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"You help me to see the transcendent aspect of my writing, so that it becomes an 'of course' to think of sharing it outside our meetings, perhaps to publish it.

"There is a way I feel directed to serve this that comes from beyond me, and to ask 'What is it for?' That question gets directed to something much larger than my fragile ego and picks up the power of determination in the process."

--Roberta Gannon, MFT, poet




"Naomi has been an immense help to me in developing a writing project that had been hopelessly stalled. When I first sought her about a year ago, my writing was merely a collection of notebooks gathering dust on a shelf.

I had long fantasized about fashioning the notes into a coherent narrative, but this was only to be a caffeine dream—that is, until I noticed Naomi’s small ad entitled Writing from the Deeper Self—and I felt right away that should could possibly help me.

"From our very first meeting I was inspired with an enthusiasm and confidence which has been assiduously transforming my dream into a reality. Several times along the way when I felt that the project was derailed, she carefully helped me put it back together, with encouragement, wisdom, and insight. It has furthermore been a very enjoyable and productive process.

"I can highly recommend Naomi to anyone who has an unfulfilled dream of writing."

—Robert Graham Faller, author,

The Overland Route to India  


Writing from the Deeper Self
Bringing Your Treasures into the World . . .

Naomi Rose
Book Developer

(510) 653-ROSE / (510) 653-7673

~ Free initial consultation by phone ~


for Book Development Sessions

and Manuscript Work

(For details about how sessions work,

see the "Contact Naomi" page)

Fee for Consulting Sessions:

By the hour:

My fee for a one-hour session is a sliding scale from $125 to $85. Sessions of 1 hour, 1-1/2 hours, and 2 hours can be arranged as needed.

Some clients choose to have an hour-and-a-half or two-hour session because they want to speed up the momentum of their writing ~ because they have to travel some distance to meet with me ~ or for some other reason. 

By the month:

I offer a montly package of two 1-hour sessions a month, plus unlimited emailing between us, for $250.00.


Fee for manuscript work:

For my services editing, critiquing, or otherwise making written suggestions on book-development clients' works in progress, my fee is $75 an hour. 

PAYMENT OPTIONS (check, cash, or PayPal):

  1. Check or cash, in-person: If you live close enough to meet with me in person, you can pay by check or cash (delivered at the time of each session).
  2. Check, if out-of-area: If you live out of the San Francisco Bay Area of the U.S., you can mail me a check at:

Writing from the Deeper Self

484 Lake Park Avenue, #537

Oakland, CA 94610

     3. PayPal: You are free to pay by PayPal. (Clients who live outside the U.S., please use this option.) You can click on the icons below, where applicable. Or you can go to and pay directly from there in the exact amounts appropriate.


At $125/hour:

1 hour = $125.00

1.5 hours = $187.50

2 hours = $250.00

At $120/hour:

1 hour = $120.00

1.5 hours = $180.00

2 hours = $240.00

At $115/hour:

1 hour = $115.00

1.5 hours = $$172.50

2 hours = $230.00

At $110/hour:

1 hour = $110.00

1.5 hours = $165.00

2 hours = $220.00

At $95/hour:

1 hour = $95.00.

1.5 hours = $142.50

2 hours = $190.00


At $85/hour:

1 hour = $85.00

1.5 hours = $127.50

2 hours = $170.00






Please contact me if you need me to set up a PayPal button for the amount that you will be sending.


just go directly to

and pay from there.



Naomi Rose

(510) 653-ROSE / (510) 653-7673

484 Lake Park Avenue, #537

Oakland, California 94610