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Writing from the Deeper Self

"Bringing Your Inner Treasures

to the Outer World . . ."

Book Development

with Naomi Rose

June 2009 Newsletter

       1. Introduction: "Becoming a Publisher, continued"

       2. Feature: "Writing for Your Self:

                   Discovering Your Most Valuable Reader"

       3. In That Same Vein: "A Letter to a Client"

       4. Selling from the Deeper Self: "Rose Press Books

                   Are Starting to Bloom for You"

       5. Naomi Rose Services: "Book Development," 

                   "Rose Press Books Now Available"



Becoming a Publisher, ctd.

I know it's been two months since I last sent you a newsletter. My apologies for that. I like to be timely and consistent ~ but my attentions have been quite taken up with the new learnings of becoming an independent publisher, and things I care about, including sending a newsletter about Writing from the Deeper Self, fell through the cracks.

Yet in a way, it's even more important to me to return to this than before. Because the publishing part ~ as engrossing and "out there" as it is, requiring all sorts of capacities and skills and connections and new learnings; the "extroverted" aspect, you could say ~ makes it all the more clear to me how the deep writing, and the very process of deep writing, is the heart and soul of the matter. Without this "inner" aspect, there would be nothing to publish, for one thing. For another, in our busy, perhaps frantic pace of modern life, always calling us to parcel out our time and attentions, the process of writing from the deeper Self calls us home; unifies us with ourselves and all of Life, potentially. Allows us to bring that invisible, vulnerable, pulsating, live inner being who lives in us and waits for a chance to be known, into the world of our own intimate experience, way before it becomes a written book in print, ready to be taken into others' lives.

I have always loved my work with clients, whether in-person or on the phone and by email. There is something about the very wish to write a book that disarms a person, opens their precious, vulnerable heart; and when they courageously bring that wish to another person (who is me), I know that I am in the presence of something sacred, and my wish is to honor that in every way I can. In the process, then, of book developing with them, my own sacredness has a place to exist and be well used.

Yes, I've always loved my work with clients. But in the past two months, working with existing and a few new clients, in the same time period that I've been developing the publishing aspect of Rose Press, has been nothing less than a life-saver (perhaps, a "soul- saver"). To meet another person at a deep level and be able to accompany them all the way, realizing how precious they are the more they allow their true selves to show (not always the same "self" that shows up in the world), is an incomparable gift for both of us. It is out of this inner relationship ~ really, with themselves, but mirrored and highlighted and sometimes guided by me ~ that the exquisite writing comes. So it's good for me to remember that this is why I'm going through all the hoops and challenges and sometimes "tsuris" of learning to be a publisher, along with the excitement and possibilities of making a real impact. I'm doing it to bring into the world what is true and beautiful and real in myself and in my clients, and ~ through our books ~ in the people who will read them.

The feature article, this month, is about writing for yourself (your Self). I think you'll find it interesting, whether a book is in your plans or not. And I also want to share with you my experience of doing a reading from my own book, MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money , as part of the Jewish Authors of the Bay Area series, which was wonderful for me and which, I hope, will be indirectly wonderful for you.

Finally, there's an update on my emerging publishing company, Rose Press ~ its six (!) books ~ and an exciting way you can be part of it and even profit from it financially.

So please stay tuned, and read on. (Write on, too, if you are so inclined!)


Naomi Rose




Discovering Your Most Valuable Reader

When I think back on how I was "taught" to write in school ~ as distinct from what I have discovered for myself by being present to what's within me ~ it seems clear to me that I was taught to write for other people. Whether it was the teacher who would be reading and grading it (grading bringing in a whole other, other-directed element to the potentially revelatory and self-expanding experience of writing), or the unknown (faceless, mythical) "reader" (a breed made to seem utterly different from the writer), or some impossibly unattainable standard set by the human-form gods of writing (Shakespeare, and so on) ~ the one person whom I was not taught to write for was my self.

As a person born into a family of writers, parents to whom "le mot juste" (the precisely chosen word) was as crucial as vitamins and wellness tablets might be to other parents, I soon did come to understand that there is a way of writing for oneself that permits no one else to enter the reading experience. Journals that refer to events and people and dates that make sense to the journaling writer, but would mean nothing to someone else unless the writer were to provide a context within which these notations became meaningful and even moving to readers, come to mind. Ideas put down on paper in abstract, indigestible ways, which don't develop from one thing to another, and don't take into account that the person reading it won't have the advantage of filling in the gaps with the material in the writer's head, also comes to mind. So in that sense, when writing something that you do want others to read, at some point, it is essential that they be able to "get" what you are saying, and ~ more deeply even than that ~ to receive what you are writing, to allow it to become part of their own inner experience.

But what about you? What about your experience, in writing? Especially (though not exclusively) in writing a book, a project that is long enough (in pages and in time) and dear enough (close enough to your heart) to constitute a "long-term committed relationship"? Aren't you supposed to get something out of writing, too? Something even beyond the satisfaction of setting out to do something and accomplishing it? Isn't it important ~ essential ~ to have a deep conversation, of a sort, with your deeper Self, so that you come out larger and more radiant, more open and complete, than you went in?

This simple shift of identities, from the intensely fraught concerns of you as the writer ("Is it good? Is it worthwhile? Am I really a 'writer'?") to you as an open- minded reader, looking to see what you do receive in reading the piece, is enough to give you the kind of inner space that working artists have to give themselves. If you're going to develop in any art ~ if you are going to develop a working relationship with your art and craft and inner experience, over a long period of time (which is what's needed once you realize that this writing is for your own inner development, your own journey, as much as it is for anyone else's) ~ then you need to have an abiding interest in not only what comes onto the page, but the entire creative process of how it comes about. From a "product" orientation, which I believe is how most of us learned to write early on, your participation in the process is purely to deliver the goods: to get that brilliant idea out there, to work on that perfect metaphor so that the "reader" is wowed, and so on. But from an artistic, developmental orientation (which Writing from the Deeper Self partakes of, at least in part), your participation in the process is everything.

Without you, there is no writing. Without you, what wants to be known can't be known. Without you, I would go so far as to say (from experience as well as spiritual inclination), God cannot create. The particulars of your being ~ and that includes your "stuff," your unresolved human cares, your unique beauty, your inclinations, the way you sigh and laugh, all that and more ~ are the medium through which God creates through you. You are the creator of your writing, and if you allow yourself to be wholly with it all the way, you find that you end up as more than you started out; and your creation ~ your page, your chapter, your book ~ mirrors that process and that largeness back to you. Your creation came out of you, and is more than you, and also is less than you, less than the potential of who you are becoming and what can come out of you next time, and the time after that.

If you will allow yourself to consider this, to contemplate it as real, then you might also be willing to consider that when we set about to create ~ when we write from the deeper Self ~ we are the creations of God, and we are as much of interest, as loved, as cherished as a medium of creation as we ourselves experience in creating our writings.

Writing for yourself and writing for your Self aren't necessarily the same, but they share the same territory. In both cases, you are writing to be present with what is in you, which you have some reason to explore at length and depth, and some desire to share with others. When we are taught only to write for others, we are taught to leave ourselves out of the picture. Then, we may produce something noteworthy (I myself did almost all my college papers in that way), but our writing lacks a heartbeat. And it is that very heartbeat that draws us back into the writing, when we become our own readers, and feeds us back the insight, the nourishment, the wisdom, the inspiration, the courage, and so on that we were privy to in the moment of writing, when we made ourselves available to our deeper Self and God had some room to create through our being.

Whatever you make of this, let it at least be food for thought. People have very real desires to write, way beyond career advancement, and many have been scared off by what I'd have to call false or incomplete values. Writing is not a performance, unless you wish it to be. Writing is the penetration of a membrane between you and what is most real in you. What penetrates that permeable membrane is your total presence, warts and all, fears and all, until what takes flight in your soul shimmers into your experience and lifts you up into the larger light of who you are.

In that moment, you are writing for your Self, to come out transformed as much as any butterfly. And in so doing, you leave visible traces for your readers to follow, breadcrumbs in the denseness of the forest to bring them, as it brought you, home.


If you find yourself moved by this, and would like to further explore how you are the most essential ingredient in your writing, I recommend that you read my book on this very subject: Starting Your Book: A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What's Inside You. It's available in e-book and print versions. The e-book is very affordable and you can receive it within minutes of ordering it. For more details, click here: Starting Your Book.



A Letter to a Client

All book writers meet up with obstacles and fears at some point. The closer we come to our heart's desire, the more this seems to be the case. I'd like to share with you a letter that I wrote to one client, in response to her articulation of certain resistances. It's just another way of saying what I said, above .

Dear ______,

I appreciate what you say about what's been holding you back. You would be a very ususual human being ~ perhaps not even from this planet! ~ if you didn't have some fears come up in writing a book. Everyone does, though they're not always the same fears. I'm appreciative of your insights, and your determination not to give up on the book.

I understand about perfectionism. Too well! I think it's only been time and experience of writing that has convinced me that writing is a process, a journey, which gets refined as we put something down. Rarely do things come perfectly, though once in a while they do ~ but then, it tends to be a matter of true inspiration, or of the material having "cooked" inside the writer long enough to come out all distilled.

I'm delighted you have the intention of coming to our session with some writing, no matter what state it is in. Revision is the Bible of writers, and this is a great encouragement. It's not just that writing often needs revision, but that knowing that revision is possible later on allows us to be more spontaneous, awkward, playing-in-the-mud (the lotus comes later). Sometimes you don't know quite what you want to say until you've put it down on paper. If then you tell yourself "This is terrible, I can't go further," you're missing the point: that putting something down is what allows you to go further. Then, when the pieces start coming together, you can go back, and put things in and take things out and tune-up the material that's there.

If you have ever watched a painter paint, it might give you a sense of how a work of art (or of deep thought) actually evolves. An impression at a time. A wash of green in the corner, which only later on will look like trees.

Finally, as to the fear of no one wanting to read it ~ a very common fear, having to do, I believe, with our childhood experiences of not being seen for who we are, and responded to in the ways we need ~ YOU will be the reader you want. YOU are your first reader (I am your second). What does this mean? It means that, in the first place, you are writing for yourself. Not just for a faceless crowd, but from one part of you to another. You are, in the best sense, "Talking to yourself" in your writing.

How does knowing this help? When you re-read what you have written, the ONLY question to ask yourself is "Where does this speak to me?" Not "What do I do with this awful stuff, yuck!" and so on. Just, "Where in me does this writing resonate?" Wherever that is, that's your touchstone. That's a clue as to your real voice. Where it doesn't resonate with you as a reader, the only question of use is "What would it need in order to resonate with me?"

We put a lot of time and attention into our writing, but once we're done, we become readers, hoping to reconnect with the inner place we were when we wrote what we wrote. If you can write for yourself in this way ~ for your Self ~ then the journey will be a fulfilling one, and you will be able to escape the "product orientation" that makes writing so painful.

Writing is not a sentence, or a reflection of your worth. It's an opportunity for the deep Self in you to speak to your smaller self, and thus for you to come to know who you really are. Through this encounter, your readers have the opportunity to do the same thing within themselves.

I believe this wholeheartedly. I hope some of what I've written here has been helpful.

~ Naomi Rose


Rose Press Books Are Starting to Bloom for You

Rose Press, my new publishing company, is the in- the-world aspect of Writing from the Deeper Self. Writing from the Deeper Self is the process of being with oneself so deeply, with my caring guidance, that the book is essentially "loved out" of the writer ~ which is why the tag line of Writing from the Deeper Self is "Bringing Your Treasures into the World." And since the tag line of Rose Press is "Books to Bring You Home to Yourself," you can begin to see the connection.

In all my newsletters, I have been saying, one way and another, that what is in us is enough to heal us, and to bring our readers into a state of wholeness. Rose Press, as a publisher, continues that vision and value system. Therefore, even in promoting and selling the Rose Press books (and there are now six! ~ already in print, or soon to be), I want to stay true to the deeper Self ~ our true nature. And that's what this next part is about.

Please read this appetizer-sized piece of "Selling from the Deeper Self," below, and then click below to read the whole thing on the web page. It really is worth your while, and it is likely to bring riches (including the monetary kind) into your life .


Contents of the web page you'll be transferred to by clicking include:

  1. Selling from the Deeper Self: A New Model
  2. How You Can Profit from These Books (in Money as Well as Spirit)
  3. Rose Press Books You Can Buy Now

And the books are:

  • MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money
  • Living in MotherWealth (MotherWealth, Volume 2) (Advance copy)
  • MotherWealth Collection
  • Healing Civilization, by Dr. Claudio Naranjo. Foreword by Jean Houston. (Advance copy)
  • The Portable Blessings Ledger: A Way to Keep Track of Your Finances and Bring Meaning and Heart to Your Dealings with Money
  • Starting Your Book: A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What's Inside You

Make sure to read #2, How You Can Profit from These Books (in Money as Well as Spirit). It's truly an idea whose time has come ~ and a real-life example of Harmonious Prosperity

And the appetizer:

"I believe that the link to the inner life and money [put forth in my books] is medicine ~ it is our inner substrate, not visible to the naked, social eye, but actually determining all that happens in our individual and collective lives. And I believe that these books can help anyone who reads them come home to themselves, and enter into the world ~ and their own world ~ from a much more grounded, connected, loving footing, as far as money is concerned.

"Right now, we have the possibility of moving into a way of being as a culture, as a planet, that will fulfill our highest needs and goals, help us help ourselves and one another, and rise to opportunities that at the moment are only dreams, if we can even see that far. I believe these books will make a deep impact on your soul and wallet, and I invite you to read them all and find out. If they speak to you, and if you start (even over time) to experience beneficial results, then I hope you will share the word of this medicine, and tell your friends and family and colleagues to read them all."

For more details, click here: Rose Press.



  • Book Development 
  • Rose Press Books Now Available


For the Book Harbored in Your Heart
If you have the desire to write a book because book- writing is truly calling you ~ and if you find the process of learning about yourself and cherishing what's inside you as valuable as the eventual end result of a book ~ then please give yourself the gift of an initial consultation with me over the phone, or in person if you are local to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Not only will you end up with a book that really speaks to who you are and are becoming, whatever the subject or genre, but you will have the tender and glorious experience of bringing your inner treasures to an outer world that is waiting for your particular nourishment.

To find out more, please go to my website, below. And if what you read there resonates with you, please contact me by email or phone., or (510) 465- 4945.

The book that changes your life is the one you write yourself.


I hope you will buy the Rose Press books ~ and make money from them, too (one way and another). Complete descriptions, excerpts, contents, illustrations, purchasing options, and more can be viewed on the web page by clicking below.

Meanwhile, here's a brief description of the books, to whet your appetite!


MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money, by Naomi Rose. (Print & E-Book versions)

What if having money isn't about "going out and getting it"? What if we only need to connect with our true nature to have all we need? This profound, beautiful, deeply honest book offers a heart-warming perspective on why the patriarchal model of money isn't working ~ and what will. A magical story of how the death of an old self brings an endless ocean of treasures from within ~ including money. You don't have to "Go Out" and get it. You just have to be Home to receive it.

Reader reviews: "Pure joy!" ~ "This book went straight to the core of me and touched me in inexplicable ways. The experience was unquestionably sacred and because of that, some form of healing took place."

Living in MotherWealth , by Naomi Rose. (Advance copy) (Print & E-Book versions)

Volume 2 of MotherWealth, this book offers wonderful ways to make MotherWealth real in your own life. Beautifully illustrated by the author. (NOTE: This book is not yet in print, but you can reserve your advance copy now, at a discount.)

The MotherWealth Collection. Includes both volumes in print. Signed by the author/artist. Order both books now and save $5 ~ almost 15% off the list price.

Healing Civilization, by Dr. Claudio Naranjo. Foreword by Jean Houston. (Advance copy) (Print & E-Book versions)

This world-famous pioneer of consciousness and healing now turns his penetrating and compassionate focus on healing society, based on his over 30 years working with the transformation of individuals. This book is just what our times needs, and is a book for all time. Healing Civilization will be in print Spring 2010. Purchase your advance copy now, and get free shipping.

The Portable Blessings Ledger: A Way to Keep Track of Your Finances and Bring Meaning and Heart to Your Dealings with Money, by Naomi Rose. (Print & E-Book versions)

What if, every time your hands, mind, and heart touched money, something wonderful happened? This book will give you all you need to bring your heart and finances together in an immediate, hands-on way. The format of an actual blessings ledger enables you to keep track of everything you make and spend down to the penny, while at the same becoming intimately aware of the soul-story pattern that reveals itself in the process. Keeping this ledger transforms everything-how you see your life, the abundance flowing to you, and the expansion of your heart that makes you a source as well as recipient of blessings.

Starting Your Book: A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What's Inside You, by Naomi Rose. (Print & E-Book versions)

This most encouraging book has as its premise that what's inside the writer is what makes the book valuable, and the process of writing a book worthwhile. Most writing books focus on the product, alone; this one focuses on the person doing the writing, and the process of being present to the writing. As you get more and more acquainted with what's inside you, you'll find that writing your book flows easily, surprising and sometimes even delighting you with what and who you find.

Reader review: "Reading your book was like receiving a comforting hug of encouragement. I love everything about your book-the way you've organized it; the crisp, succinct words of advice that don't hit you over the head; and the gentle, thought- provoking exercises. The connection of writing and the heart-of the practice of writing as a way to get in touch with the divinity in ourselves-how true! How could this elude us-ever? Once you have this treasure in your being, you realize how clear it all is- why we write, why it matters." ~ Jane Falla 

Read more on the Rose Press site ~ and then read the books, and bloom! Click here: Rose Press.




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