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Writing from the Deeper Self

"Bringing Your Treasures into the World . . ."

Book Development

with Naomi Rose

"Writing from the Deeper Self" Newsletter

Taking out the mystery

about what it takes to write a book

anand making room for the Mystery

that's at the heart of the process.

March 2008 issue:

       1. Introduction: "Because There's a Wondrous Treasure Inside You"

       2. Feature: "How We Come to Write About What We Write About: Healing Our Unspoken, Often Difficult Relationship with Money"


Because There's a Wondrous Treasure Inside You...

Because there is a wondrous treasure inside you ~
because not finding that treasure causes loneliness and yearning ~

and because not sharing that treasure keeps the world from its true healing ~

Now is the time to write your book,
and become the Divine instrument you long to be.

They are beginning to sell flowers-in-bud in the supermarkets, where I live. Lily bulbs, more bulb and stem than flower. Bareroot roses, with ugly, gnarled trunks and no hint of roses ~ you’d have to know from past seasons, or take it on faith, that these overlookable, woody branches will bring forth the lustrous-petaled, fragrant roses we have come to expect (full blown, as it were). These are some of the more subtle hints of spring, the ones that take watching; the ones that ~ to the initiated ~ seed hope.

As a Book Developer, I feel a great kinship with the Creative process in its natural manifestation, and as it moves through each human being. Watching the seasons produce their heirs has a lot in common with helping people write books. In both cases, something happens underground first, invisibly, when the days are short and darkness is long. And then, a sign of spring comes unexpectedly: a thawing in the heart, a sigh of sudden longing, a restlessness, as if something (but what?) is trying to be born.

Most of us have been taught to be daunted and baffled by the book-writing process, as if it’s a secret knowledge possessed only by others. We think we need to have an outline, chapter titles, the Introduction worked out before we even begin. This is the academic path, and it may work for some; but to really write the book of your heart, it is of course your heart ~ that bareroot rose, knowing what it is capable of in bloom ~ that needs to be consulted.

When I work with clients, even with my over 30-year book background in the publications field, the greater part of what I do is listen to what’s in their hearts, so that gradually they can, too. When I say “listen,” I mean that we sit together (in person, ideally; otherwise by email and/or phone) and I make attentive room inside me to deeply hear what they are saying, what they want, where their longings lie, where the obstacles are, and the nature of their unique pathways by which they receive the flow of the creative spirit. This being listened to ~ too rare in our culture ~ eases their spirit, illuminates their path, and makes it more possible for them to listen to themselves. From there, listening to themselves on paper ~ the great gift of the Writing from the Deeper Self approach, in particular ~ becomes possible.

And so the journey becomes as meaningful as arriving at the destination. The process of writing the book gives as much nourishment and opportunity for profound self-discovery as producing a written book, with covers and a spine and your name on the front.

If you are one of the 85% of the population who feels they have a book inside them, and want to give yourself the profound gift of bringing it to life ~ without being confined, at the outset, to outlines and ideas about what your book should be before you know what it even is ~ then do these two things to set your book-writing journey into motion:

1. Go to my website to find out more about Writing from the Deeper Self. Let yourself be inspired by what can happen for you.

2. Contact me by email to explore how we can work together to realize your sacred wish to write a book: Discover the real chapters of your life.

I have clients throughout the U.S., in Canada, and in Europe, all discovering something wonderful about themselves through their book writing. I hope that you too will soon have this holy experience ~ and in the process, help heal our soul-parched world.

Naomi Rose



How We Come to Write About What We Write About: Healing Our Difficult, Often Unspoken Relationship with Money

If anyone had told me, about 15 years ago, that I would be writing about money and its hidden connection to our inner lives, I would have stared in disbelief and muttered something about not wanting to put my writing time towards the subject of money. (I probably would have said that I wanted to write and get money for it!)

Life, however, as I’m sure you know, has its way of giving us our subject matter ~ “assignments” that are great challenges for us, but that if we are able to get through them, master them, and share them with others, turn out to be great blessings. We all know this from experience, whether we write about these challenges or not ~ or, in my case, write our way through the challenges.

For me as a writer, writing a book is one of the most profound and transformative ways to move through a difficulty and find the light, the understanding, and the entire topography of the territory. Sometimes writing the book itself can be challenging, especially when you are writing not what you know, but what you don’t know ~ and must know, in order to live authentically. The “pearls” that come out of these irritations, or prickings, are truly of great price; we come to know something deeply, integrally, directly, without having to learn it from outside.

Not everyone wishes to write a book in this way; but for those who do, the journey can be wondrous, magnificent, even with its twists and turns. All the dark alleys of unknowing we encounter, all the false openings, all the unexpected doors ultimately lead us deeper into the gold mine of our own hearts, where we discover that, as all the sages say, what we were looking for was in us all along.

And so I have come to, in part, specialize in the field of writing about money and the inner life. Most people don’t even think of those two in the same sentence, and yet I have published two books on the subject (MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money, and The Portable Blessings Ledger: A Way to Keep Track of Your Finances and Bring Meaning and Heart to Your Dealings with Money), with another in progress (The Blessings Ledger: A Journey to Unite Money and Compassion). Almost all of what I wrote, I wished to learn. And that wish was a prayer that opened all the doors.

In January of this year, I went on retreat to write a 3500-word article on the subject for a very interesting magazine called Pure Inspiration. (I wrote about this in my February newsletter. See archives.) I felt that I had really learned something about the connection between money and the inner life, money and compassion, and now it was time to share it widely. For my discoveries might be working for me, but unless many more people also had this opportunity to come from that perspective, the culture at large wouldn’t be much changed.

So I wrote “The Almighty and the Dollar: How Paying Attention to Our Inner Lives and Bringing Compassion to Our Dealings with Money Can Bring Us Closer to God” to make it clear how living in harmony with our true nature will bring us all the support we need. And this, more even than knowledge of money management, can turn our lives around.

NOTE: "The Almighty and the Dollar" is available from The Creating, Comfort, & Centering Store on this website. Click on the "bookstore" page, on the menu to your left.



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