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“Working with Naomi was like

having someone who is for  you, 

who keeps seeing you and

accepting you. I couldn't have

written the book without Naomi.  

She is truly my fairy godmother

of writing.

~ Katayoon Zandvakili: author,

My Beautiful Impostor









"Naomi has provided unwavering support, profound mirroring, and

has gently guided and encouraged

me, again and again, to write from the place of my true and authentic self.

In the process, I have come into relationship with my deepest

creative self, after a lifetime of longing and disconnection from it. This gift beyond measure I attribute

in large part to Naomi's soulful,

loving, supportive and wise guidance."

~ Carolyn Shoshana Fershtman,

Ph.D., Psychologist; author,

Carrying Joseph's Bones









“Naomi Rose has been instrumental

in keeping the project of the book

I'm writing alive. Her insight, understanding, encouragement,

and caring have helped me to remove confusion, show me a path, and keep me inspired and going. No one else I know could have aided me in such a way.”

~ Billy Weprin, author,

Gifts of the Day















































































“ Naomi encouraged me to do the joyful thing, instead of the things I think I should do. This was very affirming. And I felt heard, in a very strong initial way. It's different from trying to write a book on my own, because it feels like what I'm doing

is being done in relationship. ”

~ Shirley R. McGinnis, author, Sometimes Love Is Enough










"You have been utterly exceptional.

I cannot imagine another editor on

the planet who could step into my shoes and edit esoteric material as beautifully and sincerely as

you did."

  ~ Rebecca Field, author,

To Choose the Fire of the Cosmos




































as well as a book developer, writer, editor, and publisher.  She has sung with such choruses as the San Francisco Choral Society,

Voci Women's Choral Ensemble,

and Trinity Lyric Opera, among


She also has been a soloist at sacred services and intimate spiritual gatherings.

She plays the dulcimer and piano.

"Diamonds at Our Feet" is the best song that has come through her,

to date.
























































"Rose gets it right about what

freezes up the imagination and passion, and she offers good

insights to help one get over the challenge of the blank page.

Starting Your Book is the nurturing teacher you always dreamed of that would coax and praise you to reveal your heart."~ Linda Eckmann















"A finely crafted literary work.

Naomi is a princess weaving straw into gold, using her experiences and interpretations of deprivation and tragedy as the path to the

abundance of The Mother

within herself.

There are very few books being written today that come close to

this kind of genius."

—Judith Avalon, author, Entering into the Heart of The Mother:



"The Portable Blessings Ledger

turns our relationship with money upside-down!

This financial roadmap guides you

to a place where money is the vessel that illuminates your inner wisdom, brings peace to your home and

family, and expresses your deepest values in the world. What a gift!"

~ Hal Brill, president, Natural Investment Services, Inc;

co-author, Investing

with Your Values




“Claudio Naranjo is at the forefront

of those seeking to transform the world. For anyone wanting to make a difference for the better, Healing Civilization is a must-read!”

— Michael Toms, President and

Host, New Dimensions Radio





"A daring, taboo-breaking, visceral, intensely moving novel. It's impossible not to get wrapped up in the characters and their passions,

only to be surprised again and again. You won't be able to let go of this book, any more than it will let go of you. Highly recommended!"

—Jodie Forrest, author, The Ascendant, and The Rhymer and the Ravens



Writing from the Deeper Self

"Bringing Your Treasures into the World . . ."

Naomi Rose
Book Developer

(510) 653-ROSE / (510) 653-7673 

This page features the most recent

Writing from the Deeper Self newsletter,

put out by Naomi Rose to her readership.

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November 2012


On Searching for Gold Before Marketing

(aka: Look into the treasures inside you

before setting out to write a book from the outside-in

just because you think it will sell....)

Lotus Singing Bowls


            1. Introduction: "Gold-mining in the Human Heart"

            2. Feature Article: "Market Your Work, but Don't Neglect Your Soul"

            3 . Rumi Poem: "Can You Find Another Market Like This?"

            4 . Special Offers:

                 #1:" Plan to Start the Book of Your Heart in the New Year

                        (45% reduction for January only, + free eBook edition of

                        Starting Your Book"

                 #2: "Buy Starting Your Book, Get a free Process Notebook Too"

            5. Write Your Book with Naomi Rose




In the rush to succeed and make money ~ even, most altruistically put, to contribute your passion and purpose to the evolution of humanity at this time ~ something may get overlooked that is essential.


There's much press about writing books, these days. Info-books. Info-products. Certainly, these have a place. I'm personally grateful for those that have helped me learn. And I'm probably going to put some out, myself.

Yet there's also a place for depth, meaning, beauty, and the sacred process of bringing forth what is in you. What is in your heart, which you may or may not have words for at the outset.

Why bother with this, when it's possible to whip out an info-book pretty quickly? (Not that you shouldn't ~ just that this other level may give you ~ and your readers ~ more.)

Because the primary human need may be to be seen and known.

In our depths, we are everything ~ everything we seek, everything we want. It is by sharing these depths ~ such as in writing a book ~ that readers get to come out of their isolation, feel "Ah! That tells me true things about myself. I'm connected, no longer all on my own."

What are we hungry for, at the base of things? To have this connection. When we do, so much is possible beyond what we had thought.

Writing a book from the deeper Self is more like "slow food" than fast food. But like slow food, it's far more nourishing; the process itself is organic; and the results are more lasting and beautiful.

In this issue of the Writing from the Deeper Self newsletter, I share with you some thoughts about "marketing and gold-mining" ~ a wonderful, corroborating poem by Rumi ~ and a special offer that will show you what that inner treasure might look and feel like for you, through writing a book.

Please read on. Even if some of the paragraphs are more than a sentence, I know you can hang in with longer, slower, deeper, more organically nourishing writing. Take a deep breath, if that helps.

It's all in you.


Naomi Rose





Riding the Trends vs. Mining Your Depths


If you have noticed the absence of this newsletter in the past 6 weeks or so, it's because my attentions have been taken up by the task of marketing. So much to learn, and even my beloved website(s) turn out to be outdated and in need of remodeling or a new site altogether. “People don't read long paragraphs any more,” I have been told.

Is that really always true?

Marketing-and-promotion, called “the other 95% of writing a book” by some, is necessary, of course. And I am grateful to be learning some good ways to do it, by some people who seem to really know this territory. If I am successful, you will feel completely addressed by my future marketing outreaches; you will feel as if I completely understand—and have a wonderful solution for—your challenges with writing a book; your needs, your pains.

If this turns out to truly be the case, then what begins as “marketing” evolves into true service. For isn't that what we seek to do, at our truest—mine our own experience, skills, and talents (hard-won or natural gifts) to see how they can serve those we love? I know that my work itself, Writing from the Deeper Self, is a transformed outgrowth of what I learned in my struggles to find not only good words to put down on paper, but true words—words that have a holy resonance with what is most deeply inside me; what I do not make up, but find, as one finds a vein of gold buried deep inside the most modest-looking rock.

So here's a question for you to consider, if you would:

In our time of instant everything—instant gratification, instant research online (I'm certainly grateful for that!), instant click-and-buy, instant understanding, instant growth through following 4 or 5 or 10 steps to whatever—why would we even bother writing from the deeper Self? It can take more time, it doesn't instantly guarantee a bigger income, and it can ask more of us than simply coming up with 5 steps would. Why would we seek to write what we do not know yet? Why admit to not being an expert, unless by this we mean being an expert in looking, in listening, in making room for something beyond our ordinary quick-fixes to show itself?

Because we are more than participants in a marketplace. We are a soul.

From the soul's view, what matters is its own deep expression through us—that we may come to know its presence in our life, infusing our sense of who we are like a fragrant flower infuses the air around it. This is what gives life color and savor, meaning and connection. It is not only through our shared pains that we can feel not alone (as in, “I have the service/product you need”); it is also through what we find within us, when we go a-looking. That search, and that finding, is something that is threaded through every single human being on earth, although it may not yet be conscious. It explains why someone would write without already having the answers: in hopes that the writing gets to pass out of the realm of performance, being graded, and become instead a holy conversation between the you you are aware of, and the deeper Self seeking to be known through you. The joy of realizing on paper something you were not aware of until that moment—and perhaps expressing it in a way that surprises you with its beauty of expression—cannot be given a price tag.

Of course you can write books, and ebooks, and articles to describe, attract people to, and promote your work. There's no reason why your work should not be successful, helped greatly by your writing. Just consider, though—take a moment, let the wine of your inner being mellow and breathe—the value of staying with your deeper Self in your writing, rather than skipping over it in favor of more surface, topsoil-grown writing. Why should we prize—in things like wine but not in ourselves—depth, slow aging and mellowing, a taste informed by its surroundings but unique and particular to itself? How can we, likewise, put so much attention into our physical fitness, and yet bypass the great beauty available within us when we make room for it to reveal itself, writing being one superlative way to do so?

Marketing talks benefits. So here are some benefits of writing deeply:

•  The process itself gives you a mirror to your inner riches, longings, and beauty. You come to know yourself more truly than before.

•  If you are someone who was never really heard, as a child—perhaps the most grievous wound possible—writing from the deeper Self gives you a way to, at last, hear yourself. When this presence gives itself to you, you are awed by it; happy with it. You can no longer hold yourself in the same, diminished, way.

•  Once you trust this deep-writing process, the sky is the limit in terms of what you can bring forth. You don't know the depths of riches available to you until you do it.

•  Deep writing, by its very nature, speaks to people who have the ears to hear. In our depths, we are connected in ways both human and spiritual. When you write deeply, you speak from yourself to others' depths. People take in your writing without the usual filters of intellect, judgment, comparison. They are simply grateful that you are speaking so directly to them.

•  And oh yes—supporting your career, helping develop income streams. This can happen here, too. It may take longer to write deeply than just churning out a template-book, but once it's done, it can support your professional life, your credibility as an author, and it can develop loyal customers and clients because they feel known and seen by you. Not because you've been writing in order to sell them something, but because you have found the bedrock of your truth and shared it with them, and it leads them to their own.

So the question is, “What lasts? What is universal? What has relevance in pretty much any time, and is not made passé by trends?” The subject you write about may be right smack in the middle of what people want to know right now—and that subject may change, as trends do. But the place you go to, within yourself, to bring forth the writing—that can weather trends and time: a legacy for now and those who come later, and a gift to yourself as your beauty sparkles as it comes forth, and convinces you of the preciousness of your being, and reveals to your readers the same for them.



"Can You Find Another Market Like This?"

Can you find another market like this?



With your one rose

You can buy hundreds of rose gardens?



For one seed

You get a whole wilderness?


For one weak breath,

The divine wind?


You've been fearful

Of being absorbed in the ground,

Or drawn up by the air.


Now, our waterbead lets go

And drops into the ocean,

Where it came from


It no longer has the form it had,

But it's still water.

The essence is the same.


This giving up is not a repenting.

It's a deep honoring of yourself.


When the ocean comes to you as a lover,

Marry, at once, quickly,

For God's sake!


Don't postpone it!

Existence has no better gift.


No amount of searching

Will find this.


A perfect falcon, for no reason,

Has landed on your shoulder,

And become yours.



~ "The Seed Market," from The Essential Rumi

Translations by Coleman  Barks with John Moyne


#1:" Plan to Start the Book of Your Heart in the New Year

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Starting Your Book"

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Plan to start the book of your heart in the new year.

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No pressure, though. A free phone exploration is the first step. Then, if you like what transpires, we can meet to bring your book out of your heart and onto the page.

And you don't have to make a commitment right away. If you prefer, we can meet a few times so you can see how you feel about working together. Then, if you decide that you do want to give yourself to the fulfillment of this desire, we can set up a rhythm of meetings that works for you, and ultimately brings you to having a publish-worthy book.

My fee packages include: by the hour; by the month; and a flat rate, depending on conditions.

Here's the Special Offer:

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Sound good? What do you have to lose? Nothing ~ only your fear of writing a book.

So, to repeat:

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The remedy for all these conditions? Starting Your Book: A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What's Inside You.

This unique book shows you how to listen to yourself, so you can optimize your natural creative pathways, inspire yourself, get through old conditioning about writing that takes you away from your true nature, and offers many other enriching confidence-builders that will allow you to take your place among other wonderful creators.

Choose from the print edition or the eBook. Both have your best interest in mind.


And if you act now and respond before December 15th, I will include a free special bonus : the complete hands-on "Process Notebook" that goes with Starting Your Book, and ordinarily sells for $14.95.

How to do it: Simply purchase Starting Your Book (print or eBook) from my website. Then send me an email at, and put "Newsletter SYB purchase" in the heading. I'll send you the "Process Notebook" along with Starting Your Book.

Price: Print: $17.95 / eBook: $12.95

For more information about Starting Your Book, click here.




Writing from the Deeper Self

Bringing your treasures into the world...

If you have been longing to be really heard ~ really seen ~ really known ~ to find and speak from your true voice,

I can help you write the book of your heart so that not only do you come out with a book you can publish,

but you get to be nurtured and deeply heard, along the way.

What a gift to yourself ~ to your potential readers ~ and to the deeper Self within you.

And, on a practical level, once you are a published author, you can use your book to let people know about your work, your message, your other offerings, and your contribution to humanity. You can potentially more than make your investment in book-writing back, and build your platform as you mine and reveal your heart in writing.

I work with clients in person at my Oakland, CA studio. For those out of the San Francisco Bay Area, we work together by phone and email.

Sessions are 1 hour (longer sessions are also possible).

Fee packages include:

  • By the month: $250/month includes two 1-hour sessions plus unlimited email (for questions, correspondence, sending me pieces of writing in process, my feedback, etc.)
  • By the hour: $120-$85, sliding scale.
  • Flat rate (depends on particulars of your book--to be explored)

I also offer experienced assistance with:

  • Editing
  • Self-publishing
  • Seeking external publishers (book proposal, etc.)


For more information on Writing from the Deeper Self and my work as a book developer, see this very website:

Contact me to explore writing the book of your heart with my guidance and support. A 30-minute phone call will tell you if this is right for you.


Phone: 510/653-7673 (510/653-ROSE)

The book of your heart awaits you!



May your garden bloom!



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