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“Working with Naomi was like

having someone who is for  you, 

who keeps seeing you and

accepting you. I couldn't have

written the book without Naomi.  

She is truly my fairy godmother

of writing.

~ Katayoon Zandvakili: author,

My Beautiful Impostor









"Naomi has provided unwavering support, profound mirroring, and

has gently guided and encouraged

me, again and again, to write from the place of my true and authentic self.

In the process, I have come into relationship with my deepest

creative self, after a lifetime of longing and disconnection from it. This gift beyond measure I attribute

in large part to Naomi's soulful,

loving, supportive and wise guidance."

~ Carolyn Shoshana Fershtman,

Ph.D., Psychologist; author,

Carrying Joseph's Bones









“Naomi Rose has been instrumental

in keeping the project of the book

I'm writing alive. Her insight, understanding, encouragement,

and caring have helped me to remove confusion, show me a path, and keep me inspired and going. No one else I know could have aided me in such a way.”

~ Billy Weprin, author,

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“ Naomi encouraged me to do the joyful thing, instead of the things I think I should do. This was very affirming. And I felt heard, in a very strong initial way. It's different from trying to write a book on my own, because it feels like what I'm doing

is being done in relationship. ”

~ Shirley R. McGinnis, author, Sometimes Love Is Enough










"You have been utterly exceptional.

I cannot imagine another editor on

the planet who could step into my shoes and edit esoteric material as beautifully and sincerely as

you did."

  ~ Rebecca Field, author,

To Choose the Fire of the Cosmos




































as well as a book developer, writer, editor, and publisher.  She has sung with such choruses as the San Francisco Choral Society,

Voci Women's Choral Ensemble,

and Trinity Lyric Opera, among


She also has been a soloist at sacred services and intimate spiritual gatherings.

She plays the dulcimer and piano.

"Diamonds at Our Feet" is the best song that has come through her,

to date.
























































"Rose gets it right about what

freezes up the imagination and passion, and she offers good

insights to help one get over the challenge of the blank page.

Starting Your Book is the nurturing teacher you always dreamed of that would coax and praise you to reveal your heart."~ Linda Eckmann















"A finely crafted literary work.

Naomi is a princess weaving straw into gold, using her experiences and interpretations of deprivation and tragedy as the path to the

abundance of The Mother

within herself.

There are very few books being written today that come close to

this kind of genius."

—Judith Avalon, author, Entering into the Heart of The Mother:



"The Portable Blessings Ledger

turns our relationship with money upside-down!

This financial roadmap guides you

to a place where money is the vessel that illuminates your inner wisdom, brings peace to your home and

family, and expresses your deepest values in the world. What a gift!"

~ Hal Brill, president, Natural Investment Services, Inc;

co-author, Investing

with Your Values




“Claudio Naranjo is at the forefront

of those seeking to transform the world. For anyone wanting to make a difference for the better, Healing Civilization is a must-read!”

— Michael Toms, President and

Host, New Dimensions Radio





"A daring, taboo-breaking, visceral, intensely moving novel. It's impossible not to get wrapped up in the characters and their passions,

only to be surprised again and again. You won't be able to let go of this book, any more than it will let go of you. Highly recommended!"

—Jodie Forrest, author, The Ascendant, and The Rhymer and the Ravens



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Book Developer

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July 2013




            1. Feature Article: "Making Reading a Book Your Own"

            2. Write Your Book with Naomi Rose




A Favor to the Reader as Well as the Writer


Early in July while on a spiritual retreat, I "cheated" by reading a book on how to read a book.


I was co-retreating at a friend's home, and the unfamiliar bookshelf of a good friend is always a treat. When I saw a large hardbound old-looking book called How to Read a Book , by Mortimer J. Adler (from 1940, though revised in 1966), I pulled it off the shelf and started reading.

I figured that if I am helping people to WRITE books, I should find out what I didn't know about READING books. After all, at some point -- the hope and intention is -- other people will be reading the books my clients are writing.


The author spent hundreds of pages making his point, and a good one: that (in his day, not to mention ours) in college, people read the books they are assigned and assume that they have assimilated the books' offerings -- but frequently, not so. People read books, the author says, without really knowing what they are about or being able to get the full "nourishment" (my word) of the author's intent and “gift” (my word again).

I know what "my" authors go through to give their gift in their books, and I want their readers to really receive that gift -- not only for their own sakes, but for the authors' as well. So I read Adler's book (admittedly skimming through some pages) until I understood the essence of his recommendation. I'm saving you reading 300 pages (though it's an interesting book) and giving you the main gist here:


When you read a book, in addition to just taking it in for whatever it happens to give you, pay special attention to:


1. The unity of the whole -- how everything in the book ultimately points to one thing, experience, message.

2. The parts -- what they are (Adler recommends analyzing them; but even if you don't, this suggestion still stands up) and how they (a) stand alone and (b) contribute to the whole.

3. Only after you have attended to #1 and #2, above, says this author, can you give a critique that is based on something real -- something beyond "I liked it or I didn't." But even if you skip the critique part, you'll still get much more from the book that you read this way than if you didn't set out to encounter its wholeness and the parts that make it come together.


The reasons I'm sharing this with you (after all, you may never read Adler's book; it even may be out of print) are that:


One, it makes good sense.


Two, it gives you the increased inner bandwidth to really get into a book and know/enjoy it more.


And three, there is something magical about making something your own. Reading a book so as to make it your own imprints its gift upon you -- both the overtly stated aspects and the invisible impulse and blueprint behind it.


And just as importantly, if you are writing a book -- or plan to -- or hope to, someday (and you may well be one of that 85% of people who believe they "have a book in them") -- then you can benefit from looking in this way at the book you are writing/will write. There's a beauty of structure, composition, and harmony to a book that is conceived of as a whole, where all the parts both stand tall on their own and yet contribute to an indelible whole: the "forest" formed by the individual "trees."


Finally, this approach also suggests -- or reinforces -- what you may already know intuitively: that the more you put into the writing you do, the more a reader can get out of it. The book How to Read a Book gives us on the reading end a way to receive what you as an author will have given us, as completely and intimately as we can.


And isn't that what we both really want, after all?


#    #   #


[For those who want to read further,

here are some choice quotes from the book:]


•  Unity:

A book, in proportion as it is good -- as a book and as a work of art -- has a more perfect and pervasive unity. [Adler recommends that the reader be able to state the book's unity, theme, in 1 sentence.]


•  The parts:

Set forth the major parts of the book and show how these are organized into a whole, by being ordered to one another and to the unity of the whole. [The parts reveal what is the book's underlying structure.]

“How is it many – an organized many, in which the parts are organically related so as to compose a whole? Without this, there would be no whole, just a ‘collection.'”


“A book is like a single house. It is a mansion of many rooms, rooms on different levels, of different sizes and shapes, with different outlooks, room with different functions to perform. Each has its own structure and interior decoration. But they are not absolutely independent and separate. They are connected by doors and arches, corridors and stairways. Because they are connected, the partial function which each performs contributes its share to the usefulness of the whole house. Otherwise the house would not be genuinely livable.


“This architectural analogy is almost perfect. A good book, like a good house, is an orderly arrangement of parts. Each major part has a certain degree of independence. It may have an interior structure of its own. But it must also be connected to the other parts, functionally. Otherwise it could not contribute its share to the intelligibility of the whole.

“The best books are those that have the most intelligible structure, and the most apparent. Their greater complexity is somehow also a great simplicity, because their parts are better organized, more unified. That is one of the reasons why the great books are most readable.” (pp. 163-164)


“You cannot apprehend a whole without somehow seeing its parts. But it is also true that unless you grasp the organization of its parts, you cannot know the whole comprehensively.” (p. 171)

“[This rule] involves more than just an enumeration of the parts. It means treating the parts as if they were subordinate wholes , each with a unity and a complexity of its own.” (p. 172)



(Source: How to Read a Book: A Guide to Reading the Great Books , by Mortimer J. Adler. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1940; special edition, 1966.)



Copyright 2013 by Naomi Rose. All rights reserved.




with Naomi Rose,


Writing from the Deeper Self

Bringing your treasures into the world...

If you have been longing to be really heard ~ really seen ~ really known ~ to find and speak from your true voice and write a book that not only others will respond to but you yourself will respond to,

I can help you write the book of your heart so that not only do you come out with a book you can publish,

but you get to be nurtured and loved along the way.

What a gift to yourself ~ and to your potential readers.

And, on a practical level, once you are a published author, you can use your book to let people know about your work, your message, your other offerings, and your contribution to humanity. You can potentially more than make your investment in book-writing back, and build your platform as you mine and reveal your heart in writing.

I work with clients in person at my Oakland, CA studio. For those out of the San Francisco Bay Area, we work together by phone and email.

Sessions are 1 hour (longer sessions are also possible).

Fee packages include:

  • By the month: $250/month includes two 1-hour sessions plus unlimited email (for questions, correspondence, sending me pieces of writing in process, my feedback, etc.)
  • By the hour: $120-$85, sliding scale.
  • Flat rate (depends on particulars of your book--to be explored)

I also offer experienced assistance with:

  • Editing
  • Self-publishing
  • Seeking external publishers (book proposal, etc.)


For more information on Writing from the Deeper Self and my work as a book developer, see this very website:

Contact me to explore writing the book of your heart with my guidance and support. A free 30-minute phone call will tell you if this is right for you.


Phone: 510/653-7673 (510/653-ROSE)

The book of your heart awaits you!



May your garden bloom!



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