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Rose Press Flower Essence Remedies

for Writers & Readers

{& artists in other media, too}



The Origin & History of Flower Essence Remedies

Flower essence remedies first originated with the work of Dr. Edward Bach, a doctor, surgeon, and, later, homeopath in the 1920s and '30s. Realizing that then-conventional medical interventions dealt only with symptoms rather than causes, Dr. Bach discovered that a great many of the distresses exhibited by his patients could be alleviated by the extracts of specific plants from nature.

He came to realize that before a symptom of illness or malaise shows up in the physical body, it first appears in the "mental body" and the "emotional body" ~ the invisible yet actual emanation of thoughts and feelings, more subtle than the physical body, that can lodge in the physical body and crystallize there as illness. Dr. Bach thus looked into the major mental and emotional distresses common to people with certain physiological symptoms ~ basic negative human emotions such as fear, sadness, and so on ~ and found corresponding flowers (as well as trees) whose properties in the form of flower essences would shift the person's thoughts and feelings into a more positive mode, restoring balance on mental, emotional, and physiological levels (or in some cases, bringing the person into balance for the first time). For example, he found that the essence of Holly "encourages a more generous nature when you feel jealous, envious, vengeful, or suspicious"; that the essence of Star of Bethlehem "softens the impact of shock, grief, or fright"; and that the essence of Sweet Chestnut "brings optimism and peace of mind when anguish overwhelms you."

Dr. Bach's remedies are still being formulated and sold, and many other dedicated companies (such as Flower Essence Services in Nevada City, California) have sprung up and "flowered" to bring the healing properties of a great range of flowers, trees, waters, rocks, and other natural elements into essences that help people move through their difficulties and attain more vibrant, positive states, with a wide variety of applications. These and other sources of flower essence remedies are among those searched out by Rose Press to produce its unique blends of remedies for writers and readers.


Worldwide Sources of Flower Essences Used in Rose Press Flower Essence Remedies

These days, flower essences (as well as tree essences, sacred waters, and other natural sources) are to be found worldwide. Their specific healing properties depend on the location and atmospheric conditions related to the healing plants and other elements that grow in that environment.

The essences used in Rose Press blends come from England, California, Scotland, Australia, Greece, and wherever else a perfect remedy for enhancing the experience and output of writers and readers is to be found.

As the focus of Rose Press essences is not the healing of physical illness but of the emotional, mental, and spiritual distresses that interfere with the natural unfoldment of creative energy and its joyful, sustained application to a project (such as writing a book), the flower essences that are blended into Rose Press remedies tend to address such qualities as inspiration, trust, clarity, flow, eloquence, attention to sensory detail, joy, abundance, and many more.


More on How to Use Flower Essence Remediees

A specific flower essences will work for you if its medicine is what your being needs. If it is not, the remedy will simply have no effect; no damage can be done by taking it. However, if you feel an attraction to a certain remedy, chances are good that it is what you need. The healing provided by flower essences becomes your own direct experience when you ingest the remedies internally or apply them to the surface of your body.

The traditional method is to place 4 or so drops (the usual range is from 2 to 7) under your tongue 4 times a day, or to put the same amount into a glass of pure water and sip from it at intervals during the day.

However, since some people do not wish to ingest even a small amount of alcohol (used in small amounts as a preservative), flower essences can also be applied topically to the skin: rubbed onto the palms of the hands, at pulse points, at acupuncture meridian points, etc., or sprayed as a mist. You can also add it to bath water, massage oils and creams, and other ways that work for you.

The remedies can be taken for a few weeks or a few months, as your intuition and experience of the remedies positive effects suggest.

Flower essence remedies can be safely taken along with medications. They are a benign healing force, and provide many valuable benefits.


Shining Star gave a lovely lift to my spirits

and helped me feel more at ease with the whole process

of bringing my book forth into the world,

and with the exigencies of life, in general.”

                        —Rahima Warren, author, Dark Innocence (Rose Press, 2012)


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