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Writing from the Deeper Self

"Bringing Your Inner Treasures

to the Outer World . . ."

Book Development

with Naomi Rose

October 2008 Newsletter


     1. Introduction: "Inside-Outside"

       2. Feature: "The Intimate Fruits of a Writing Retreat:

                   Coming into the Wealth of Inner Being"

       3. Celebrations & Succcesses

       4. Upcoming Workshop: Money from the Deeper Self




As the air grows more crisp and the days grow slightly shorter, our energies begin to go within, just like plants. While much of our lives may take place in activity in the world, there's still a part of us that's longing for quiet, stillness, space inside.

For anyone who writes, or wants to write a book in particular, this inwardness is essential. It's within the darkness, the initial not-knowing, of our desire to write a book that the new birth and discoveries can reveal themselves.

If you are someone who reads about what an author has to do to promote the finished book (whether someone else publishes it or you do), you may have picked up the sense that it's all about "platform," websites, reviews, readings, interviews, and other "out-there" ways of getting your book (and yourself) known. This is the outer part, and only a certain small slice of the outer part at that. Without the inner part, no authentic writing gets to happen; no human being gets to discover her/himself deeply and surprisingly; no one gets to have their book rewrite their life in the process of writing their book. And all these elements, in my view, are essential to writing the kind of book that truly transforms your readers by first transforming you.

So this newsletter issue concerns inside and outside. If you allow yourself a rich inside, the outside will follow suit. May the abundance of the season touch your life well.



Coming into the Wealth of Inner Being
Recently, I was blessed to be given space to write in a retreat-like way for three days. One of my friends, a spiritual teacher, has a little hut in her back yard, designed to house spiritual retreatants. One day, in the spirit of asking for the fulfillment of my heart’s desires, I inquired whether I might combine writing with spiritual practices, and thereby have a “writing retreat.” My friend did me one better: “Why not come two times,” she offered. “Once to write, and another to do a spiritual retreat. No charge for the writing retreat.”

Since I was writing about an interior experience of wealth for my book MotherWealth ~ wealth of Being, which, when made room for, naturally translates into outer wealth, as well ~ I quickly realized that this was a very abundant offer indeed. Gratefully, I accepted; and soon thereafter, I showed up in front of her house, unpacking from my station wagon my computer, my typewriter (yes, yes, it’s old-fashioned; but I grew up with typewriters, and I enjoy the feel of it; it’s like playing the piano), my assorted papers already written and half-written, notebooks, blank paper, a CD player-with-earphones, CDs, my dulcimer, spiritually inspiring books, and food to last 3 days. (Oh yes; clothes too, though they seemed the least part of my necessities.)

I arrived in my friend’s backyard on a Saturday early afternoon. She and her husband were away until the next day. I unpacked my equipment inside the hut, as neatly as I could, then walked out into the secluded, pristine territory of her back yard. I was still aware of the freeway I’d just traveled, the light noise of the traffic in the street; but my intent to turn inward had an increasingly quieting effect. And soon ~ as I ate my lunch at the outdoor table, looking across at the brilliant red roses and up into the embracing, leafy branches of the trees ~ I was no longer in transit. I was there.

The late-September sun shone down on my arms, warming them and attuning me to the visible, audible, palpable wealth of nature around me and in me. This sweet settling in, as I lay in the hammock strung between two strong trees, eased the staccato rhythms of my worrying mind, and reminded my breath of its connection with the ocean. The more “here” I was, the deeper my awareness increased of how good it was to be right here, and the more I realized ~ palpably, in my skin, in my cells ~ that my presence to nature was what was making the difference. That in my stillness and appreciation, I knew how much was being offered; and I was present to receive it.

Had I been at home and set myself the task of writing for a certain period of time, trying to trip-wire myself into an inspired state, I would have lit a candle, burned some fragrant incense, said some prayers, and tried to clear the decks. But here, it all came as a gift, on its own. Even lying in the hammock, listening to the pitch and number of syllables in the calls of the local birds, suddenly into my awareness came a line for my book. It came, and it repeated itself, and it repeated itself again, and again, knocking and saying, “Get up, now’s the moment, write me down!”

Relaxed and yet galvanized, I recognized a gift when it reached for me. I rolled out of the hammock (I had been aching for a hammock earlier in the busy week) and ran to the hut. Quickly setting up my typewriter, swiveling the chair into place, racheting the blank typing paper into the back of the machine, I typed that one line. And when it was there in print in front of me, then more came, and more.

I wrote with that kind of beautiful absorption which characterizes an inspired state, knowing nothing of time, caring for nothing but exactly what I was doing, neither critical nor full of forethought, just being present with what was inside me. And when I was done, I was thankful, and breathing differently, as if my very spirit had been well exercised.
And the pages on the table ~ twelve of them ~ seemed not only not an effort, but a gift: both to and from me. I was so happy and full, that I did not push anything. I knew when to stop ~ I knew when I needed stillness, quiet, replenishment (by food, water, light, air, a mini-walk barefoot on the still-green grass). I trusted that more writing, in the right time, would come.

And it did. In the three days I spent there, I wrote over 40 good pages. Not perfect pages ~ they would still need revision ~ but good, substantial, real: the kind of writing that, when I read it later, would speak to me as freshly as if someone else had written it, a message to my ordinary consciousness from my deeper Self.

A retreat is a precious thing: a time ~ even with all the attendant nervousness beforehand ~ to really listen inside. After the first day of writing, I no longer thought about the outer world; I no longer noticed the sounds of passing cars out in the street. My inner world was so expanded, my heartbeat so present, that mostly what I felt was joy in being able to hear so closely what was within me. That writing was a significant part of this only added to that intimacy. For if the inner listening is hearing what God wants to tell us when we are still inside, then the writing from within such a place is what allows God to discover who God is, through us.

There is something, for me, about writing in such a protected space that feels both ancient and new at the same time. The ancient part is the silence that comes with refraining from speech while writing. I believe it taps into older knowings within us, especially soul and spiritual knowings that bring forth certain memories over others, and link previously disparate experiences in a surprisingly meaningful tapestry of being. The new part is that in this divine dialogue, something never-before existent gets said, gets born ~ to my surprise and frequent great joy. And perhaps to God’s, as well.

We don’t all have three days to ourselves in an outer protected space. But that inner space is really where the inspired, authentic writing takes place. It certainly helped me to have a loving and generous friend invite me into her outer space; I walked into it already feeling cherished. But having tasted that, my task now is to cherish myself, and to cherish the limitless depths of being and knowing available to me through writing with an intentional inward focus.

The truth is that everything we need is already inside us. The world, which we need, and which needs us, can nevertheless take us so easily away from ourselves. When all of us is available ~ our concentration, our commitment, our heart, our mind, our instincts ~ in one place, it’s not difficult to write fluidly, deeply, authentically, and beautifully. True, there are skills that are useful to have in your toolkit: a way with words, a wish to explore, a willingness to dig as well as soar, an ability to put the critical voice on the shelf so you can write without interruption. But even just to be all-there and see what wants to show itself when you make full room is enough to bring forth (even roughly, at first) proof of your magnificence, your healing, and your gift to life and your readers-to-come.

As the weather gets colder and the days grow shorter, coming inside ourselves is a more natural phenomenon. This fall, and later on in the winter, may you have some retreat time within yourself to write ~ whether that book you’ve been dreaming of, or something shorter ~ so that you get to be Written by the ineffable Presence within you, as well.

                                                                                      —Naomi Rose

Copyright 2008 © by Naomi Rose. All rights reserved.


Encouragement for Your Book-Writing Journey

When my clients have successes, either along the way or after their books have come out, I like to let people know, because (a) I am proud of them; (b) their efforts and gifts deserve to be well-sung; and (c) people deserve to be encouraged by their stories, and to read their transformative books.

This month, two of my clients have success stories to share. They follow, below. And in keeping with my "Money from the Deeper Self" vision of Harmonious Prosperity, I hope that you will read their stories in the spirit of how the good work and successes of each of us lifts all of us, just as singing in harmony lifts ~ and depends on ~ each part.

Your turn will come. And when it comes, we will all be lifted up by it, and grateful to you for our healing.

1. Shelley Klammer, author of the book-in-progress, Self-Discovery through Collage

Shelley, a wonderful artist, art teacher, and writer, initially found me through my monthly column in the award-winning online publication, Creativity Portal ( As I read her emerging chapters, I was moved and impressed by her unwavering self-honesty, and how that brought my own closer to home.

Recently, she has created an Internet e-course, which both demanded much of her (“Wowsa! Quite a growth spurt!” she wrote me), and gave her even more back. This is what she writes for you about her process of overcoming limitations.

"It is in moments of heightened possibilities that we glimpse our unique path. Years ago in the midst of a divorce and the need to find my meaningful work, I wondered what I could share with the world. I feared I did not have the power or creativity to create the life I longed for. When several members of my family died within one yearm I experienced a crisis-induced glimpse of my higher path. My own creative opening revealed to me a signpost of the possibilities of spontaneous creativity. I saw universality within my own personal struggle.

“Understanding that that many people do not believe that they have creative power, I wanted to find a way to teach spontaneity to those who feared they might not be creative. “What is my unique path?” I asked myself. I held this question deeply in my own body and waited for an answer. I wanted to find a creative method of opening to the larger Self that would be immediately satisfying, enriching, surprising, opening and powerful. The word “Collage” came into my mind and I could feel the energy moving through my body in affirmation.

“I took my first step and began a daily collage journal. As I moved through my human mire into embracing possibility, I felt the urge to share my collage discoveries. With great trepidation I started a blog. I was so shy and inward that each step toward authentic self-expression felt excruciating. And once I learned how to commit my feelings in writing, then I had to face my fear about taking my creative practice out into the world.

“With shaky uncertainty I began to teach classes. Next came the inner urge to write a course to share the process for others who could not attend my classes. Slowly, my intuition strengthened. As I crossed each barrier, fear came up again and again. Each time a block or fear came up, it told me that I was afraid to take my next step. And each time I mustered up the courage, I moved forward again.

“In the process of moving through my deepest anxieties, I grew to understand the gift in my wound. The gift within my fear that I am not creative is the discovery of a tremendous creativity that can create many powerful forms. When I recognize my divine truth, I can proclaim from the highest part of myself, ‘I am powerfully creative,’ and my limiting voices begin to fade away.”

To find out more about Shelley Klammer and her offerings, go to and

2. Shulamit Sofia, author, Soul Strength: Building Spiritual Muscle for Real-Life Challenges

Shulamit was my Book Development client many years ago. We had met, somehow, and when she found out the work I did, she told me she had been working on a book for some years about how to develop the full potential of your soul’s strength, based on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. She would come to my office with wonderful ideas, drawings, and a powerful vision to discuss how to get through her fears of writing this book. Even through the book had been endorsed, already, by some heavy-duty spiritual luminaries, she just felt stuck. Finally, as can happen sometimes, she went her own way. Over the years, when I thought of her, I wondered what had happened with her book. If I felt any sadness about her leaving, it was more about my inability to help her all the way.

Last week, I went to services for the Jewish High Holy Days ~ a new place, a new rabbi, a new approach. I knew no one there, just came because the rabbi was profound. And there was a very pleasant, smiling face coming towards me. “You look familiar,” I said. “I’m Shulamit,” she told me. It was a joyful reunion, a wonderful harbinger of the New Year. And to top it off, she told that she had finished her book ~ and found a wonderful agent for it.

“It just took me time,” she explained, catching me up. “But I did it. And you helped. I still have the charts you made for me. And now ~ who would have thought it? ~ with what’s happening in the world, my book is even more relevant than ever.”

What a gift for me, to know that the work I did with her continued even after we stopped meeting. And what a gift to the world, that this book, complete with beautiful, colorful cards, will be available. This is her description of it:

“Soul Strength was created for the person seeking greater spiritual satisfaction. This is especially true for someone going through challenging times. Even the person for whom life is good and full of promise can benefit from Soul Strength’s tools for clarifying purpose and meaning in one’s life.

“Soul Strength provides solutions for building spiritual muscle. By learning these techniques for self-exploration the reader can better understand his or her situation from a larger perspective.”

You can order the book from her website now, or wait until it becomes more widely available. Shulamit Sofia: author, consultant, speaker.

If you have worked with me at any point, and have a success story to share about your book or writing, please contact me at, and I will happily share it with my hundreds of newsletter readers.




Healing Your Relationship to Money by Understanding Its Connection to Your Inner Life

In this time of economy uncertainty, it’s more essential than ever to look for wealth in the right place.

Most of us learn that money is something outside us, and that how much of it we have depends on such factors as luck, hard work, constant attention to getting it, and so on. But our inner life ~ our connection with, or separation from, our deep nature ~ is the real key to having what we need, and to trusting life to support us totally.

In this workshop, we will explore some common assumptions about money as an "outside" experience, and begin to look more closely at how our real nature was obscured or set aside early on, in favor of a partial self that believed it had to "do something" to get its needs (material and otherwise) met. As we begin to recontact our original nature, which is supported even by breath and the earth, and to understand some
of the early decisions we have made keeping us from accepting all the blessings life hasto shower on us, and how these have related to money up to now, a shift can take place, enabling us to relax into our ground of being and ask for, and attract to us, everything we need.

Texts: MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money, and The Portable Blessings Ledger: A Way to Keep Track of Your Finances and Bring Meaning and Heart to Your Dealings with Money, by Naomi Rose.

DATE: Sunday, November 2, 2008

TIME: 10 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

LOCATION: Chochmat HaLev Meditation Center, Berkeley, CA

FEE: $150.00. Cost includes the two books. $25 discount ($125 total) if registered before October 15th.

REGISTRATION: To reserve your space, send a nonrefundable deposit of $75 to
Naomi Rose at P.O. Box 21622, Piedmont, CA
94620. Or you can pay by PayPal by going to

The balance is due by the workshop date.
NOTE: Be sure to include your mailing address, so you can receive the texts before the Workshop.

For more information, e-mail me at, or phone me at (510) 465-3935.





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