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“Working with Naomi was like having someone who is for  you, who keeps seeing you and accepting you. I couldn't have written the book without Naomi.  She is truly my fairy godmother of writing.”

~ Katayoon Zandvakili: author,

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"I brought Naomi the first draft of a novel. She helped me understand its trrue value and ikmportance as well as showing me the strengths and weaknesses of my writing.  She has inspired me to honor what I have written by doing the work necessary to bring it into the coherent and beautiful form it deserves."

~ Rahima Warren, author, Dark Innocence












"What Naomi does superbly is to evoke the creative and articulate in each person who works with her--to such a degree that each one is surprised at his/her owntalent for expression." 

~ Gay Luce, Co-founder,

Nine Gates Mystery School,

author, Body Time and Your Second Life


















"Naomi is gifted with the ability to create time and space for those of us who are her writing students to know how to feel our experiences welling up from our roots, their own unique tides coursing through our bodies, and to meld them with the words that name them. Together, we can swim in the language like fish, as naturally as we were always meant to. Naomi will cherish you and your work as you begin to recognize the beauty and poignancy of your own stories."

                            ~ Carolyn Francis


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The Gift of Anger,

by Marcia Cannon, Ph.D., MFT


My friend Marcia Cannon, a very deep human being and a Ph.D. and Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT), has published a most valuable book with a very unusual spin.

Called The Gift of Anger: 7 Steps to Uncover the Meaning of Anger and Gain Awareness, True Strength, and Peace, the book takes that difficult and very human emotion which often gets in the way of our true fulfillment and causes pain to ourselves and others, and turns it on its head so that it actually becomes an agent of transformation in our lives. "I want to do all I can to help people redefine anger and use it for healing and true strengthening," Marcia told me. This book fulfills that dream.

Published in March 2011 by New Harbinger, it already has eight 5-star reviews on As someone who never realized that anger was potentially a door into self-discovery and strength, I really appreciate the clarity, wisdom, and ultimate hopefulness of Marcia's book. If anger has been less than a great experience in your life, I recommend that you buy the book and find out how it can help you transform what lies under your anger into confidence, direction, and strength.

From the publisher's description:

It's Time to Listen to Your Anger

Anger is a natural response to feelings of hurt, betrayal, and embarrassment, and a reliable outlet when we feel just plain stressed out. Yet many of us see anger as a negative, potentially dangerous emotion that should be suppressed.

But the truth is, anger is a gift ~ a natural, internal signal that unfailingly identifies an opportunity for healing and growth. The Gift of Anger shows you how to recognize this signal, discover the deeper meaning behind your anger, and change the relationships and situations in your life that frustrate you. In seven simple and effective steps, this book guides you past any level of anger, from mild irritation to rage, and toward a balanced approach to using anger for greater understanding and well-being.

By learning to see anger as a gift, you'll be able to:

  • Regain emotional balance after becoming angry
  • Identify and name the unmet needs at the root of your anger
  • Create an action plan for ensuring your needs are met
  • Understand and forgive others and have compassion for yourself

From the reviews:

"What makes Dr. Cannon's book so special is that she lays out some very simple yet very powerful next steps to literally change your anger's root causes to make them a source of strength for you instead of a source of perpetual triggers for your anger. When the root causes of your anger transform into sources of strength, what you are left with is a sense of control and a sense of confidence that you no longer need to be a victim of anger and anger-related behavior. And that is truly life-changing."

To learn more about this book, go to the Gift of Anger site:


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