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Writing from the Deeper Self
Bringing Your Treasures into the World . . .

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What happens when the Writing from the Deeper Self process

actually brings its treasures into the world?


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Every client comes to me with her or his own unique requirements and gifts. Always, in the beginning, are both yearnings and self-doubts. And yet the process of being heard, and of learning to hear oneself, makes it possible to slowly unfold and fine-tune a book from the smallest knowing on out. Here are some glimpses of real authors ~ real people, much like yourself–who have made the journey from the desire to write a book to actually doing so. I hope you will be inspired and encouraged, as well as enthralled.

Note: This is just a sampling. There are many more, some of which will make their way onto this page before long.


GRETCHEN DEUTSCH, "I Follow in Her Footsteps"

SUSAN KNUTSON, To See or Not to See

CHRISTINE COLE, A Tribute to Brannon

RAHIMA WARREN, Dark Innocence

BILLY WEPRIN, The Gifts of the Day