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“Working with Naomi was like having someone who is for  you, who keeps seeing you and accepting you. I couldn't have written the book without Naomi.  She is truly my fairy godmother of writing.”

~ Katayoon Zandvakili: author,

My Beautiful Impostor









"I brought Naomi the first draft of a novel. She helped me understand its trrue value and ikmportance as well as showing me the strengths and weaknesses of my writing.  She has inspired me to honor what I have written by doing the work necessary to bring it into the coherent and beautiful form it deserves."

~ Rahima Warren, author, Dark Innocence












"What Naomi does superbly is to evoke the creative and articulate in each person who works with her--to such a degree that each one is surprised at his/her owntalent for expression." 

~ Gay Luce, Co-founder,

Nine Gates Mystery School,

author, Body Time and Your Second Life


















"Naomi is gifted with the ability to create time and space for those of us who are her writing students to know how to feel our experiences welling up from our roots, their own unique tides coursing through our bodies, and to meld them with the words that name them. Together, we can swim in the language like fish, as naturally as we were always meant to. Naomi will cherish you and your work as you begin to recognize the beauty and poignancy of your own stories."

                            ~ Carolyn Francis


Writing from the Deeper Self

    Bringing Your Treasures into the World . . .  




One-to-one consultations

In-person in Oakland, CA or by phone/email if out of SF Bay Area

(510) 653-ROSE  / (510) 653-7673

Writing the book of your heart doesn't have to hurt.



for Book Development Sessions

and Manuscript Work

{For details about how sessions work,

see the "About Writing from the Deeper Self" page;

scroll down to "Specifics of how I work with clients"}



By the hour:

My fee for a one-hour session is a sliding scale from $125 to $85. Sessions of 1 hour, 1-1/2 hours, and 2 hours can be arranged as needed.

Some clients choose to have an hour-and-a-half or two-hour session because they want to speed up the momentum of their writing ~ because they have to travel some distance to meet with me ~ or for some other reason.

By the month:

I offer a montly package of two 1-hour sessions a month, plus unlimited emailing between us, for $250.00.



For my services editing, critiquing, or otherwise making written suggestions on book-development clients' works in progress, my fee is a sliding scale of $85 to $65 an hour.


(check, cash, or PayPal):

  1. Check or cash, in-person: If you live close enough to meet with me in person, you can pay by check or cash (delivered at the time of each session).
  2. Check, if out-of-area: If you live out of the San Francisco Bay Area of the U.S., you can mail me a check made out to "Naomi Rose" at:  Naomi Rose / 484 Lake Park Avenue, #537 / Oakland, CA 94610
  3. PayPal, if out-of-area: You are free to pay by PayPal. (Clients who live outside the U.S., please use this option.) Just click on the icons below that match the dollar amount of your payment. Or you can go to and pay directly from there in the exact amounts appropriate.

Payment for Book Development Consultations

(1) by the hour / (2) by the month


[Note: The fees and PayPal options are presented, below, ranging from $125/hour to $85/hour. ($75/hour for manuscript work follows after "Book Development Consultations")]

At $125/hour:

1 hour = $125.00

1.5 hours = $187.50

2 hours = $250.00





At $120/hour:

1 hour = $120.00

1.5 hours = $180.00

2 hours = $240.00





At $115/hour:

1 hour = $115.00

1.5 hours = $172.50

2 hours = $230.00





At $110/hour:

1 hour = $110.00

1.5 hours = $165.00

2 hours = $220.00





At $100/hour:

1 hour = $100.00

1.5 hours = $150.00

2 hours = $200.00





At $95/hour:

1 hour = $95.00.

1.5 hours = $142.50

2 hours = $190.00





At $90/hour:

1 hour = $90.00

1.5 hours = $135.00

2 hours = $180.00





At $85/hour:

1 hour = $85.00

1.5 hours = $127.50

2 hours = $170.00





Monthly arrangements include two 1-hour sessions plus unlimited email for $250/month.



(at $85.00 - $65/hour

or any other specific dollar amounts not listed on this page):

Please contact me if you need me to set up a PayPal button

for the amount that you will be sending.


just go directly to

and pay from there.

Make payment payable to

"Writing from the Deeper Self"

and e-mail to


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