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June 2010 Newsletter

       1. Introduction: "The Marathon Creative-Intensive of Rose Press's website"

       2. Feature: "The Book You See on a Bookstore Shelf Starts Out as a Process

                    Undergone by a Very Real Human Being Like Yourself "

       3. Feature: "Books and Healing"

       4. Support for Your Book-Writing Journey: Book Development

                    with Naomi Rose

       5. Rose Press Books and other delightful blooms:

                   Healing Civilization , by Dr. Claudio Naranjo, now in print





If you are one of those readers of this newsletter who looks forward to receiving it every month, my apologies. It's been two months since the last newsletter. One of my readers/friends/clients wrote me during that time frame, "Are you all right?" Which I also took to mean, "Are you still there? Are you still doing this book development work? Will you be there when I need you?" My answer was "Yes"; but I took her question to heart. I have made a willing commitment to be available to my clients, current and future (even past); and the realization that the needs of the new (explanation follows) had overshadowed the importance of sustaining what already has a meaningful life was an awakening for me.

Book development, and writing about the sacred creative process available in all of us, is really important to me. Sometimes we neglect the things closest to us, assuming they will take care of themselves. But they won't, always. What is precious needs attention, and that includes not only what we care about outside of us, but what is precious inside of us.

What was I doing that took me away from sending out a monthly newsletter? For the last six months at least, culminating in a marathon creative-intensive during the last two months, I have been working on creating my (other) website: the one for Rose Press, the publishing outgrowth of Writing from the Deeper Self book development.*

It began about half a year ago as a need ("If I'm going to have a publishing house, I'll need a website") and a thought ("What should it be about?"); evolved into a more visible creative process (shoulder-height pieces of drawing paper taped on the back of the wooden screen in my studio, onto which I made sketches of possible page topics and contents, and scribbled ideas in the margins as they came); added on (literal) color, the really fun part, as I sought images to go with the text, and then drew and painted those images (a rose displayed on an open book; a sensuous archway leading to an inner place, rich and mysterious, with a gold-rimmed crimson rosebud at the center); and over time, refined and refined and refined itself (adjusted in terms of the technological realities of putting up a website, as communicated to me by my website person). Towards the end, it became ~ as I looked at each of the ten pages in their own right and also in relation to one another and the whole ~ very much like writing a book.

My reaction, when I finally realized this ~ that I had, once again, created a kind of book ~ was a cross between admiration of what lies inside me (the inspiration that made itself known to me again and again) and "I'm hopeless, no matter what I do it comes out a book!" But in a kinder, more compassionate vein, I would now say that this does seem to be the way I'm constructed: longer works, slower movements, the desire for my creations to have resonance and meaning and healing and beauty, and a sense of completion ~ a sense, as in at the end of hearing a beautiful piece of orchestral music, of total satisfaction: nothing left out, all dissonances resolved, all the threads that seemingly go their own independent way woven together seamlessly. So it was with the "book" of the upcoming Rose Press website. Even there, even in something as ordinary and ubiquitous as a website, there was a journey into the glimpsed but mostly unknown, which ~ when followed despite discouragements and confusions ~ led to a more whole, more beautiful vision and reality than could have been envisioned from the outset.

What does this tell you, other than "Stay tuned for the amazing and fulfilling Rose Press website/'book'"? I hope it tells you that:

  • The desire to create is human (not to mention sacred), and that therefore it is in you too.
  • Creating anything, even something as ordinary and utilitarian as a website (I will be selling things, after all), can be an opening to your deepest nature and artistic inspiration: something that feeds you along the way and afterwards, something that requires you to find within yourself more inspiration, more beauty, more wholeness than you thought you had.
  • Even despite those conventions of the marketplace that assert you must do things this way or that way in order to be a success, trusting what is in you (even with the concomitant fears that can arise) will be a blessing, and that your creation will make its way not despite but because of all the love and soul and courage you have put into it in keeping faith with it.

Having said the above with all sincerity, I realize that I have also opened the door for you to work with me as your Book Developer on book- like projects that might or might not be actual books. As long as there is a heart's desire in there somewhere, and a wish to see it realized ~ to find your real voice in writing; to express the parts and find the whole; to heal and be healed through your writing; to have a beautiful presence in print that is resonant with your inner being ~ I will be honored to help you listen to it well enough to know its nature, trust its direction, admire its specific lineaments and creative knockings on your inner door, and bring your treasure into the world.

This issue of the newsletter features two "articles" from the upcoming Rose Press website: one from the writer's point of view, and one from the reader's. May you be inspired. I will be returning to sending monthly newsletters, beginning with this issue.

* For the story of how Rose Press began, see back issues of this newsletter in the Archives, or wait for the Rose Press site to be up. There's a page on exactly that.

P.S. If you are reading this in the non-HTML version, my apologies for the centered text. It's not my idea of cute typography, just an indication of my technological (current) limits. I write the articles first, then paste them into the Constant Contact format ~ and this unwanted "centering" is the result. Until I get it dealt with, I ask your indulgence!

Naomi Rose





(From the WRITING Perspective ~ taken from "The Creative Process Behind Rose Press Books" Rose Press website page)

Every book that you see on a shelf, a text between covers, is promoted as a product. But the reality is that each one began as a process within the heart and mind of a very real human being ~ with doubts and fears as well as inspiration, hopes, dreams, and longings. The finished product does not always reflect all that went into it. But a tremendous amount went into it, and came out of it.

Tracking the product back to its process origins can be much like tracing your life back to its fundamental origins, even before the merger of sperm and egg. Some desire inhabits the heart ~ even if the mind gives all the reasons ~ and that desire seeks to express itself. When that expression has made its way through the layers of being of the writer ~ the yearning, the doubts and fears, the awkward first drafts and the later, more perspective-blessed refinements ~ then there is a manuscript seeking to become a book.

The Process That Begins with a Yearning

Some 20 years ago, I created a process called "Writing from the Deeper Self," which I use with my own writing, and with my author-clients in my work as a Book Developer. In this process, writing a book does not begin with a conceptual outline, but with a yearning.

This tension between the urge to create and not knowing what is to be created has stopped many people from going further in that direction. Some have cut off the dream of the book altogether, or written it in an organized, top-down, uninspired way. But when Writing from the Deeper Self is the pathway and the motivation ~ when the desire to be present to what is within and allow it to emerge as it will (guided by art and craft, and my book-"midwifing" support) is the lodestar ~ then these writers discover, simultaneously, both the book and themselves. And any manuscript that has made this journey holds within it, both as content and as energy, the very atmosphere of the internal being of the writer during the life of that book's writing.

And so the manuscript has life. It breathes its vision into the reader, just as it breathed it into the writer. To read such a book is to invite it into intimate conversation with your soul.

The Book's Transitional "Product" Phase

Once the manuscript is at this stage, then it temporarily becomes a product, going through various stages of book production to get into print. The manuscript is edited and proofread; and the interior pages of the book are designed before the book is typeset. The index, if one is needed, is done after typesetting. The book's back-cover copy is written with book promotion in mind; endorsements from well-known people in the book's field, sought earlier, are included at this point. The book's cover (artwork may be commissioned for this purpose) is designed: front, back, and spine. When everything has been checked and double checked for accuracy and just the right look, the book is printed.

And that is pretty much the end of the overtly creative part of the process. From hereon in, until the book is actually read, the process is left behind and the book is considered a product : an object with a mission, a market, a financial potential, a niche to fill, a need to create and to satisfy.

For now, it's almost all about business. Actually, business concerns entered in earlier, as well ~ funding the book production process and printing, pricing the book's per-unit cost, and so on ~ but now the business aspect is in the ascendancy. From financial operations to distribution, from marketing and promotion to sales, from getting rave reviews to getting multiple book orders, the attention is not yet on the experience of reading the book; it's on all the many levels of packaging it and getting that package to the reader.

A far distance from the creative process! And one that, according to conventional publishing wisdom, takes up a full 95% of the effort required (the other 5% being taken up with the writing of the book!). Since this 95% gets a great deal more "press," the notion that books are products, period, gets perpetuated.

Perhaps this is true for books that are purely informational. Perhaps that kind of book is a product.

But there are other kinds of books that cannot be viewed as products; not for long. Books whose writing engaged the whole being of their authors; books whose writing led their authors into some longed-for, unknown place; books that first looked to their writers as if they would go in one direction, then took on a life of their own, transforming their creators, infused with their consciousness ~ such books are only products until they are picked up and read.

For as soon as the book's pages are turned by a human being who is willing to experience what is in them, the book again becomes a creative process. What went on inside the writer is transmitted to the reader (through the words, through the rhythm of the writer's breathing while writing, through the images, the inner atmospheres, the spirit present in the writing) ~ and the reader is given the gift of gifts: the opportunity to become more intimate with what is within.

For as soon as the book's pages are turned by a human being who is willing to experience what is in them, the book again becomes a creative process. What went on inside the writer is transmitted to the reader (through the words, through the rhythm of the writer's breathing while writing, through the images, the inner atmospheres, the spirit present in the writing) ~ and the reader is given the gift of gifts: the opportunity to become more intimate with what is within.

Copyright © 2010 by Naomi Rose. All rights reserved.




(From the READING Perspective ~ taken from the "Books and Healing" Rose Press website page)

"If you asked for a word of guidance and comfort,

I would quickly kneel by your side

and offer a whole book as a gift." ~ Hafiz

What is the connection between healing and books? Do books need to be about the subject of healing to be healing? Are books about healing necessarily healing? Can books not remotely addressing healing be healing?

What is the secret, the medicine?

Surely, you have experienced a book's capacity to activate healing within you at least once. Maybe it was a children's book a long time ago, when the essential life was more available to you, and you had the time and inner spaciousness to receive the book's gift. Maybe it was an adult book that somehow touched a chord in you ~ which, once heard, brought you back to yourself in a way you had not realized you'd been missing until it was there.

Or maybe this has yet to happen: an encounter with a book that brings you so close to yourself ~ whether to something already known but perhaps not yet seen, valued, or shared with another human being; or to something that never before graced your horizon, and in so doing lights up your inner sky ~ that all the separate pieces of your life weave themselves together in an instant, in a breath: and you feel whole.

Some books can heal your life. Then you get to write your own book of




"Let your bookcases and your shelves be your gardens and your pleasure-grounds. Pluck the fruit that grows therein, gather the

roses, the spices, and the myrrh." ~ Samuel ben Judah Ibn Tibbon

A book has chapters, and so does a life.

Sometimes, you keep "writing" the same chapter of your life over and over. And sometimes you find yourself moving on to a new chapter. (Sometimes, the new chapter has recurring themes from the earlier

chapters ~ with refinements, variations, and new directions.)

Sometimes your life completes the "writing" of a certain book, and begins another. (Sometimes, not always, the new book has recurring themes

from earlier books ~ with refinements, variations, and new directions.)

The more conscious you are of the book(s) your own life is writing, the more you can appreciate and be healed by books written by others. At the heart of human experience, we all are kin. When you know a territory

within yourself, someone else's depiction of and wisdom about it has a

place to land, in you, and flower. When you do not know a certain territory within yourself, a deeply written book can bring it home to you. All of this is healing.

What brings about healing ~ that breakthrough sense that everything is

right and whole?

  • A startling sunset ~
  • An accepting breath ~
  • An epiphany about one's true nature and place in the world ~
  • A glance of love and kindness ~
  • A more compassionate, objective view of one's past, transforming one's future ~
  • The list is not limited.

As the poet Robert Browning wrote:

"The year's at the spring / And day's at the morn; / Morning's at seven; / The hill-side's dew-pearled; / The lark's on the wing; / The snail's on the thorn; / God's in his Heaven ~ / All's right with the world!"

But a book ~ how can a book do this? For is it only words on a page.

Ah ~ but what do these words engage, in you, the reader? What innate faculty of imagination and feeling, of wisdom and longing, of opening and joy do they activate in you? In contemplating through your empathetic imagination a landscape you have never seen with your outer eyes, a quality of being that is opening to you only as you read and digest what you are reading, something that you may not have known was hungry for this is nourished. Thirsty, you drink. Satisfied, you give thanks for what is happening within you, sparked into life and consciousness by your experience of reading the book.

Cognitive awareness is the rope that pulls us up the mountain. But far deeper lies the felt awareness of being the mountain, and the stream, the rivers, and the sun, the hills and valleys. A writer does not have to write directly about the cosmos to remind us of our wholeness: that we are stars and planets and suns in ourselves, revolving around some central core of Being that we may ~ in our survival preoccupations, our family woundings, and our small, frightened egos ~ have forgotten.

Books can heal us because that which is in us that cries out to be seen and remembered and brought forth, glittering like a jewel, can feed upon the medicine that these books provide (often, out of the searching of their authors).


"When you reread a classic you do not see more in the book than you did before; you see more in you than was there before." ~ Clifton Fadiman


What, then, heals us in reading a book? Is it the ideas, and the possibility of their applications, as in [Dr. Claudio Naranjo's new book, published by Rose Press] Healing Civilization, which points the way to wholeness through developing and integrating the "family" within: Inner

Father, Inner Mother, Inner Child?

Is it the feeling states that move the writer and spark across the gap straight into our hearts, as if we were one body experiencing the bridging of that synaptic gap, all sense of separation gone?

Is it the breath of the writer, its lengths and breadths infusing the phrases like a Signature whose Author is in our very own hearts?

Books can affect not only the mind, but also the feelings and the breath ~ and through the breath, the spirit. When the heart is touched, the breath spans heaven and earth, and the rhythms of inclusion come: "and" returns to the language, as fluidly and easily as breath. This spanning of bridges, this inclusion and embrace, this connection may be sparked by a book ~ yet it is in the being of the reader that it is experienced. So you are an essential element in the healing equation.

Our seeking, as readers ~ our willingness to receive, and from what we have received take inspired action (even if only deep within) ~ is certainly a part of what makes us whole.

The book is half the medicine. What happens in the reader is the rest.

"'Tis the good reader that makes the good book; in every book he finds passages which seem confidences or asides hidden from all else and unmistakenly meant for his ear." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

"It is above all by the imagination that we achieve perception and compassion and hope." ~ Ursula LeGuin





Writing a book ~ especially one that you really want to write ~ can be a wonderful, fulfilling experience. But it helps to have true support and direction, and the encouragement that what is in you to write, you can.

It helps to have a knowledgeable and compassionate ally along the way ~ someone who not only knows about how to put a book together, but who also understands how delicate can be the process of being true to yourself throughout, and who can shine a light on your unique essential nature so that it has room to alight on the page.

Offering solid book-writing support developed over 30 years' experience in the publications field, I also bring my love of the healing process to your journey, so that you trust your inner voice and let it guide you. In time, your inner voice sprouts as an authentic writing voice. From there, you can take wing and soar.

For more details, my website will give you the full flavor. Or simply contact me directly, by email ~ ~ or phone: (510) 465-3935. I offer private consultations in my Oakland studio in person, or work by phone and email if you are out of the area, anywhere in the U.S. and internationally.

Writing from the Deeper Self: Bringing Your Treasures into the World

Naomi Rose, Book Developer


Starting Your Book:

Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What's Inside You



& Other Delightful Blooms

Rose Press books are the organic, logical, and fragrant outgrowth of the Writing from the Deeper Self book-development process.

Some of the books have already blossomed (been published) and are available for you to read, enjoy, and integrate into your creative and financial life. Others are budding (soon to appear). Who knows? Maybe your book will appear here one day.

If you're considering writing a book, Starting Your Book will show you what's involved, inspire you to believe in yourself ~ and the minimal cost of the e-book version will soon be recouped as your creative life goes into high gear.

If money has been on your mind (and whose has it not?), then MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money and The Portable Blessings Ledger will show you that developing your inner wealth pays real-life, in-the-world dividends and blessings.

And if healing our current social crises are of concern to you ~ the environment, violence, oppression, the economy, and more ~ then Healing Civilization, by the renowned Chilean- born psychiatrist Claudio Naranjo (who first brought the Enneagram of Personality to the U.S.), will let you in on a secret that, once you know it, can change everything for the better.


HEALING CIVILIZATION, by Dr. Claudio Naranjo.

With a Foreword by Jean Houston.


  • MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money
  • Living in MotherWealth
  • The Portable Blessings Ledger: A Way to Keep Track of Your Finances and Bring Meaning and Heart to Your Dealings with Money


Starting Your Book: A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What's Inside You

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