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“In my own growth, I found how important being authentic is to me. Naomi reflects genuine authenticity and love more than almost anyone I know. Writing with her is an experience that will stretch the soul. Her quest is to pull out of her protege the inner core of truth that lurks there, always elusive, but a many-splendored jewel once found. I highly endorse Naomi and her work.”

—Rebecca Field


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The Writing from the Deeper Self BookStore 

Your place to come for products that

~bring out your innate creativity

~provide comfort in and for the creative process

~guide you to your center, so that writing is as natural as breathing


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Starting Your Book,


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"Finding the Heart of Your Book" audiotape;

"The Almighty & the Dollar";

"The Man Behind the Mask";

and "Postcards from the Lost World."

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Creating is your birthright ~ and your nature.

But that doesn't mean that creating is always easy, especially when writing a book. Sometimes we encounter internal barriers ~ whether artistic or psychological ~ that can temporarily halt the process. That's why receiving genuine comfort is important, too. Coming out with a wonderful book is more possible when we can love, honor, and nurture ourselves in the process of doing the writing. And learning to use writing as a way of centering ~ and centering to help you with your essential writing ~ keeps you in tune with your own being and inspiration.

In the Writing from the Deeper Self bookstore, you will find wonderful products to help you create in comfort, and center yourself. Some products are more for Creating, others more for Comfort, others more directed to Centering. And some bring the best of those worlds together.

Everything here is designed to bring you closer to your deeper Self. There are things to read cozied up in a chair, which warm your heart and still the noise of the world. There are things to read that can make you conscious of your real nature, and galvanize your life into opening like a flower. There are books on money and the inner life, to bring you closer to yourself through the very thing that takes up so much time and space in the world. There are Sacred Writing Kits to help you transition into timeless writing time and space. There are books and e-books, booklets and articles, and wonderful things to come to help you become the magnificent artist you can be.

Most of these products have been heart-crafted, some hand-crafted, by Naomi Rose, the creator of Writing from the Deeper Self. A few are by others who can help make your creative journey beautiful. And there may come a time when your creation will be listed here ~ a testament to the Writing from the Deeper Self process, and a gift for your readers to purchase, enjoy, and inscribe in their hearts.

This is the place to give yourself (or someone else) the gift of products and writings that will help you realize your own treasures. I hope you will give yourself that gift. Because when the time comes, the world will be richer for having your written treasures in it.

"If you asked for a few words

of guidance and comfort,

I would quickly kneel by your side

and offer a whole book as a gift.”

~ Hafiz



~ 1. Products to Help you Create

Starting Your Book:

A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page

by Attending to What's Inside You (print and e-book versions)

"Finding the Heart of Your Book"

(audio tape)

~ 2. Books on Money and the Inner Life

The Portable Blessings Ledger

(e-book edition)

MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money

(print and e-book versions)


"The Almighty and the Dollar"

(print and e-article versions)

~ 3. Fiction: Books and Stories

The Man Behind the Mask

(print version)


Postcards from the Lost World

(print version, with original art, signed by the author)



This is the place to help you become

the magnificent creator you intrinsically are.

Creating is your birthright ~

and your nature.


*Starting Your Book (Print/e-Book) 

*Finding the Heart of Your Book (Audio Tape)


This book has been updated and redesigned. For more details,    and to purchase the book,

please see the Rose Press page:

Starting Your Book, Rose Press


Starting Your Book

A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page

by Attending to What's Inside You

by Naomi Rose

Starting Your Book

To read a sample chapter, reviews, and contents,

click on

Starting Your Book details

Writing a book ~ no matter what the topic or genre ~ is a potential source of much joy, discovery, compassion, and connection with the divine. But to get to that point, you have to begin.

And this is where many would-be authors come up against a barrier that they sense but don't even know what it is. "But how do I start?" they ask themselves, at a loss for a point of entry ~ as if writing a book was a formula they needed to learn (or learn to crack), rather than an organic growth that can only come out of them. 

Wouldn't it be freeing and wonderfully helpful to recognize these barriers and have the resources to get through them easily, adeptly, and confidently?

Starting Your Book: A Guide to Navigating the Challenge of the Blank Page by Attending to What's Inside You sheds a helpful light on what can come up when you're even thinking about beginning to write a book, and offers surprising, profound, and effective ways to center and prepare yourself to receive the writing that comes. Finally, it leads you through the process of setting down on paper the gifts your heart brings you, anchoring you in the beauty of the writing and the exaltation of the writing experience, so that you can find your way back into this place again and again as your book progresses.

To purchase the book (print version $17.95/ Ebook $12.95), click here.



Finding the Heart of Your Book

Written and spoken by Naomi Rose

~ with meditative music ~

If you want to understand and taste the thrill of discovering that there is indeed a book inside you, this tape will more than meet you halfway. 

Side 1 teaches, in an intimate and accessible way, how listening deeply to what's inside you will inevitably bring forth the heart of your book.

Side 2 provides a guided meditation, with music, so you can directly experience the ideas and pathways talked about on Side 1. This will help you find your heart’s own unique way and help you trust what you find.

"Working with Naomi Rose and listening to her tape on writing from the heart, I have learned to tune in to and listen to myself, to be willing to drop all other agendas for the time I set aside to write and to be willing to drop down to my center, and know and listen, to discover what is there. Which, as it turns out, is almost always a spectrum of things, and Naomi has urged me to embrace it all. With her gentle coaching, I am learning to write from grace and love -- from heart -- as much as possible. In helping me with my memoir, she has helped me to see the light around me (even during the darkest past-time events) and to reach the light within myself. If I have evolved into a more compassionate writer, it is largely because of her watchful, patient eyes. I am oh so grateful, Ms. Naomi!"  ~ Kat Zandvakili,Writing from the Deeper Self client; author, My Beautiful Imposter

"I listened to the music side over and over. It put me in the mood to write." ~ Doreen Hamilton, Ph.D.: Writing from the Deeper Self client; author, Essential Speaking

Price: $15.00. Click on PayPal below. 



Most of us learn that money is something outside us, and that how much of it we have depends on such factors as luck, hard work, constant attention to getting it, and so on. But our inner life ~ our connection with, or separation from, our deep nature ~ is the real key to having what we

need, and to trusting life to support us totally.

The following books will help you move more consciously and prosperously in this direction.


The Portable Blessings Ledger, by Naomi Rose

MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money, by Naomi Rose

The Almighty and the Dollar, by Naomi Rose


The Portable Blessings Ledger can be better viewed, experienced, and purchased on the Rose Press Site:

Portable Blessings Ledger, Rose Press



A Way to Keep Track of Your Finances

and Bring Meaning and Heart

to Your Dealings with Money

Naomi Rose


The premise of this unique and timely book

is that if you approach each and every financial transaction with the openness to discovering the blessings that are connected with them ~ both those that come towards you and those that come from you ~

they will appear.

The promise

is that if you do this, the process will transform your life, your finances, your heart, your community, and your planet.

The benefits

include a no-stress way to record every financial transaction down to the penny, and how your transactions reveal ~ and help to heal ~ your deep inner life. (Good for your record-keeping, budgeting, taxes, and emotional and spiritual well being, too.)

PRAISE for The Portable Blessings Ledger:

The Portable Blessings Ledger turns our relationship with money upside-down! This financial roadmap guides you to a place where money is the vessel that illuminates your inner wisdom, brings peace to your home and family, and expresses your deepest values in the world. What a gift!”

—Hal Brill, author, Investing with Your Values: Making Money and Making a Difference; President of Natural Investment Services, Inc.


e-Book version (pdf): $15.00. To purchase the book, click here.



MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money

has been updated.

You can better view, experience, and purchase this book

on the Rose Press Site:

MotherWealth, Rose Press

MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money

Naomi Rose

C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\MotherWealth\MotherWealth, The Feminine Path to Money (MW)\Publishing MW vol 1\MotherWealth cover low res.jpg


Why do women, artists, and mystics

have trouble with money?

Must we really become

other than what we are to prosper?

Could our natural being, alone, support us?

We don't have to "leave ourselves"

in order to have what we need,

money included.

We only have to connect with

the Mother way of being.


Excerpt from Part 1 of MotherWealth:

"So little of me was left from my old life. I was so foreign to myself that the world outside seemed more foreign than ever. And money, the need for it, the accumulating of it, managing of it, spending, investing, and general grooming of it, took on the proportions of a foreign language in an alphabet that bore no relation to any I’d ever known...

"…. I did not want to become a member of this exclusive club, complete with secret language, passwords, and those who were In and those who were Out. I just wanted to know how to survive."

So begins a magical story of how the death of an old self brings an endless ocean of treasures from within–including money. You don’t have to "Go Out" and get it. You just have to be Home to receive it.

PRAISE for MotherWealth

"Naomi Rose addresses the problem of why women, artists, and mystics have such a difficult time with money in our culture…. In connecting the level of being, the Mother-model, with having what we need, MotherWealth offers a new but deeply familiar path that could lead the reader, her or his community, and ultimately the planet into a much deeper, truer, more compassionate relation to one another around and even through money. MotherWealth brings people to their deepest level of vulnerability and encourages trust in a way that cognitive-level books on money rarely do." –Common Ground Magazine

For a fuller experience of the book, click here:


To purchase the book (Print version$17.95/ ebook $12.95), click here. 



How Paying Attention to Our Inner Lives

and Bringing Compassion

to Our Dealings with Money

Can Bring Us Closer to God

If you ever wished that your financial and spiritual lives could really come together, in a way that profits both, then this article will help you see, dollar by dollar, how bringing your inner life into focus where money is concerned blesses you and everyone your dollars touch. A good way to begin the path of Harmonious Prosperity.

Print version: $8.00.

PDF version: $5.00.





"The Man Behind the Mask," by Naomi Rose

"Postcards from the Lost World," by Naomi Rose


The Man Behind the Mask

Naomi Rose


A riveting search for the Absent Father

that brings his ultimate gift

to the daughter who seeks to know him ~

and, in the process, herself.

"The man behind the mask is my father, but I do not know his face, only the mask. What was his own story, his own image, his own journey? What was his starting point, and what his destination? How close did he get before he gave up? Did he have intimations of some paradise, did he have sunbursts of joy to spur him on? Surely the prize of being a published writer or a galleried painter wasn’t enough to sustain such a flight. Wasn’t there something of which he had genuinely dreamed?"

Rebecca Malcolm is on a quest to learn the true identity of her father so that she can claim a legacy worth living by and passing on. But all she has to go on are the stories he loved and told her. So it is to these remembered stories that she returns – and it is the journey itself, even more than the stories, that ultimately leads her to the treasure she’d been seeking all her life: her father’s heart, and through her quest, her own.

          An excerpt from the book:

"My father bent over my crib. "Look, Rebecca, look," he said, and he placed both his hands over his face, until his face was completely masked. I lay on my back, watching excitedly, knowing the routine full well but surprised and delighted each time it happened again. Slowly my father’s hands fluttered up past his forehead, revealing a face whose lips turned up in an exaggerated U of a smile. Then his hands slid down his face, hiding it like clouds hide the sun, and when they came to rest below his chin his face was revealed with those same lips now grimaced into a frown of an upside-down U. Back and forth his hands flew, as if by moving they changed his one face into two distinct ones, one happy and the other sad. He was my personal ambassador or Tragedy and Comedy, the set masks his own face, and I waved my legs and shrieked with adoring laughter. So my father’s storytelling began, even without words.

PRAISE for The Man Behind the Mask

"The Last of the Just, by Andre Schwartz-Bart, was so remarkable that [after reading it] I was never the same again. Similarly, in my reading of The Man Behind the Mask, I was touched in a way that took me over. Naomi Rose is an exquisite, soulful writer." Cara Berton, author, The Rites of Love

Print version: $15.00. To pay by check, use order form at bottom of page, or click on PayPal below.


Postcards from the Lost World

Naomi Rose

~ Signed, and with original art by the author ~


An enchanting and delicate story

of a child's early remembrance of the spirit world

until life in the world veils that connection ~

and what brings it back.


“I loved Postcards from the Lost World. I am sure you can understand the comfort that I found in your glimpses into that dimension. I loved your illustrations and found them charming. They put me in mind of me of St. Exupery’s La Petite Prince, which I have always loved: ‘what is important can’t be seen by the eye.’”

~ Linda Cofiell

An excerpt from the book:

"All through my childhood, I had experiences of what I later came to read of as 'rips in the veil,' the parting of a filmy inner curtain that revealed the other world, the world later described by poets and saints and mystics as 'Paradise,' or 'the lost world.' Perhaps because my own parents were dreamers, and for a long time fed me on their dreams, I felt more comfortable in the dream world than in the strange, often barbaric and competitive tussle of what was called 'real life.'

"While I was young, and my heart quite open, these rips came as great gifts, like friends from long ago who lived closer in the heart than anyone I knew in person. I could never tell what would occasion these remembrances; only that when they came, there was a great swelling of joy, a recall of something very important, more important than whatever I was caught up in at the moment, and then, when they mysteriously faded away, I felt an enormous loss, a panic to be suddenly stranded here, in this body, in this bright, football-playing world where I was somehow to toughen myself that I too might, in my own way, bash my padded shoulders, my helmeted head against the world that would call me out onto some barren playing field and blow a piercing whistle and I would have to enter the fray.

"No heroic event, no stirring human drama, no recitation of the course of history stirred me more than these glimpses through the veil. When they came, they dimmed the human strivings as so much noise."

PRAISE for Postcards from the Lost World

"An exquisite evocation of childhood and the returning of the inner light."


Print version only: $15.00. To pay by check, use order form at bottom of page, or click on PayPal below.

With original art signed by author: $25.00. To pay by check, use order form at bottom of page, or click on PayPal below.


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