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She is truly my fairy godmother

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~ Katayoon Zandvakili: author,

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Writing from the Deeper Self

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Writing from the Deeper Self is a unique approach to writing that starts from your inner experience, called in by your heart, and only later finds its way into words. Because this process accesses deep inner knowing, it is trustworthy (you don't have to ask, "Is it good?" because your reference point is within you), healing, and fulfilling.

Naomi Rose, M.A., is a Book Developer based in Oakland, CA who works with aspiring book-writers in person, or by phone & email, encouraging & deeply supporting them to write the books of their heart. She has over 30 years experience in the publications field, as well as graduate work in transpersonal psychology and a commitment to the healing process. She was awarded the "Elite Service Award" by, and chosen "#1 Editor and Book Developer in San Francisco."

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Writing from the Deeper Self newsletter,

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November 2011



       1. Introduction: "Coming to Wholeness"

       2. Feature: "When Writing Is Healing (for your body, mind, heart, soul)"

       3. Guest Writer:  "Healing Writing Can Be Promotional Writing, Too:

                   Grateful Body's enlivening narrative"

       4. Blooming Now in the Rose Press Garden

       5. New Blog: "Coming Up Roses"

       6.  Flower Essence Remedies for Writers: "Healing Your Emotional Field

                    Makes It Easy to Write a Book"

       7. Book Development with Naomi Rose  



Coming to Wholeness


This is a healing time for me, in many ways, and I think on some level for all of us. Sometimes the healing path doesn't always overtly look like healing, and yet it can open things for us that bring us deeper into our true nature. And that connection, and realization, is what heals.


As a book developer for almost 2 decades now, I have seen firsthand how the initially exciting but overwhelming prospect of writing a book can make a person self-doubting that the book will ever really get written, or be “good,” or make a real contribution to its readers. And just as often, I have borne witness to (and encouraged) that person's willingness to open to the beauty of what's within, and give it words that come from the depths of their heart. “I am an artist!” some clients have cried in surprise, during and afterwards. Surprised, yet not completely surprised: for the soul delights in the reach for truth and beauty, and we all have that capacity in us somewhere. Under the right conditions, it can come out.


My mission, if you want to call it that, is to provide the right conditions for your soul to flower in words. I call this “book development,” a process in which the client and I are engaged, patient, interested in evoking an authentic expression of what lies within them, into writing. This analogy of book development comes from the (now old) days of non-digital photography, when negatives were developed in a darkroom, slowly. Watching them develop, you'd see just a blur, a hint, a glimpse, a nebulous form; and then gradually, gradually, distinct shapes would be evident: a line here, a contour there, a mass of forms that eventually name themselves: “Oh, it's a tree! It's a face! It's a river winding through the canyon!”


It's a book.


When I work with clients, although I certainly bring my over 30 years of experience in book publishing to the process, the most important qualities I bring to this work are my “softer” skills: really good listening; empathy and resonance; encouragement based on who they are and where they are in the moment, as well as where they want to go. I meet my clients where they are, catch the kindling fire of their aspiration (unclear as it may initially be), and keep that fire burning so that they can not only go through the longterm relationship of book-writing in a willing, committed way, but also enjoy the process of who they are becoming as they do it.


In this way, writing a book from the deeper Self is a healing process. And out of this engagement with what calls the book into being, a beautiful “product” comes out of it. This is the book itself.


Contents of this newsletter:

This newsletter contains many of the fruits of the journey just described. For me, it's really all about healing. What you'll find here:


  • “When Writing Is Healing.” The feature article for this month, I wrote as a response to a welcome question posed by a reader of October's newsletter. It's relevant, interesting, and even funny, here and there. I think you'll enjoy it.
  • “Healing Writing Can Be Promotional Writing, Too.” I received a promotional piece by email from a company whose founder I know, which was so engaging and enlivening that I include it here to show you how anything ~ even business promotions ~ can bring you closer to yourself, if it was written from that place.
  • “Blooming Now in the Rose Press Garden.” Rose Press is the offspring of the Writing from the Deeper Self Process. It has published a number of books, and also carries a line of flower essence remedies for writers & readers. Please do take the time to read about these books, because (a) they may be very relevant to you, and (b) they are sure to spark something in you that might bring you closer to yourself, and address some of your healing concerns.
  • The books described and evoked include my own books, Starting Your Book: A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What's Inside You , and MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money . In addition, you will find 2 wonderful healing books by healing professionals: Dark Innocence (Book One of The Star-seer's Prophecy ), by retired psychotherapist Rahima Warren; and Healing Civilization: Bringing Personal Transformation into the Societal Realm , by Claudio Naranjo, MD, of the Enneagram of Personality fame.
  • Don't miss reading about the amazing and healing Rose Press Flower Essence Remedies for Writers & Readers (and artists in other media, too). Flower essences are your healing friends, and these have been custom-designed to bring aspiring book writers safely through the challenges that have turned many a writer away from starting and fulfilling their book-writing dream.
  • Finally, just for you, the readers of this November newsletter, there are two special offers that you won't want to miss out on. So be sure to read them, and see if they speak to you enough to act.

Healing is about wholeness ~ a state of being that, wise people say, we already have available within us, but need to realize. That journey of realization is the stuff of the spiritual path, and writing a book can be a welcome and gift-to-humanity part of that.


If this speaks to that secret place in you, I hope you will contact me for a no-cost phone conversation about your desires, your current situation, and how I may be able to be of real service in taking on this vision and making it real. (I also work with people on non-book projects ~ including website texts, brochures, fliers, and any other format where deeper writing is of value.)


I can be reached by email at, and by phone at 510/653-ROSE (510/653-7673). To get a fuller sense of my book development work, and who I am, see this website.


Wholeness is your nature. Writing and reading are some ways to bring it forth and love that.


Enjoy this newsletter. It contains an abundance of nourishment for you.


~ Naomi Rose



(for your mind, body, heart, soul)

Writing as Healing (for Your Heart, Body, Spirit, Soul)

In the October Writing from the Deeper Self newsletter, I asked my readers if there was anything they wanted me to write about. One reader wrote in, “How can writing be healing?” I'm so grateful for her question. To me, writing is almost all about healing * (of course, craft and such comes in there, too).


Levels of Healing

Since “healing” means to make whole , there are some levels of healing through writing that may be obvious. When you focus on something through writing, you slow yourself down to give extended, often deeper attention to it, allowing an inner searchlight to comb through your unconscious and your neglected, unclaimed treasures, and bring them to the surface in your writing. In the process of giving voice to what has lingered below the surface, you have an opportunity to integrate it into the totality of your being ~ and, in that integrating act, become more whole.


Yet there are also other levels of healing that can take place through writing. Some of them “just happen,” when you are drawn (some might say “driven”) to exorcise difficult experiences and feelings by animating them through your writing. But others are more intentional. And these, especially, can be healing on levels that encompass not only the feeling nature, but the soul, and even the body.


I have experienced many dimensions of healing through writing, including both the unintended and the intended. What strikes me, now, is that it is almost as if ~ or perhaps, it actually is this ~ there is something already whole in us that draws us to write in a way that will bring us into an alive awareness of that inner state.


Unintentional Healing through Writing: Healing the Body

Andrew Weil, M.D. says that writing can be healing to the body. In an article called “Journaling: Self-Healing through Writing,” Weil “frequently suggests to those with chronic illnesses, particularly autoimmune disorders” and “anyone, whether healthy or not [that] expressing oneself in writing can be a creative outlet and a good way to release feelings that you might otherwise hide or suppress.” **   He cites cases where journal writers have healed not only their anxieties but their physiological symptoms. Perhaps it has something to do with transferring their pain onto the page, and in the process working it through energetically.


I had an unintentional body-healing experience through writing, years ago, which led me to believe that our physical state is a balance (or imbalance) of energies, and that these energies are influenced by our feelings, our memories, and our thoughts and beliefs about our feelings and memories, among other things. No one told me this; it was something I came to after having the experience, myself.


As I say, it was not an intentional healing. It was a time in my life, shortly after my divorce from my first marriage, when all sorts of old woundings were surfacing, some having nothing directly to do with the divorce. Childhood slights rose up as if still fresh, and feeling all those old hurts taking up so much room in me was painful. I did not think, “Oh, I'll write about them and bring them to light and maybe feel better.” I just followed the memories that arose, and wrote about them to honor a tiny piece of the pain I was then feeling.


It was too much to tackle some of the then-current pain head-on, but these pieces from childhood seemed more manageable. (Bear in mind, however, that what has not been integrated can feel as real and stinging in present time as when it actually happened. So it took a bit of courage to address some of these memories.) So one day, I followed a memory with my pen (computer, actually), and it led me to a time when I had a part-time job in high school as a salesgirl in a department store.


I was singularly ill-suited to be a salesgirl, but at that job, even more so. As a 15-year-old, I had to be stationed along with the other salesgirls (and in some cases, women) by the elevator at our floor, ready to pounce on customers who, blinking, saw this cadre of over-eager helpers waiting, each, to claim them. This setup was decreed because the salesgirl who actually made the sale got a commission.


I was a shy teenager, hating having to turn my back on my introverted nature and put on a hearty, hand-clasping persona in order to make a living (the pay must have been around $5 an hour at the time). While I fought with myself to make myself do it, other salesgirls around me were actually doing it. So I suffered because I could not do this competition well (I likened it to sharks feeding), and because I had to be someone else in order to do it. (And I suffered, too, from the experience of people being set against each other in order to make money.)


What this memory had to do with the situation I was going through during the time of writing it ~ seeing the life I had lived for so many years disappear, and fearing that nothing good could come out of that (I was wrong, but didn't trust that then) ~ I'm still not sure. Maybe it was the sense of “How can I survive, if I can't make myself stand by the elevator of life and grab the customers as they come out?” kind of thing.


But what I do remember about it was that as I got into the writing ~ describing the setup of having to line up competitively by the elevator, ready to corral each unsuspecting customer; describing my feelings about that; describing the nearby racks of clothing, the plaid wool coats, the blouses, the dresses; the gold-bangle bracelets worn by an older saleswoman who got more commissions than anyone ~ something started to move inside me. Some energies that had been fixed in there, coagulated and crystallized over time, began ~ simply by my re-entering that old experience in feeling and in imagination, and dipping into the details and impressions and bringing them up to the surface in my writing ~ to move. To move out of that boxed-up, basement place inside me, and into the light of awareness.


When I was done (it was just a piece for myself, not meant for publication), I felt lighter. I didn't know why; it wasn't a cheerful or especially redeeming piece of writing. It didn't end with me “biting the bullet” and claiming customer after customer, or with me accepting my quieter nature and making peace with it, or even with me quitting (though I'm sure I must have, at some later point). And yet I felt lighter for having excavated this old disturbing feeling, and honoring myself by giving it that kind of room. When I was done, there seemed to be more light in the room (a spiritual and physiological event that really can happen, when inner constrictions open up; even the eyes relax and let more light in). But what I really remember is that, to my surprise, having written this piece very soon afterwards had the effect of a powerful laxative. Not to be too direct about it, but the very length of the ~ shall we say, output ~ told me that in writing this remembrance, I was releasing a great deal from the bowels of my body as well as my psyche.


Not a delicate story, but an interesting one. What is the connection between what we hold in our psyches and our bodies? And that when we can release something held in the psyche, does it take a correspondingly releasing form in the body?


That experience strongly suggested to me that what we hold in the body from our accumulated emotional and interpretive experiences are energies . The stories we hold are energies, patterned in certain ways, especially with repetition (how often do we tell ourselves the self-same stories about our lives, again and again?); and that if we change the patterning, those energies held in those stories can release. Certainly, this is part of what happens in healing bodywork, where massage and other kinds of touch can often bring the recipient's suppressed or forgotten memories to the surface. This is because the body holds those memories; and when its typical patterns are interrupted ~ through healing touch, for example ~ those memories are shaken loose and rise up to be released.


It can work the other way, too: you can write into those places that are waiting to be opened up, released ~ you can write into those places because there is something to be healed, in so doing ~ and in the process, you may well experience a physiological healing as well. This tells us what holistic health has been saying all along: the body is not separate from the rest of us. It is, among other things, a touchingly receptive repository for everything we have experienced and not moved on from, as well as everything we have experienced that is so deep and beautiful (in whatever way) that we want to keep it, that it makes us who we are and want to be.


And this brings us to intentional healing through writing.


Intentional Healing through Writing

Once you have had a healing experience through writing, something in you understands that healing through writing is really possible . You can heal your body; you can heal your broken (or too-fortified) heart; you can heal your spirit; you can even heal your soul. Writers of novels, for example, often infuse their own unresolved conflicts (family relations, intra-psychic conflicts, and so on) into their characters in order to play out, in a more removed yet strangely intimate way, how else those conflicts might resolve. Some writers even write book after book to resolve the same conflict. The writer John Irving said of his last book something like, “I think I'm finally getting close to being done with this subject.”


But you don't have to be famous to do it, and you don't have to write a novel unless you want to. You can simply write about your own experience ~ whether as a memoir, proper, or as part of a book on something else entirely ~ and you can do this with the conscious intention for the writing to bring forth healing.


When I first began writing Living in MotherWealth (my sequel to MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money ), it was from the perspective of still feeling wounded about my mothering. I wrote many pages before the feeling-tone of lack and loss began to feel obstructive ~ and maybe even a little bit untrue in light of all that lay inside me, even if not yet brought out and fully lived. So after 100 or more pages of draft writing in that direction, something else wanted to be said, to be discovered. And the book ~ and I ~ changed direction. The next version of Living in MotherWealth was far more of an opening than a recitation of old hurts; far more a discovery into what real presence, real mothering, might be.


And as I made room for writing about what I had been certain I knew nothing of, I found that the very qualities I was longing for began to show themselves in me through the writing. A sense of caring, protectiveness, deep listening, and more began to well up in the writing, and in me doing the writing. Instead of staying close to the limiting patternings that ran themselves automatically from within the grooves I was used to, I began to do research into “What is really good mothering?” and to notice the (many) instances of mothers and their children in the markets, on the street: how they were together, how the mothers held them, looked into their faces, supported and enjoyed who they were. As this quest opened up for me, my intention shifted from an unconscious following of the old trail to a new, deliberate desire to find what was true and beautiful in real mothering, and to open myself to internally receiving that and to being that.


I do have to say, it's made me a better mother: to my grown son, and to myself.


So although the journey of self-discovery and self-healing through writing is sometimes a challenging one, I believe that we have an enormous amount of help to heal, once we set our course for that. There are healing forces in us as well as around us; and that healing ~ that wholeness, that oneness ~ is the nature of our being. We are seeking, from our distorted, broken places, the nature of our own being. To have this intention at all is already to set certain healing forces in motion.


So if this is a path you would like to take, simply to have the intention to write about your life (whether directly as a memoir, or as part of another work ~ even nonfiction ~ that you want to write) in order to find wholeness will start the magic of healing going. You can help it along by doing a few things beforehand and afterwards, such as:


  1. Set aside a time for writing, when you can give it complete concentration. Even if it's just an hour, let this be your time.
  2. Before you start writing, do something symbolic to bring you into more of a healing state. You could light a candle, or sing a special song, or light incense, or say a prayer, or write down your intention (such as “My intention is that the writing I do today will heal me and my readers”), etc.
  3. Keep your intention somewhere in mind as you are writing. Let it be a kind of guiding mantra, to magnetize certain memories or impressions or awarenesses that relate to your intention.
  4. Refrain from judging or criticizing what you are writing, as you write it. Truth is a shy process; it shrinks from harshness of view. Trust that later, in the revision process, if necessary, you can rework and refine your writing so it's as beautiful as you are.
  5. When you are done, give thanks for this fulfillment of your intention. Honor that you gave yourself to this, and that something came out of it. That your intentions and prayers are heard. Blow out the candle or re-sing the song (whatever symbol you used) to close this sacred space, and allow yourself to receive the healing of simply doing the writing.
  6. Over the next day or week, notice the effects in your psyche, soul, body, and life of doing this intentional healing writing.

You can't go wrong.



* And of course, as I've maintained since Writing from the Deeper Self first came into being, the place where you write from is almost always communicated to your readers. It's not just the words or even just the message: it's the energy of your own engagement with yourself as you write, what state you were in at the time. So your own healing process is not only communicable, but also a gift to others sharing this planet, this human experience, and this one (when it really comes down to it) great heart.


** Ruth Folit, "Dr. Andrew Weil's article, 'Journaling: Self-Healing through Writing" (August 2005) (Click here)

Copyright © 2011 by Naomi Rose. All rights reserved.




Healing Writing Can Be Promotional, Too:

Grateful Body's enlivening narrative

Recently, I received an email promotion that actually made me stop everything, slow down to read it, and feel grateful for how it led me deeper into my own experience of both the subject being written about and feeling closer to myself. This is a marker of “Writing from the Deeper Self,” as far as I'm concerned.


It was, in fact, skin creams that were being promoted. By Grateful Body, a wholly natural skincare company formed by two friends I had first met when studying Breema, an elegant, intimately true philosophy that's experienced in the body and in the moment. And because the taste of “being present” stays with Breema students and practitioners, it actually didn't surprise me that Shannon, the founder of Grateful Body, was able to bring his experience so closely into words that it was “contagious” in the best way.


After I read what you will now get to read, below, I asked Shannon for permission to quote his PR piece here, which he gladly gave. I share it with you because it tells us that there's no reason deep writing can't flavor anything we write : to find ourselves, to share our views, to sell our services and products. See if you agree. (And there's a link to their site at the end. I personally use a Grateful Body facial moisturizer twice a day, and my skin really does say “Thank you!”)

To read this promotional depth-piece, click here.




Autumn “gardening” abounds at Rose Press, and the blooms are here to enhance your healing and deep pleasure.



A. Starting Your Book: A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What's Inside You, by Naomi Rose


Did you ever secretly (or not so secretly) wish you could write a book ~ but somehow you got spooked early on into believing it wasn't possible for the likes of you?


Is there something inside that wants to be expressed ~ something that you already know what it is, or that you don't even know what it is: there's just a feeling—?


Do you wish you could do something to make life better for people, if only you knew how to say it in words?


Do you have a secret sense that, if only you could find the way, you could actually write beautifully, artistically, and see your soul (and your readers' souls) soar?


Starting Your Book: A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What's Inside You was written with you in mind.


Based on my decades of work as a book developer, and as the creator of Writing from the Deeper Self, I wrote Starting Your Book to help real people get through the internal obstacles that seem to beset everyone setting out to write a book.


This book can help you shift your focus from your fears to your innate creative ability. A unique look into book-writing, it makes you the focus, not what you produce. Because when you can truly tune into what's inside you, trust it, and work with the creative pathways unique to you and already there, then writing a book is a pleasure and a joy. And it gets “done” from that place.


Naomi Rose's writings and personal coaching sessions have imbued me with so much that I'm grateful for, transforming and alchemizing things within that have manifested as deep writing. I'm happy to acknowledger her important influence on my writing life as I have others in the past: Julia Cameron, Natalie Goldberg, and Eric Maisel, to name a few."

~ Chris Dunmire, Creative Director & Publisher, Creativity Portal

(A “Writers Digest 101 Best Sites”)


Available from Rose Press. $17.95 print edition, $12.95 ebook edition.



B. “Process Notebook” to accompany Starting Your Book.

To help you discover, track, navigate, and appreciate how your book-writing process emerges out of you.


For those who want to take the inspiration of Starting Your Book further and actually begin to write their book, this hands-on ebook provides further guidance, new material, and inquiries and reflections you can use while you are starting to write your book. When you make room to be aware of your inner process, while you are writing a book, that awareness strengthens, deepens, and opens up your range, confidence, skill, and attunement to what's guiding you from within. An immensely helpful and friendly tool, which you can work with directly in the ebook, or print out and work with on paper.


Available from Rose Press as an ebook for $14.95. 



C. MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money, Revised Edition, by Naomi Rose

In our volatile economic times, we seek answers, guidance, security, and hope from outside. But the real healing of money in our lives can only come from inside. And not by answering a battery of questions about our credit and our budgets, but by doing the healing work of reconnecting with our feminine natures, with nature, and with The Mother and our own mothers. Then, all we need will come.


Naomi Rose has been writing about the relationship between money and the inner life since 1993, when the original sell-out edition of MotherWealth was first published. This revised edition of the book is designed specifically for these times, to help us out of our financial fears and feelings of insufficiency from the deepest possible place within, so that we can know who we are and connect with what truly supports us ~ money included.


In this lyrical account of a time when all usual supports had fallen away, and going into an extended inner “retreat” was the only form of survival possible, what transpires is that letting go of the artificial ways (of the world; of one's adapted persona) turns out to be what actually holds things together. Naomi Rose's moving story of her own experience sounds a universal note ~ and a healing note ~ that contrary to everything we've been taught about money, it's enough to simply Be.


As the book says: “You don't have to Go Out [of yourself] and get it; you just have to be Home to receive it.”


A finely crafted literary work that carefully plumbs the depth of poverty mind and what it is like to be born a woman in this time. Naomi is a princess weaving straw into gold, using her experiences and interpretations of deprivation and tragedy as the path to the abundance of The Mother within herself. There are very few books being written today that come close to this kind of genius.

~ Judith Avalon, M.A., transmitter of the Divine Mother; author, Entering into the Heart of The Mother: Spiritual Practice Embodied in Daily Life


An interesting exploration into one woman's complicated and highly personal journey to a healthy relationship to her money.  Naomi Rose encourages us all to examine our assumptions about money and to be conscious about our behavior around it.”

~ Susan McCarthy, “The soul authority on money management”; author, The Value of Money;

host of the PBS special, “Money and Emotions”


Available from Rose Press. $17.95 print edition, $12.95 ebook edition.



D. Dark Innocence: Book One of The Starseer's Prophecy,

by Rahima Warren

(A fantasy novel of the healing journey)

Long ago, an ancient, peaceful land was blessed and guided by the Goddess Zhovanya. Then, an all-powerful sorcerer called the Soul-Drinker conquered the land, banished the Goddess, and turned Her sacred Temple into a dark maze of suffering and evil. 

The Star-Seer's Prophecy foretells that the only one who can destroy the Soul-Drinker, bring back the Goddess, and restore the sacred balance of the earthly and divine realms is the “twin-souled dark innocent.”

But that dark innocent is an unlikely savior: Kyr, a youth born and raised as a slave of the Soul-Drinker, who blindly carries out the sorcerer's brutal commands. How can an abject slave overcome the Soul-Drinker's unbreachable sorcerous defenses? Even more impossible, how can he overcome his vicious upbringing, and become a man of courage and compassion who is willing to fulfill the demands of the Prophecy?

And so Kyr begins an astonishing and arduous journey beyond the darkness that is all he has ever known.

“A daring, taboo-breaking, visceral, intensely moving novel. Take a deep breath and approach this wild ride with an open mind. You won't be able to let go of this book, any more than it will let go of you. Highly recommended !”

~Jodie Forrest, author, The Ascendant, and

The Rhymer and the Ravens

“Potent, magical, and unforgettable. A call to awaken, to face the unfaceable, and to find the heart of humanity.”

~ Robin Winn, MFT

“Engrossing, entertaining, and inspiring.”

~ George Taylor, author , Talking with Our Brothers

$16.95 print edition, $12.95 ebook edition.

Available from Rose Press.


E. Healing Civilization, by Claudio Naranjo, MD

The doctor has taken the pulse of our modern way of life and concluded that it is sick, very sick — perhaps even terminally ill.

The diagnosis? “The great problem of civilization is none other than civilization itself!” the author declares.


What is the cause? And is there a cure?


In this ground-breaking book, renowned Chilean psychiatrist Claudio Naranjo, MD, known widely for his work with the Enneagram of Personality, now brings his 30 years of successful transformational work with individuals and groups into the societal realm to heal our collective illness.


In a dazzling feat of historical and psychological analysis, a brilliant and erudite sweep through the past to the present and the future, Naranjo illuminates the hidden story by weaving together insights from history, anthropology, politics, economics, philosophy, psychology, religion, spirituality, education, and other disciplines — a story that is at once shocking, revealing, and infinitely hopeful.


Our planet, and how we humans live on it, is in critical condition. Yet there is a remedy. By nurturing our loving values and spontaneity of being rather than allowing our warring values to dominate, we can achieve an internal and external balance that fosters cooperation and compassion over competition. As we each work to integrate our intra-psychic family — and as our educational system shifts to one that fosters the whole person — we will at last have a true civilization. For healing civilization is an inside job, and the future of civilization is in our hands.


Available from Rose Press. $19.95 print edition only.


5. NEW BLOG—“Coming Up Roses”

What writing books & distilling roses have in common


Books are not usually connected with fragrance, but Rose Press books are ~ as is the very process of writing a book from the deeper Self.


The metaphor (and literal reality) of distilling roses into perfume is a wonderful, apt analogy for what it is to really write a book from the deeper Self. There is a lot of material (on the page and within the writer) that must be harvested, distilled, and alchemized before the fragrant essence of the book can arrive on the scene, to transform the life of the writer and her or his readers. And this inner, invisible process is beautifully illustrated in distilling roses into perfume. It takes 10,000 pounds of rose petals to make just 1 pound of rose essence.


Please visit this blog, and see what kind of fragrances are awakened in you (whether you are writing a book or not). Inspiring pictures and descriptions of rose gathering and distilling await you, as well as inspired writing!




Healing Your Emotional Field Makes It Easy to Write a Book

Flowers are your healing friends!

Flower essence remedies can help you write your book. And it's as easy as taking a few drops under the tongue, in a glass of water, or directly on the skin.

Rose Press's line of Flower Essence Remedies for Writers & Readers has been expressly designed to help writers get through obstacles and impasses common to human beings who want to write a long work like a book. Gently, effortlessly, they bring certain positive qualities to your emotional "body" so that you gradually begin to feel those qualities in your own mind and feelings.

Clarity! Flow! Inspiration! Endurance! Awareness of details! The Big Picture! These and more qualities will become part of your experience effortlessly, just by taking these wonderful remedies.


"Shining Star gave a lovely lift to my spirits and helped me feel more at ease with the whole process of bringing my book forth into the world, and with the exigencies of life, in general."

~ Rahima Warren, author, Dark Innocence (Rose Press, 2012).

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The fruits of my work as a Book Developer are threaded through everything in this newsletter (and in all the WFDS newsletters). All the products and projects are exciting ~ but the real heart is in the book development: the process of bringing forth from a client's deep heart the book that awaits birth, there.

To me, the process is so essential. It's never about cranking out a product, even though that's how most of us learned to write in school (and at work). It's always about listening inside more and more deeply, until that which lies at the core of your being has a way to make itself known to you. Writing is the way we make that known.

What does this say about Writing from the Deeper Self? That it's not only for the purpose of writing a book, but is a deeply spiritual process that your own being seeks to make real. If you did not benefit from the writing process, I would not be doing this work, because it's that evocation of what's real in you that brings me the most joy. Later on, when all this process is complete and you have a book in hand, the book itself will evoke for your readers a similar experience of being incontact with what is real in them. This is the case no matter what the subject of your book. If you have a longing to write a book that comes from who you really are inside, this is the place to do it.

"Working with Naomi has been a total delight. Not only is she able to deeply listen to me and fully grasp my ideas and intentions but she is also wonderfully talented at helping me clarify and plan out the structure and scope of my book. Her understanding and support of me combines with her own great insight and makes her an outstanding and inspiring midwife for creative process."

~Kathy Carlson, MA, Ph.D., MFT, author, The Flame at the Tip of the Candle: Interconnectedness as Seen through the Lens of War

"Giving birth to books that heal is certainly your calling."

~ Doreen Hamilton, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, author, Essential Speaking: The 7-Step Guide to Finding Your Real Voice

(Naomi Rose, Book Developer)

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