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Writing from the Deeper Self

"Bringing Your Inner Treasures

to the Outer World . . ."

Book Development

with Naomi Rose

December 2008 Newsletter


       1. Introduction: "Maybe You Already Have

                 What You Need"

       2. Feature: "How a Book Can Change Your Life

                  (and Why You Might Want It To)"

       3. Sharing: "What I'm Up to These Days:

                  A Behind-the-Scenes Look"

       4. Naomi Rose Services: "Book Development" 

                   and "Creativity Coaching & Consulting"



Maybe You Already Have What You Need  
December, being the last month of the year, is not usually a time when people start new projects. That seems to be reserved for January, a meeting of the outer year and the inner resolve and reserves. No, December ~ much like Fridays in the work week ~ seems to be a time of wrapping things up, from presents to projects.

In this spirit, I remembered an old project that is literally stored in my closet (as well as my computer files) ~ a book I once started to write, based on my own experiences in writing books. Its title is The Book That Changes Your Life Is the One You Write Yourself, because that's exactly what happens when you write from the deeper Self. Your mind has one idea about what the book will be and how it will go, and your deeper Self has another.

I have recently come to treasure deepening, in contrast to constant newness. Deepening, to me, means settling in deeper to what's true in you, what you value, what and who you love; giving more slow, spacious attention to what wants to claim you and take up space inside you. In this vein, a December vein, offering you an article chosen from the forgotten book now remembered seems a gift of deepening. We already have so much within us, if we give it space and awareness. Even our projects, if remembered and weeded, can remind us that we are already a work of art in progress.

It's in this spirit that I offer you a tidbit from The Book That Changes Your Life Is the One You Write Yourself. There's much more to the book, of course, including a map of the seven phases of book- writing. If my own resolves for the coming year hold true, this book will see the light of day again, and be available to help you write the book that changes your life.

Blessings on the journey. May the books you write ~ and read ~ give you nourishment, light on the path, joy, and the you you long to be.

~ Naomi Rose

"How can one attain to the deeper side? One method is to acquire the knowledge from the life without, and that is going to school and attaining the knowledge in that way. Another method is quite different; it is not going to school or institution and study, but closing the door of one's room, sitting in solitude, closing the eyes, being oneself once again, and trying to put one's mind within, seeking the source within, getting the knowledge which be gotten only from within." ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan.



(and Why You Might Want It To)
 You can consider yourself blessed if you have ever read a book that you felt changed your life.

This has happened to more people than realize it. Sometimes, it takes place in childhood, while sitting on a parent's lap or lying in bed twisting down into sleep as that parent reads you a story that sticks with you like oatmeal on a cold school morning, providing nourishment that lasts far longer than the time it takes to ingest it and intertwining with the sound of the parent's voice, the embracing feel of the parent's lap or final goodnight kiss. Sometimes it happens much later, a book that you have looked forward to reading or happened on almost sideways and found it speaking to you so directly, intimately, and even thrillingly that it is as if the author knew you in particular, knew just what you needed and when you needed it, knew what ideas, images, language, impressions, storyline, nuggets of wisdom you needed to clothe and feed your soul in that moment and forever after. Even though you may have later forgotten the content of the book or even that you read it, still, its imprint is on you, its atmosphere has breathed itself into your being. If it were possible to take an X-ray of your invisible soul, what makes it up and what lives inside it, the effect of that book would be there.

This is the first stage of a book that changes your life: that it evokes this kind of deep response in you and makes this kind of impression.

The second stage is that this book actually changes you. You may not have even set out to be changed; you may have been wanting only a respite from the sameness of daily life in reading it, or a way into some previously hidden part of yourself because you sensed, however unconsciously, that that part contained information you needed, and perhaps even treasures. Yet some alchemical combination of that book and your being sparks a transformation, and at some point ~ if not right there on the spot ~ you look at your current life and also at the life you used to lead, and you realize that you have changed.

Perhaps you journeyed from a well-worn rutted path on hard-packed dirt to a mountain top at cloud level, with astonishing vistas in every direction. Perhaps you left a quagmire for a rich and verdant meadow. Perhaps you left fear, anger, envy for the experience of inner richness, contentment with who you are and what life offers. Whatever your journey, whatever the starting point and the surprising destination, somehow reading that book was part of what made these changes happen.

And yet the book that can most deeply change your life is the one you write yourself.

I have frequently heard and read about authors who start writing their books with one idea in mind, only to discover along the way that the book itself has a mind of its own. This is implicit in the creative process ~ that we can make room for it and deeply participate it, but not control it. But this is not quite what I mean by a book changing your life. When you write from the deeper Self (and this process is not always a plunging in straight off the diving board; sometimes it is a getting-your-toes-wet kind of experience), you are present to your real nature, your larger, interconnected nature; you are inviting this nature to reveal itself to you through the act of writing. In the process, you meet yourself in a way that is so intimate and surprising that your sense of who you are is changed. The smaller identities ~ the "I's" that both anchor and circumscribe us ~ fall away like leaves off trees in autumn, and though they may still be visible, it becomes clear that they are no more you than the clothing you wear. You get to meet yourself in your glory and resplendent beauty, as well as in the places that, lacking your insight and compassion up until now, have been relegated to closets and caves.

In addition, your life is transformed by your book in other ways. When you write from the deeper Self, there is a narrowness, a loneliness, an isolation that quivers into clear, acute sight ~ and then breaks up like minute shards of spun-sugar glass, revealing the great breadth of the Reality of love behind it. You may start out feeling alone, unaccompanied, the only being on earth to feel as you do; but writing from the deeper Self is not merely an act of personal will or wish: it is a divine relationship, a call and response. You do the calling when you begin with the intention to write from your deeper Self and an open heart.

This is what enables your difficult memories and experiences, which you have carried inside your ribcage for years, to be set down and set free, leaving a wonderfully open horizon you can step into to see what the uncircumscribed future will hold. Yet this intention, this yearning, this willingness is itself a sign of the presence of the divine, calling you. "Talk to me, tell your story, show me what is in your heart," the divine may whisper quietly, behind all the louder voices that would obstruct your efforts to take this writing path. "Love me by loving yourself. Bring light to what has been dark and unknown. Illuminate the holy territory that is your life."

The specifics of the call may not be evident in the beginning. There may be only a vague wish to write a book, admixed with fears; a compulsion, perhaps, to tell a certain story; a desire to explore something that has lived inside you wordlessly for a long time; even the desire to give praise through the articulation of what lies inside you, as if you dared to trust that your life, your perceptions, your being, your depth of feeling could be of value to other readers and to God. However you hear or sense the call, it is only in the process of writing a book from the deeper Self (not before, while thinking about it) that your relationship with the divine becomes palpable and clear. And it is evidenced by the depth of your feeling as you write, what arises to be written, the miracle of being given just what you need ~ both in the telling and in your life, and watching the two intertwine ~ and your bottomless gratitude as you feel the Ineffable stream through you, leaving those substantive, shimmering words in their wake.

What touches you in this way, in the process of writing, also touches your readers. That is how your book comes to be a book that changes their lives.

Excerpted from The Book That Changes Your Life Is the One You Write Yourself, by Naomi Rose. Copyright © 2008 by Naomi Rose. All rights reserved.



A Behind-the-Scenes Look

One difference between business and art (I'm fascinated by the differences and, occasionally, the similarities) is that customers usually aren't very interested in knowing what happens behind the scenes. (Except for businesses like chocolate factories, perhaps!) Customers want a good product, delivered well and serviced well. And basically, that's it.

But I consider you to be much more than a customer for my services and products. I see you as a creator, someone in whom the divine spark speaks from within, whether you are writing a book or not. And in that spirit, I want to share a little bit with you about what I'm doing, these days. It can be fascinating, inspiring, and instructive to go behind the scenes with an artist, or a business, or anything where the creative process is in process. Before the gloss of a performance, there's a lot of trying things out; a lot of missteps and retakes; a lot of reorganization, throwing out, taking back, and so on. Creation isn't a "thing," it's a process ~ and it happens inside all of us. I personally have been fascinated by the creative process since I was a little girl. Perhaps you are fascinated, too ~ and if you haven't been, perhaps you will be.

One thing I'm in the midst of is revising a couple of books before publishing them on a larger scale. I like to be tolerant in my life and relationships, but I accept being a perfectionist in my art. This takes time.

I am expanding and fine-tuning MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money. This is a book I first wrote in 1993, and published to heart-warming reviews. Over a year ago, I decided to republish it and add to it, so that the teachings in the story in (what is now) Book One (the '93 version) can be brought more intimately into readers' lives so that they can experience and gain the benefits of MotherWealth. Thus, "Book Two." I find that it has to speak to me, in the act of writing, for me to trust that it will speak to you. So that's a major focus right now.

I'm also revising and expanding my book about book writing, Starting Your Book: A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What's Inside You. I wrote this slim volume some time ago, and was happy with it. I sold quite a few copies (perhaps to you) and got some lovely testimonials. Nevertheless, I wanted to make sure it really works ~ that readers reading it will get what's involved in starting their books, how much who they are is an essential part of it. So I'm adding things, then subtracting things. It's like the first edition was a basically quick, serendipitous gift to write. Then the expanded version grew a bit too heavy with additions. Now I'm seeking to find the balance: what more to include that will illuminate the territory for people who really want to write a book in a deep way, without saying too much, or anything that would muddy their way. So this is in progress as well, off and on. And I have chosen a truly beautiful cover, from a painting by my friend Risala Mary Laird, a most inspired/inspiring visual artist.

I will be recording a CD shortly, a whole new adventure! I have written a few songs that have been beautifully received when I sang them, and so these will be on the CD, among others. I am considering also including some passages from MotherWealth (spoken, with a dulcimer undertone). Just the process of getting this all together is quite creative. (I have sung in quite a few choruses and choirs, and play the dulcimer and piano.)

When these are ready, I will let you know.Hopefully, this very brief glimpse behind the curtain will make the process of finally reading/hearing these works more meaningful to you ~ and even inspiring.

Those of you who work or have worked with me on your books will understand completely how the creative process can be so challenging, on one hand, and so uplifting, on the other. I think it's because our lives, themselves, are the books that the Divine is developing! Developing a book from the deeper Self is not a technique so much as an echo of the true Creative process. It is the bringing forth of who we really are, in some form that is transformative to the artist, and also to the reader.

This, then, is some of what's happening behind the scenes with me. What's happening behind the scenes with you and your creations?



  • Book Development 
  • Creativity Coaching & Consulting


For the Book Harbored in Your Heart
If you have the desire to write a book because book- writing is truly calling you ~ and if you find the process of learning about yourself and cherishing what's inside you as valuable as the eventual end result of a book ~ then please give yourself the gift of an initial consultation with me over the phone, or in person if you are local to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Not only will you end up with a book that really speaks to who you are and are becoming, whatever the subject or genre, but you will have the tender and glorious experience of bringing your inner treasures to an outer world that is waiting for your particular nourishment.

To find out more, please go to my website, below. And if what you read there resonates with you, please contact me by email or phone., or (510) 465- 4945.

The book that changes your life is the one you write yourself.


You can work with me in a creative way even if you don't want to write a book ~ or write at all. Any creative form and path that calls to you, we can work with fruitfully.

You may want to write something other than a book ~ like a story, a poem, or a song. You may want to open to your inner painter. You may want to let your secret musician out. You may want to create a specific project, or a new way of being, or simply once-and-for- all experience yourself as a creative human being. In a certain sense, it doesn't matter which particular focus you choose to express your creativity: whatever the focus, you will get to connect with the Creative force, use it, and be uplifted and enlarged by it.

What Is Creativity, Anyway?
My view, in a nutshell, is that Creativity is our connection to the Divine ~ to our larger nature, which we usually are not conscious of. However, since Creativity is really the nature of our own being, it is already inside us. When we are able to tap it, open to it, and become an instrument for it, something incredibly beautiful happens in the process and the "product."

Sometimes people think that being creative means having lots of new, good ideas. To me, it includes that but goes far, far beyond that. Anything that has ever inspired you in your life ~ whether the work of great artists, or thinkers, or humanitarians, or spiritual teachers, and so on ~ speaks to the particular ways in which you yourself are creative.

There is an innate yearning to touch and express this Creativity in some form (or many forms).

Typical number of sessions needed: 4-8

To learn more about how you can experience yourself as a truly creative person and create in any mode that calls to you by working with me, please click the "Vision" page at the menu to your left, and scroll down to "Creativity Coaching & Consulting."



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