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“Working with Naomi was like

having someone who is for  you, 

who keeps seeing you and

accepting you. I couldn't have

written the book without Naomi.  

She is truly my fairy godmother

of writing.

~ Katayoon Zandvakili: author,

My Beautiful Impostor









"Naomi has provided unwavering support, profound mirroring, and

has gently guided and encouraged

me, again and again, to write from the place of my true and authentic self.

In the process, I have come into relationship with my deepest

creative self, after a lifetime of longing and disconnection from it. This gift beyond measure I attribute

in large part to Naomi's soulful,

loving, supportive and wise guidance."

~ Carolyn Shoshana Fershtman,

Ph.D., Psychologist; author,

Carrying Joseph's Bones









“Naomi Rose has been instrumental

in keeping the project of the book

I'm writing alive. Her insight, understanding, encouragement,

and caring have helped me to remove confusion, show me a path, and keep me inspired and going. No one else I know could have aided me in such a way.”

~ Billy Weprin, author,

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“ Naomi encouraged me to do the joyful thing, instead of the things I think I should do. This was very affirming. And I felt heard, in a very strong initial way. It's different from trying to write a book on my own, because it feels like what I'm doing

is being done in relationship. ”

~ Shirley R. McGinnis, author, Sometimes Love Is Enough










"You have been utterly exceptional.

I cannot imagine another editor on

the planet who could step into my shoes and edit esoteric material as beautifully and sincerely as

you did."

  ~ Rebecca Field, author,

To Choose the Fire of the Cosmos




































as well as a book developer, writer, editor, and publisher.  She has sung with such choruses as the San Francisco Choral Society,

Voci Women's Choral Ensemble,

and Trinity Lyric Opera, among


She also has been a soloist at sacred services and intimate spiritual gatherings.

She plays the dulcimer and piano.

"Diamonds at Our Feet" is the best song that has come through her,

to date.
























































"Rose gets it right about what

freezes up the imagination and passion, and she offers good

insights to help one get over the challenge of the blank page.

Starting Your Book is the nurturing teacher you always dreamed of that would coax and praise you to reveal your heart."~ Linda Eckmann















"A finely crafted literary work.

Naomi is a princess weaving straw into gold, using her experiences and interpretations of deprivation and tragedy as the path to the

abundance of The Mother

within herself.

There are very few books being written today that come close to

this kind of genius."

—Judith Avalon, author, Entering into the Heart of The Mother:



"The Portable Blessings Ledger

turns our relationship with money upside-down!

This financial roadmap guides you

to a place where money is the vessel that illuminates your inner wisdom, brings peace to your home and

family, and expresses your deepest values in the world. What a gift!"

~ Hal Brill, president, Natural Investment Services, Inc;

co-author, Investing

with Your Values




“Claudio Naranjo is at the forefront

of those seeking to transform the world. For anyone wanting to make a difference for the better, Healing Civilization is a must-read!”

— Michael Toms, President and

Host, New Dimensions Radio





"A daring, taboo-breaking, visceral, intensely moving novel. It's impossible not to get wrapped up in the characters and their passions,

only to be surprised again and again. You won't be able to let go of this book, any more than it will let go of you. Highly recommended!"

—Jodie Forrest, author, The Ascendant, and The Rhymer and the Ravens



Writing from the Deeper Self

"Bringing Your Treasures into the World . . ."

Naomi Rose
Book Developer

(510) 653-ROSE / (510) 653-7673 

This page features the most recent

Writing from the Deeper Self newsletter,

put out by Naomi Rose to her readership.

To go to the Home Page of the Writing from the Deeper Self website, click here.

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        1. Introduction: "Slow Writing"

           2. Guest Writer: Marcia Yudkin: "Slow Writing for Introverts:

               The Deep Route to Success"

           3.   Feature Article:  "Learning and Playing by Heart:

                  When What You Love Is Worth Doing Slowly"

           4. Naomi Rose Services:

  • Book Development sessions
  • "The Music of Writing" sessions and group (NEW!)

           5. Products: Rose Press Books

               ~ "The Creative Process" Series

               ~  The "Money & the Inner Life" Series /

               ~ The "Healing" Series

            6. Products: Audiobooks (NEW!)

              ~ "The Promise of Music" (read & sung by the author)

              ~  MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money (read by the author)

            7. Products: Rose Press Flower Essence Remedies

                for Writers & Readers




Slow is friendly. If you haven't already let slow befriend you, now could be the time.

In this Writing from the Deeper Self newsletter, the growing “Slow Movement” finds its way into deep writing. Not that this is totally surprising, if you have been reading these newsletters over the past months (or years); I have been an advocate of slowing down for a long time. Deep writing depends on being able to stop the automatic speeding (of one's own mind, and the cultural imperative), and to listen to what is genuinely there.

Especially when writing a book (which usually is not a quick, fast-food process), we need time to see what emerges from our true heart's desire, what it tells us, what we wish to make of that, and who we become as we engage with the process. This is an unfolding, and a distillation of the raw materials of our early efforts and understanding. It is similar to the process of making fine wine, or sumptuous perfumes. It takes time. And so do we.

The offerings in this issue speak to this.

For the first article, we have a guest writer, this time: Marcia Yudkin. Marcia, who has written for the New York Times among other publications, has written extensively about introverts, and how they can do well in the world on their own terms, especially when it comes to marketing. Since my idea of marketing, prior to reading her views, was that it was an impossibly extreme-extrovert sport, it was illuminating to learn that though introverts much prefer the behind-the-scenes solitude of uninterrupted creating (as I do), they can also find ways to comfortably bring their treasures into the world.

In this newsletter, Marcia writes about "Slow Writing," a subject dear to my heart and I hope also to yours, whether you are an introvert or not. (And if you're not, maybe you'll find that you actually want to evoke your latent introverted qualities, as you see the value of going slow, quiet, and deep.)

The feature article, my own, may be something of a surprise. It goes into what it was like to learn music, and only briefly touches on writing. And yet music can be a wonderful doorway into deep writing, since it is intrinsic to our bodies, hearts, and souls. So I hope you will find something precious for yourself as you read “Learning and Playing by Heart.”

Writing this piece led me to a brand-new offering to share with you: “The Music of Writing.” (Writing deeply is often like that: it opens a door.) Getting in touch with the music already in you, by listening for it and sounding it, will combine with your intention and attention to bring you material to write ~ in rhythmic ways that flow out of you effortlessly. I am adding “The Music of Writing” consultations and groups to my existing offerings as a book developer. So whether you wish to write a book through the doorway of music or directly, I will help you to deeply listen to yourself so that your book unfolds in harmony with not only what you want to say but who you are.

Finally, there is a brand-new product line to add to the Rose Press books and flower essence remedies for writers: Audiobooks. It happened when I read a short piece, “The Promise of Music,” to a group of people who were gathering together. I experienced such a lovely, rewarding response from my listeners (every writer's dream!) that, at the suggestion of one of the listeners who is a big fan of audiobooks, I decided to add audiobooks to my product line. So now there are two: that same work, “The Promise of Music” (read and sung by the author), and MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money (read by the author ~ yours truly). You can listen to them at home, in your car, while walking in the park, and so on. They'll help you rest your eyes and use your imagination to bring what you hear to life.

And of course, the Rose Press line of books on the creative process ~ Starting Your Book, and the accompanying Process Notebook ~ are incredibly valuable guides and encouragers to help you move towards writing a book that truly mirrors and expresses the depth of who you are.

The Rose Press Flower Essence Remedies for Writers also are a wonderful boost to your writing desires. The series of nine healing remedies, especially designed to address and overcome the obstacles common to book writers (“Do I really have anything to say?” “Will anyone care?” “I'm sick of this book, I can't get back into it,” etc.). All these products are available from Rose Press. .

So let slow reign. Deep breaths, deep thoughts, essential bubblings-up, taking your time to see what's there and invite it out in a way that nourishes you rather than draining you. Is this not the equivalent of fine wine, heirloom tomatoes, aromatic perfumes, and a life lived meaningfully and well?

Enjoy the process.

~ Naomi Rose


2. GUEST WRITER ~ Marcia Yudkin


The Deep Route to Success

You may have heard of a movement that started in Europe called "Slow Food." Its proponents advocate buying local produce whenever possible, appreciating the integrity of natural ingredients and savoring the delights of food in a family or community. It opposes fast food, where the origin and quality of ingredients are irrelevant, and taste takes a back seat to speed of service, eating as quickly as possible so as to get on to more important endeavors.

From the idea of Slow Food, related movements have developed, including Slow Travel, which favors getting to know the local culture instead of zipping on through like a tourist; Slow Parenting, which fosters unstructured play and exploration for children rather than structuring every minute of their leisure time; and Slow Fashion, which supports smaller wardrobes and sustainable style instead of constant spending on clothes and single seasons of "what's in now."

I propose an analogous movement called Slow Writing, in which quality and depth reign rather than quantity and speed of publication.


If you're an introvert - someone who is comfortable with solitude and who values his or her inner life - this fits your natural style of working. Even so, it's easy to get pulled into the prevailing cultural mode of fast writing, so let me describe the characteristics and benefits of Slow Writing for you. That way, it will be easier for you to resist the temptation to speed through your writing superficially.




3. FEATURE ARTICLE by Naomi Rose:


When What You Love Is Worth Doing Slowly


The following feature is mostly about music. But like all things creative, music stems from the same source as deep writing. If you stay with what follows, you will sense the relevance to your own creative life, in writing and other modes as well.


I'm sitting at the piano, my hands on the keys, feeling the music pour out from this relationship. No matter how disconnected or dulled I may feel before I sit down on the wooden piano bench, as soon as my hands touch the keys ~ even before I press down and hear sound coming back ~ something in me relaxes. I am home.

It is not always like this with writing, for me. But with piano, the very tactility of the touch ~ the smooth white keys under the pads of my fingertips ~ releases some kind of endorphin response. My body relaxes, my heart recognizes that, "Ah, now I will be able to express in my own true mode," and I feel befriended by the piano itself, and the realization of what will take place between us, even if I have no preconceived idea of what I will play. It is the touch that brings the music forth.

I feel myself to be an instrument at this instrument. Something will come forth from me ~ rhythmic, often melodic, chorded or otherwise accompanied, harmonious. Longer stretches of sustained-note time will get to be punctuated by more quickened, leaping pulses of sound. In speaking words, there are no equivalents of that lengthy, sustained rubato one gets to play or sing, where the reverberation of the sound stretches out long and haunting, remaining in the air for a time even once my hands have lifted off the keys, even once my voice is silent.

I love music.


When I was about ten years old, my mother gave me piano lessons. They lasted only about six months. My teacher's focus was more on how to "do it right" than on how to be with the music, letting it speak to you as you entered into its magical world. At that time, I found the process of reading the simple notes, the treble and bass clefs, difficult. What I could do easily, however, was sound a piece out by ear. Fumbling at first to match what I heard in my head to the actual notes of the piano keys, at some point I became able to cobble together not only the right-hand melody line but some rudimentary kind of left-hand accompaniment as well. Once Beethoven's "Für Elise" struck my fancy, and I ensconced myself over the keys until I was able to play what I recalled of that well-known piece with my right hand, and also come up with some accompaniment (if not necessarily what the composer had written down) that worked with my left. "DA-da DA-da DA-da-da-da-DA," I played, awkwardly perhaps but with utter dedication. I felt almost let into that world.

It was when my mother told my piano teacher, who came to the house once a week, that I had been smart enough/talented enough to figure out "Für Elise" all by myself that things started to go awry. "Play it for him," my mother urged me. And, torn between pride and embarrassment, I did. My teacher listened silently, throughout; and then, when I had finished, he said, "That's not the way it goes. It goes like this ." And he literally shoved me over (we were sitting on the piano bench together) and proceeded to play the piece perfectly, in the correct key with all the correct right-hand notes and left-hand fingering ~ as an adult who had studied music well enough to teach it professionally could play it. But he never said a word about my having figured out the piece on my own, even if wrongly. And he never said a word about my caring enough to want to learn it, or being able to play it by heart.

I stopped taking lessons after that.

My secret affair with music did not stop there, only halted its aboveground life. Underground, it went on, like some memory of beauty and purity that had ceased to have a place in my life as I knew it.

Read more....





Writing from the Deeper Self

Bringing your treasures into the world...

If you have a book in your heart, I would be delighted to help you bring it out.

The lovely thing about how I work with the "Writing from the Deeper Self" approach is that you are at least as important as the book that comes out of you. This is not one of those situations where we come up with an outline and you fill it out. It's a deep and wonderful process of discovery ~ not only "What do I want to say?" but also "What is the beauty and value I am in touch with as the book reveals itself in and through me?"

In this way, not only do you get to write the book of your heart, but you also get to (metaphorically) become a precious book that you never quite read before until now. It is astonishing, what can come out of you under the right conditions.

I do my best to provide those "right conditions."

Blessed with a keen and subtle ability to listen to what lies within you, and to mirror it back so that you can know, receive, and acknowledge it, I nurture and guide you in the process of deep book-writing so that you feel increasingly confident in finding your way through what often begins as the unknown. Bringing a wealth of experience to support you ~ including 30 years in the publications field, including as a book editor ~ I help you to birth the book of your heart, and in the process to become more of your true self, as well as to honor the beauty of your artistic nature.


  • I work with clients in person at my Oakland, CA studio. For those out of the San Francisco Bay Area, we work together by phone and email.
  • Sessions are 1 hour, unless longer sessions are desired.
  • How often to meet depends on how intensely or relaxedly you want to proceed with your book. A popular format is to meet every other week. Some clients prefer once a week. Some prefer once a month. (I do not recommend meeting less often than once a month.)
  • Fee: A popular package is $250 for two 1-hour sessions/month, plus unlimited email (including writing and correspondence). There are other formats as well.

For more information on Writing from the Deeper Self and my work as a book developer, see this very website:

Contact me to explore writing the book of your heart with my guidance and support. A 30-minute phone call will tell you if this is right for you.


Phone: 510/653-7673 (510/653-ROSE)

The book of your heart awaits you!





Finding Your Own True Voice

Sessions & Group


Music is a way into deep writing. Even better than listening to music is  finding the music of your own heart, body, and soul.

You have innate rhythms, sounds vibrate within you, and your soul is a melody seeking to come through the instrument of your unique being.

Writing from the Deeper Self comes out of listening to the music inside you, as well as to the silence from which all this music emerges. While sometimes the music will be dissonant for a stretch, inevitably and innately it will want to resolve into a harmonious ending.

I can teach you how to bring forth your inner music. It's all there, waiting to be revealed. This in itself is a joyful, healing, frequently holy experience. And finding your innate music may be all you need and want.

Yet a further step ~ once this music is available to you ~ is allowing it to move into words on paper: Writing from the Deeper Self. When the inner music moves your writing, you feel connected, accompanied, guided, protected, uplifted, and frequently illuminated. This is a real human possibility.


As a singer and musician as well as a writer and book developer, I can work with you individually or in a group.

The writing focus, here, does not necessarily have to be a book (although it can be). It can simply be feeling into the experience of what it's like to write out of your own musical instrumentation ~ your heart, body, consciousness.

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions ideally take place in person. Listening to you, guiding you, evoking the rhythms of your body and the music of your soul, we "turn on" the music that is in you until it has its own direct connection. Then, out of that, you can write what is there.

For those who live outside the San Francisco Bay Area, we work together by phone. When we are attuned, distance makes no difference. Even silence can speak over the phone, when we really listen. Then your writing can unfold from the music that's awakened in you.

The fee is $150 for a 1-1/2-hour session.


I will be leading 4-week groups of "The Music of Writing" in the San Francisco Bay Area. I invite you to awaken your inner music into words with me, there.

Date:  Mid-September 2012.

(Exact date to be determined based on the optimum schedule of attendees)

Location: In the SF Bay Area

Duration: 4 weeks, 2 hours each week.

Fee: $150

The group size is limited to 12, so you would do well to reserve your space now with a $25 deposit. Send your deposit in by August 15th and you will receive a free gift ~ a CD of the inspiring story,"The Promise of Music," read and sung by the author: Naomi Rose. [For details on this CD, click here.]

 To reserve your space in this group now,

use the PayPal button below:

You can also send a check made out to "Naomi Rose" to:

484 Lake Park Avenue, #537

Oakland, CA 94610

It's not about being a great musician. It's about being able to receive and focus what comes through your instrument. And that can turn you into a great musician ~ and a great writer!

Because music is your soul's true nature.






Rose Press: Books & Other Fragrant Offerings to Bring You Home to Yourself offers you books in three series: “The Creative Process,” “Money & the Inner Life,” and “Healing.” Each one of these books will assist your flowering.

"The Creative Process” Series:

Starting Your Book

A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page

by Attending to What's Inside You

by Naomi Rose

Starting Your Book


For more details / to purchase, click here.


Process Notebook

for use with Starting Your Book

by Naomi Rose

ring binder Stock Photo - 5097647


For more details / to purchase, click here.



The“Money & the Inner Life” Series:


The Feminine Path to Money

by Naomi Rose

C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\MotherWealth\MotherWealth, The Feminine Path to Money (MW)\Publishing MW vol 1\MotherWealth cover low res.jpg


For more details / to purchase, click here.



The Portable Blessings Ledger:

A Way to Keep Track of Your Finances

and Bring Meaning and Heart to Your Dealings with Money

by Naomi Rose

For more details / to purchase, click here.



The“Healing” Series:

Healing Civilization

by Claudio Naranjo, MD

Healing Civilzation

For more details / to purchase, click here.


Dark Innocence

(Book One of The Star-Seer's Prophecy)

by Rahima Warren, MFT (ret.)


For more details / to purchase, click here.






For those who would rather listen . . .

A brand-new offering,

now some Rose Press books also come in audio-book form,

so you can listen while commuting,


or simply leaning back with closed eyes in your favorite chair

and letting your mind and imagination fill in the details

as only it can.

The following are currently available as audiobook CDs:


"The Promise of Music" 

by Naomi Rose

Read and sung by the author

A story of music and love, and how love can sweep you up into its music so that even shopping in the supermarket is a transfigured experience, "The Promise of Music" will inspire you not only to remember  your own first love, but also to open to your inherent relationship with the Divine.

For more details / to purchase, click here.




The Feminine Path to Money  

by Naomi Rose

C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\MotherWealth\MotherWealth, The Feminine Path to Money (MW)\Publishing MW vol 1\MotherWealth cover low res.jpg

Read by the author

MotherWealth weaves a magical story of how the death of an old sense of self can bring an endless ocean of treasures from within ~ including money.  This inside-out approach to money takes into account the inner life that holds the key to our fortunes , and offers a much-needed perspective on why the soulless patriarchal model of money isn't working ~ and what will.

You don't have to “Go Out” and get it. You just have to be Home to receive it.

For more details / to purchase, click here.




Flower Essence Remedies for Writers & Readers

For Writers: 

Nine specially blended remedies

to help your writing journey bloom.

  • "The Writer's Muse" 

  • "Confident Expressions" 

  • "Flow"  

  • "Seeing the Big Picture" 

  • "Coming in Closer: A Feeling for Detail" 

  • "Self-Compassion: Rewriting the Past" 
  •  "Going the Distance" 
  • "Revision: The Gift of Refinement"
  • "Shining Star: Letting Your Light Come All the Way into the World"


For Readers:

These wonderful flower essence remedies help you

absorb and literally digest the nourishment

of the Rose Press books you read.

  • "The Reader's Gift" (for reading any book)
  • "You Are the Treasure You Seek" (goes with Starting Your Book)
  • "MotherWealth" (goes with MotherWealth)
  • "Being Will Bring You All You Need" (goes with Living in MotherWealth)
  • "The Joys of Keeping Track" (goes with The Portable Blessings Ledger)
  • "The Inner Family" (goes with Healing Civilization)
  • "Forgiveness & Self-Forgiveness" (goes with Dark Innocence)

For more details on all these essences / to purchase, click here.


Flowers are your healing friends.

Call on them when writing the book of your heart.


May your garden bloom!



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