite three days ago. Poor boy, the Soul-Drinker has undoubtedly been torturing him with his cursed Rod. We must attack the Labyrinth immediately. The sooner we get this over with, the less he has to suffer.”

“At last!”

~  ~  ~

In Book One: Dark Innocence, we enter into the dark labyrinth where Kyr is a slave of the powerful sorcerer-king Dauthaz, known as the  "Soul-Drinker." Kyr knows nothing beyond obedience, punishment, and the depraved life dictated by his evil Master. How he comes to leave this outer and inner prison is part of this powerful, sensuous adventure story of the soul.

To  read the compelling excerpts from the book, click here.

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Print edition: $16.95

E-book: $12.95