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       1. Introduction: "Happy New Year "

       2. Feature: "A Reflection on Writing from the Deeper Self:

                   Looking Backwards & Forwards, and Thanking You"

       3. News: "Rose Press Written up in the Oakland Tribune:

                   "A Rose Blooms in Oakland"





It's just about the end of the month, and of the year. This will be a relatively short newsletter, just long enough to thank you for reading what I've been writing about deep writing for the last year, and to tell you some things you might look forward to in the coming year. May we all prosper, create well, and live in harmony ~ the real thing ~ in 2011.

Naomi Rose



A REFLECTION ON WRITING FROM THE DEEPER SELF: Looking Backwards and Forwards, and Thanking You

I just want to thank you for reading what I have had it in me to write about deep writing in this past year.

When I first began creating Writing from the Deeper Self back in the late 1980s, I had no such confidence about its reality and my ability to share that reality with others. It came at a time when my known life broke apart, and in the cracks was this way that called itself (I did not actually name it) "Writing from the Deeper Self." I remember I was walking by the side of the road, cars whizzing by, when it came. I did not great it, then, with raised arms and hallelujahs. I greeted it with fear, sensing it was asking more of me than I felt myself to be capable of.

Fast-forward to this past year, when my ultimate trust in this very human, and very Divine, process gave me confidence not only to wade into my own book-writing with both feet, but to midwife the books-in-progress of some utterly wonderful human beings finding their voices in the process of writing their books. I almost never doubt their ability to do this- ~ to wade into the unknown, and there to find what they have been seeking all along. I always trust that if we ~ both they and I ~ keep listening more deeply and with more attuned interest, they will find something glorious that feeds their souls, and for that very reason also will feed the souls of others. Book Development, which once was such a remote and almost threatening idea to me ("Can I do this? Do I have it in me?") has become a way of loving, as much as a way of creating.

This past year in Writing from the Deeper Self has shown me that depth and vulnerability go hand-in-hand. We are trained to avoid both, but it's the medicine we need. And to write without vulnerability (and strength, as well) is to skim the surface of our lives. Easier, perhaps, but not what we really seek to find, give ourselves, share with our beloveds (and we harbor the hope that our readers-to-be will feel like beloveds).

I appreciate the opportunity, in this time of reflection, to speak of these things to you ~ you who have kept faith with me over the past year, and you who have recently started receiving these newsletters. This last year has seen various new developments (Rose Press, the Rose Press website, the publication of Healing Civilization, the development and actualization of Rose Press Flower Essence Remedies for Writers (& Readers)) ~ and yet for all that creativity is so prized, so wonderful, so inspiring, so uplifting, sometimes it is returning more deeply to the known that brings the low cello-strains of contentment.

For me to have delivered a year's worth (well, almost) of newsletters may seem like a brand-new creation each month; but now, looking back, I see that it has been an unfolding from the time of its very beginnings ~ that Moses-like sense (if I may be so bold) when chosen by God, "What, me? I can't even speak right! I stammer!" We seek visions or they seek us, and then we feel too inadequate to hold them up. Yet when the match is made, it sticks; and over time, we grow into what we have been chosen for.

Being a Book Developer, now, feels like a beautiful service to be able to give. To listen to someone so deeply that what is in them gets to surface and be told, in writing, is a profound and inevitably touching experience for me as well as my clients. Who gets to be so intimately close to someone's soul, that way, other than clergy and therapists and lovers? I consider myself incredibly fortunate when those matches take place.

And in addition, I have so often seen someone blunder into writing a book, and over time become such an exquisite artist, not having known beforehand that such beauty was in them. I sit in tears of joy with them, a lit candle between us. (Even when I work with them by phone.)

In the coming year, I hope to work with new clients as well as continue with those currently working with me. I hope to attract people with depth and interest in seeing what's within them through book-writing. I'm open to anyone who feels drawn to this work. I'm especially interested in working with therapists (having had more than a handful of therapist-clients, and having once thought I'd become a therapist, myself), because they are so used to doing Inner Work, and so capable of turning over layer after layer to get to the heart of things.

In 2011, I also will launch my guest-bloggers on my "deep writing" blog , which is a very joyful anticipation. Not only that it will free me from "too much writing" (there is such a thing), but also that it opens up deep writing into more of a community. So you can look forward to reading guest bloggers on deep writing, and perhaps you'll want to be one, yourself. Contact me, if so.

Also in 2011, the Rose Press Flower Essence Remedies for Writers (& Readers) will make a bigger splash in the pond. My love for flower essences has been of long duration; my love of flowers, even longer; and the notion of bringing together these healing remedies with deep writing, for writers, makes me very happy. It's something like cooking you a very wonderful, love-laden meal. Expect to hear more about these flower essences in the coming year, as well as about new printings of my books, including Starting Your Book , MotherWealth , and others (and there are flower essence remedies keyed to each of these). Claudio Naranjo's book, Healing Civilization , is still a powerful remedy for society's ills. And expect also to hear about a new book published by Rose Press this coming year, Dark Innocence , by Rahima Warren (retired therapist/MFT). A stunning fantasy novel about the intricacies of the healing journey, it yields medicine for me each time I read it, and tells me that under the surface, we all seek much the same thing.

Finally, in the coming year I hope to offer workshops on book-writing in the San Francisco Bay Area: a general one for anyone seeking to put a toe into the process, and a specialized one for therapists who want to write a book. I also seek to promote all of this ~ the process and the products ~ with as much remembrance as possible, so that there is no gap between what is held in the heart in a state of love, and what is put out into the world, and the way in which it is done. How this is to be done is still something of a mystery to me. Perhaps ~ book-writing being one form of making a quest ~ I will take notes on how "marketing from the heart" takes shape.

Thank you for your participation in my work, whether you are or have been or will be writing a book, or simply reading these newsletters and taking what nourishment fits you. If there were no one to write for, there would be no newsletter. Your existence makes it possible, and I wish you a deeply wonderful new year.

Until the January newsletter,

Naomi Rose




On December 16, 2010, I was interviewed by columnist Dave Newhouse of the Oakland Tribune on being a publisher. I had called him up, in a spurt of courage, about the possibility of his writing about Dr. Claudio Naranjo's book, Healing Civilization . During our conversation, he asked me, "How did you have the courage to become a publisher in this economic climate?" When I told him ("Mostly ignorance," I confessed), he said he wanted to do an article on me and bring a photographer.

The next week, he did. I learned a good deal about my own journey from the interview. You can too, by reading the article here.



Newhouse: A Rose blooming in publishing
By Dave Newhouse
Oakland Tribune columnist
Posted: 12/15/2010 04:16:32 PM PST
Updated: 12/16/2010 05:17:16 AM PST

A ROSE IS A ROSE is Naomi Rose, a courageous woman who's seeking to blossom as a neophyte independent book publisher in the age of the Internet.

With book sales dropping and book stores closing, this Rose of Oakland is one brave 65-year-old, who hopes for a book that will pay her office overhead.

Her first release by Rose Press is "Healing Civilization" by Claudio Naranjo, which blends perfectly with her plan to publish books that deal with healing.

"Do I think of myself as courageous?" she said. "I don't feel that way very often. Periodically, I say, 'What have I got myself into?' It seems so difficult and expensive. Some people were wonderful, some people were not wonderful.

"There are so many pieces to it. But it's the inspirational part of publishing that keeps me going. I keep reinspiring myself."

Naomi Rose is her business name. She was born Naomi Rose Berton in New York City, and now is married to Ralph Dranow, 71, a former journalist and poet who works with potential biographers and memoirists.

Rose's parents were writers, so she majored in English literature at City College of New York before earning a masters in her major at the University of Connecticut. But it all seemed so preordained.

"I was sort of in a drifting stage," she said last week in her tiny one-room writing-publishing office in Oakland near the Emeryville border. "I was feeling like I had one foot in the real world."

So she took a job in UConn's school of business before drifting out to California with her first husband. She then found employment at a Berkeley editing cooperative, Editcetera, working as a freelance editor.

"I like editing; I didn't love it," she said. "But anything you keep doing, you become good at, so I became pretty good at it over 25 years."

And, importantly, the seeds were planted for what she's doing now, only there would be more drifting.

"Something was missing," she said. "The books I was given, I began to feel that what wasn't there was the being of the writer -- I wasn't getting their true voice. There has to be more than this."

Then came a midlife crisis, Rose freely admits, when she decided to become a therapist. After enrolling at John F. Kennedy University in Orinda, she quickly dropped the therapist notion but held onto the meditative aspects and body movement.

"How to find what's in you," she explained, "and how to bring it out."

After two years at JFK, she transformed this healing process into book form. She conducted workshops, helping students "write from the deeper self."

She evolved into a "book developer" and had some of her students' works published. She also self-published her own writings.

She divorced her first husband -- they had a son, now 36 -- and married Dranow in 2002.

Rose met Naranjo, a Chilean and a pioneer in the human potential movement. He e-mailed her a year ago that he had written "Healing Civilization," that it had been translated, and could she edit the manuscript. She edited it heavily, in fact, then asked Naranjo if she could publish it. Three months later, he agreed.

"There was a huge learning curve for me," she said, "because the territory I knew was everything up to having a completed manuscript. I heard that writing a book is 5 percent of it; getting it out there is the other 95 percent."

But in publishing books that heal, Rose healed herself, finding something substantive, at last, to end her drifting.

"I don't know that I ever looked at that concept that way, but I'd have to say yes, actually," she said.

Those interested in purchasing "Healing Civilization" can call 510-653-7673 or e-mail

This Rose dreams of being a publishing late-bloomer.

Dave Newhouse's columns appear Monday, Thursday and Sunday, usually on the Local page. Know any Good Neighbors? Phone 510-208-6466 or e-mail .









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