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December 2009 Newsletter

       1. Introduction: "Light from the Dark "

       2. Feature: " Beyond Expertise: When Writing from Your Life Is

                   the Gift of  Gifts"

       3. Book Development: "Write the Book You Want to Write, the Way

                    You Want to Write It: Book Development with Naomi Rose"

       4. Service: "The Joy of Being Listened to"

       5. From the Flame of Desire to the Fulfillment of Being in Print

       6. Rose Press Books and other delightful blooms





December seems to want to bring us deep inside. Whether it's the shorter days, the colder weather, or something archetypal in our makeup, an inner focus seems to be more easy to come by. Perhaps it's the nesting instinct, or how closely attuned we are to the earth, as her warmth settles underground.

If we don't have the time or desire to go within, this innate inward-turning might seem an irritant, interfering with our desire (or belief that we should have the desire) to get out there and do something big, loud, and profitable. And yet nature herself shows us how a time of lesser activity is needed in order to create the conditions for new, vibrant growth in spring.

For anyone who values their creative life ~ who even sees their life as a work-in-progress, equal to any great book ~ spending this time in the dark of the season, and the dark of what wants to come forth within the self, can be an act of faith, devotion, and even creativity. Something draws us to the dark of "nothing," which is actually ripe with unmanifest life. How we bring forth that life ~ whether as a creative work, as a revision of our identity, as a sacred offering to the needs and potential of the planet ~ may depend on how fully we allow ourselves to be held by the dark, and gradually bring the light of our consciousness to it.

Writing a book from the deeper Self is one way to bring light to the dark, and to make space for something holy to arise in us and evolve towards being known. And although, in the end, there will be a book between covers, and your name will be on it, so much more takes place than only that. A whole world is born, opened, made known in the process of writing. And none of it can take place without the great mystery that is in you.

The discovery of the great mystery in you, as you, through you is why writing a book from the deeper Self gives you more gifts than you could ever name. Coming to know the depth of yourself, and bringing that into the world as a lens by which your readers can see and cherish themselves ~ this is a gift that graces any season. If you're not writing a book yet, maybe you'll let yourself have this fulfillment in 2010.

In this last newsletter of 2009 ~ a year that has likely seen as many changes in your life as in mine ~ I want to thank you for reading the past year's worth of newsletters; for sometimes writing to tell me how much these articles about deep writing meant to you; and for telling your friends about my Book Development services. Your referrals mean a great deal to me.

In this next year, you can look forward to more features and articles, and the release of several Rose Press books that I truly believe will help to heal our world. May your fondest wishes for yourself, your loved ones, and the earth come true. Happy holidays.

Naomi Rose



BEYOND EXPERTISE: When Writing from Your Life Is the Gift of Gifts

Sometimes I feel like one of those people who were once social workers in the streets, and have been promoted to a higher managerial job. They make more money, but in the welter of administrative decisions and sheer paperwork that takes up the bulk of their working day, they lose touch with the people they set out to serve when they first went into this profession.

(Or you could substitute medical doctor ~ psychiatrist ~ caring politician, etc.)

I write this now because I just emerged from my time back in the "streets." I spent the last few hours writing a portion of my book-in-progress, Living in MotherWealth, for a chapter on "Being Present." Simply to allow myself time, in this wonderful studio of mine, in which to write in a way that feels like me, already gets me back to "the street" of my own way of being. But beyond allowing time, I had to consciously return to something. For I had fallen into a very common trap: to write about something by writing about something, rather than by attending to what is inside me and finding the previously unrealized words from there.

It is easy, in one sense, to be the expert. You give pointers, you give lists, you give numbered lists; you give the impression that what you are an expert in came easily, and never roughed you up, never rolled you in the dirt of unknowing, so that you came to know what you know from true experience. We live ~ certainly as far as nonfiction books go ~ in a culture of expertise. Everyone is encouraged to find out what they are an expert on and write about that, make a living from that. What doesn't often get said is that the things we know most deeply, we often feel quite vulnerable about. When we hide our true expertise behind a list of to-do's and such, we set up a barrier not only between our readers and ourselves ("You don't know and I do") but ~ more painfully ~ between ourselves and ourselves.

For this chapter on "Being Present," I had already written some very nice pieces about learning how to become present, using sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell to grow the ability to be fully present to life. But some introductory piece was needed to pull them all together, and so I indulged in writing as an expert: how important it

is to be present, and so on.

Not that it wasn't true ~ nothing I wrote rang false to me ~ but neither did it have a real heartbeat, the rhythm of music that only seems to be possible when the writing-attention comes from deep within the heart. Neither did it capture my own untutored interest ~ speak to me at a level deeper than conceptual thought. Nor did it connect with the heart of the book, "mother" and "wealth" and how they come together to regain (or discover) a more feminine way of Being by which to have what one needs.


* ___________________ *

There is an art to using your own life to illustrate a message and open the door for your readers to embrace your writing as a way to enter their own lives. When does writing about yourself as "it's all about me" turn into "my writing about my life is a gift by which you may discover your own"? That second way, of course, is what we seek as readers: we hunger not to know the writer's life, fascinating as it might be, so much as our own. We want mirrors of our true being; and writers who can help us see ourselves win our gratitude.

Learning to become fully present could be seen as the secret of true wealth. When we are able to be present, we are also present to the deepest nature within us; and it is from this nature that our guidance and true fortune springs.

But learning to be fully present is not automatic, when we have been conditioned to seek our wealth, of whatever kind, outside ourselves. Perhaps through a combination of survival fear and wanting to do well, we may have adopted the ways of a language and country foreign to us early enough that we no longer think or dream in our original tongue. Limiting wealth only to money, and keeping the inner treasure of our own Being out of the equation, we may have gotten used to disappearing in service of being productive ~ or to ignoring our real needs in service of accomplishments. That we are not less of value than what we aim to produce ~ indeed, that we are the mother lode from which our efforts come ~ is often not even part of the picture. And then we wonder why, despite all our efforts, we still feel so empty inside.

* ___________________ *


But today, as I mentioned, I felt the call not only to write from my Deeper Self but also to write to my self: to explore in a very personal, transparent way (for my own sake and my readers) the larger, deeper question of how I came to know about being present through my lengthy childhood experience of not being present. And so, willing to take to the streets again to search my heart with the lighthouse beacon of memory, I wrote the following excerpt:

* ___________________ *

In light of how much joy learning to become present has given me, I sometimes feel a little wistful when I think back on the many years in which I had no way of being present, no notion of what it meant, and not even a realization that I was not present. Something had grabbed my attention early on ~ something that put me in a state of perpetual inner conflict too difficult and painful to even try to name ~ and this cloud that traveled with me became me, and whatever spark of joy simply in being that I'd had as a very young child seemed so covered over as to be nothing more than a memory of a memory: a hearsay burst of happiness for no reason, a faded inner snapshot no longer recognized as myself.

I was prone to bump into things, to find it hard to catch all the words of my elementary school teachers (a lapse that showed up on my test scores). I had difficulty following instructions ~ not from rebelliousness, at that point, but because I could not understand them: by the time the first string of words had been said, the second string did not connect in my mind with the first. When I was ten, walking disconsolately behind a friend's house, I walked right into an open casement window: its sharp lower edge grazed the surface of my scalp, but I did not know I had been hurt until my hand happened to brush my hair and come away red with blood.

Had there been, in those days, the penchant for naming children's difficulties in adapting to what was said to be normal life, I'm sure I would have received some sort of acronym: if not ADD, then perhaps JDGI (Just Doesn't Get It) or TSIHOIW (Too Sunk Into Her Own Inner World). But I lived under the radar, and no one noticed that for all intents and purposes, despite my very demanding and unreconcilable inner life at the time, on the outside I was not really there.

# # #

Many things can hem in and swallow a child's aliveness, turn it in on itself so that it does not know that the source of life dwells within oneself. For me ~ though there are many ancillary reasons I might point to to explain the premature freezing of my natural-born hope ~ the essential cause was the absence of my mother's presence.*

* ___________________ *


This is the secret: You cannot absent yourself from your writing and expect someone else to enter into it. You must enter into it, with all desire and perhaps a bit of trepidation. You must enter into it to find what you yourself are seeking, your heart the rudder. You must give space to that place inside you which has not had a voice before: that only now, as you make room to listen it forth (perhaps feeling things as you write, perhaps seeing inner images, perhaps hearing some inner music that draws you on to landscapes you think you don't know)comes into being.

This expert way of writing (for who knows your life better than you?) and not-expert way of writing (you don't know what you will say until you are walking on the streets of your self) is a prayer and an act of praise. You excavate what is in you in the very act of writing; more light is then available to illuminate what is there. In the process, you get to be in the presence of the Something that provides that light ~ perhaps the same Something that calls you forth to write in the first place, revealing insights and connections that never came together that way before. When you write in this "in-the-field" way, you don't think of asking yourself "Is it any good?" when you are done. Instead, the natural response is to say, "Thank you" to that Something that heard your (perhaps unvoiced) prayer and fulfilled it out of the very stuff of your own being.

This is a taste of what it's like to write from the Deeper Self. Some false starts, some challenges, but mostly a wonderful yearning, and then ~ that yearning heard ~ its fulfillment. You get the fulfillment for yourself, and your fulfillment-in-writing is nourishment for your readers. What could be better than that?

*Copyright © 2009 by Naomi Rose. All rights reserved.



Write the Book You Want to Write, the Way You Want to Write It

Writing a book ~ especially one that you really want to write ~ can be a wonderful, fulfilling experience. The process of finding out what wants to be written, and then seeing how you can make room for that to take place, is very much like the process of conception, gestation, and at long last, delivery.

Still, many people are rather daunted by the idea of writing a book. It can seem overwhelming: "Where do I start?" "What do I really have to say?" "Do I dare let my real voice be heard?" and even, "Who would care?" These and other fears often come up when someone seriously considers writing a book.

It helps tremendously to have a knowledgeable and compassionate ally along the way ~ someone who not only knows about how to put a book together, but who also understands how delicate can be the process of being true to yourself throughout, and how much it helps to be heard, supported, encouraged, and believed in.

I function as your book-writing "midwife," or book developer. I enable you to trust completely what arises from within you, so it develops in its own way ~ a way that's true for you. While I offer my book knowledge developed over 30 years' experience in the publications field, mostly I hold a light to the wisdom, beauty, inspiration, and healing in you so that you can depend on it for your creating. I hold your book and spirit steady, and I join with you in traveling this journey so that, while it's all yours, you are not alone.

A book can take from 6 months to several years to write. But if in the process you are discovering your deepest being and reveling in it, that's not a bad thing at all. And when you are done, I can help you publish the book yourself or seek an external publisher.

In this day of "paint-by-the-numbers" book writing (commercially driven, to give you career credibility alone), it makes a difference to write the book that's really yours, the way you want to write it. Then it will sing with your imprint, and its way in the world will be found.

Please see the rest of my website for details and the full flavor. To explore your situation and desires, contact me at or (510) 465-3935.

Writing from the Deeper Self:

Bringing Your Treasures into the World

Naomi Rose, Book Developer

Author, Starting Your Book: Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What's Inside You


For Those Who May Not Wish to Write a Book

but Still Would Like to Hear Themselves


ere's nothing more beautiful than listening to yourself. When you listen to yourself, you read your own book." ~ Sherif Baba

People write books partly to listen to themselves. (And people read books for the same reason.)

Sometimes people come to me thinking they want to write a book, and after some time it turns out that they aren't so interested in that. What they really want is to be listened to and in that way to be able to hear themselves: what's within them, what shines, what hurts, what's beautiful, what's growing ~ what's their own.

As a longterm student and lover of the art of listening, I offer listening sessions by phone or in person, whether you want to write a book or not. It's amazing what can happen in a field of truly loving, attentive listening. Difficulties can resolve themselves; old stuck places can begin to move; the healing breath available to you can begin to flow and heal you. If, out of this experience, you are moved to write, I certainly will help you with that. But if you just want to know yourself and cherish your life, and have access to your infinite creativity (however it shows itself to you), I invite you to contact me for an initial session at no cost. If, after that, you would like to go further, we can discuss what would suit you best.


Phone: (510) 465-3935

"Sitting with you was like sitting with a seasoned spiritual director. Very present, very open to what I might say. Responding from the heart to my writings, which was very precious to me. For a person who is longing to be deeply heard, just sitting with you and seeing my spoken work impact you is a precious thing. You help me to see the transcendent aspect of my writing." ~ Roberta Gannon, MFT, poet, spiritual director




A Cornucopia of Helpers to Make Your Book-Writing Dreams Come True



Imagine that you can write a book in a way that nourishes (rather than unnerves) you.

Imagine that you have time and space to get it down on paper.

Imagine that if you don't want to do your own writing, you can tell your story to a wonderful interviewer and writer who can write it for you, and even help you get your book in print.

I am delighted to tell you that now, your deep book- writing needs can be fulfilled in a variety of ways, with the help of my family and friends. (This isn't nepotism; I come from a long line of literary people, and married into this stream as well.)

In earlier times, cottage industries were abundant. Patrons would bring their requests to a member of this "cottage," and have the benefit of the entire family's expertise, customized to their needs.

Thanks to having my family and friends, I am now in the position to make your book-writing dreams come true on a broader scale. From Book Development to ghostwriting, from proofreading to book production, the WFDS cottage industry is at your service.

Offerings directly with Naomi Rose:

  • Private consultations
  • In-person consultations, including actual writing time in-studio (A Sanctuary of Your Own)
  • Workshop: Writing from the Deeper Self
  • Workshop: Money and the Inner Life (they aren't really separate)
  • Workshop: Listening from the Deeper Self

Offerings of Family and Friends That Support Your Writing All the Way into Print:

  • Write your life story, or have an expert do it for you ~ with Ralph Dranow
  • Expert proofreading ~ with Gabriel Steinfeld
  • Book Shepherding, all the way into print ~ with Paula Hendricks

Click here for a fuller sampling.

Cornucopia of Offerings




& Other Delightful Blooms

Rose Press books are the organic, logical, and fragrant outgrowth of the Writing from the Deeper Self book-development process.

Some of the books have already blossomed (been published) and are available for you to read, enjoy, and integrate into your creative and financial life. Others are budding (soon to appear). Who knows? Maybe your book will appear here one day.

If you're considering writing a book, Starting Your Book will show you what's involved, inspire you to believe in yourself ~ and the minimal cost of the e-book version will soon be recouped as your creative life goes into high gear.

If money has been on your mind (and whose has it not?), then MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money and The Portable Blessings Ledger will show you that developing your inner wealth pays real-life, in-the-world dividends and blessings.

And if healing our current social crises are of concern to you ~ the environment, violence, oppression, the economy, and more ~ then Healing Civilization, by the renowned Chilean- born psychiatrist Claudio Naranjo (who first brought the Enneagram of Personality to the U.S.), will let you in on a secret that, once you know it, can change everything for the better.

HEALING CIVILIZATION, by Dr. Claudio Naranjo.

With a Foreword by Jean Houston.


  • MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money
  • Living in MotherWealth
  • The Portable Blessings Ledger: A Way to Keep Track of Your Finances and Bring Meaning and Heart to Your Dealings with Money


Starting Your Book: A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What's Inside You

For more details, see:
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