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"You help me to see the transcendent aspect of my writing, so that it becomes an 'of course' to think of sharing it outside our meetings, perhaps to publish it.

"There is a way I feel directed to serve this that comes from beyond me, and to ask 'What is it for?' That question gets directed to something much larger than my fragile ego and picks up the power of determination in the process."

--Roberta Gannon, MFT, poet




"Naomi has been an immense help to me in developing a writing project that had been hopelessly stalled. When I first sought her about a year ago, my writing was merely a collection of notebooks gathering dust on a shelf.

I had long fantasized about fashioning the notes into a coherent narrative, but this was only to be a caffeine dream—that is, until I noticed Naomi’s small ad entitled Writing from the Deeper Self—and I felt right away that should could possibly help me.

"From our very first meeting I was inspired with an enthusiasm and confidence which has been assiduously transforming my dream into a reality. Several times along the way when I felt that the project was derailed, she carefully helped me put it back together, with encouragement, wisdom, and insight. It has furthermore been a very enjoyable and productive process.

"I can highly recommend Naomi to anyone who has an unfulfilled dream of writing."

—Robert Graham Faller, author,

The Overland Route to India  



(510) 465-3935

Oakland, California, USA

If you respond to what you have read here, we’re "on the same page," and you most likely have the kind of sensibility that works very well with the Writing from the Deeper Self approach. No particular writing background is required, and yet if you have always wanted to write, that’s quite helpful. Most valuable, however, is an interest in learning, listening, and deepening.

For specific information on how I work, fees, and optimal frequency of meetings (in person or by phone and email), please read on.

I invite you to call me to discuss the book that's in your heart.

The process of writing a book is a long-term project and relationship, both with yourself and with me. So it's a gift to yourself to test the waters by phoning me or e-mailing me to discuss the possibility of our working together. This first contact allows you to see if I am receiving you as you wish to be received (your potential book, and your self). It also allows me to make sure that I can help you realize your dream in the best possible way. I may ask you to fill out a brief questionnaire in order to make sure we are a good match.

If we both feel that it is, then we will set up a time to meet. 

In this first meeting, I will get to know you a little more, take a look at your writings (if you have any at this point), and make room for wherever you are in the writing process ~ hopes, fears, and whatever is there. Writing, for all its inspired, uplifting capabilities, also walks you through all manner of inner places, so this is the human as well as the writing journey. Our working relationship is not only about what you produce; it's also about who you are and are becoming. Your book will rewrite your life just as much as you will be writing your book. It's important to know that there's a place for all of that, here.

Book Development hourly sessions:

If at all possible, I recommend meeting in person (if you live close enough to my office in Oakland,California). Something potent and healing happens, face to face. But if this isn't possible, then it also works well to meet by phone and email. I have done this quite successfully with out-of-town (sometimes, out-of-country) clients. I've never met them in person, yet our work together is wonderful, fruitful, and friendly.

Frequency of meetings:

The best of all possible worlds is to meet once a week ~ if momentum matters to you. What you put 100% of yourself into repays you in kind.

If this isn't possible ~ in terms of your time or finances ~ then meeting every other week is also a good way to go.

This doesn't necessarily mean that you must show up with written pages every session. Some sessions, you may bring nothing but your concerns and fears, and that will be the focus of the day. Yet out of this will come new understanding, fresh energy, and a strengthened, clarified will ~ and a refreshed flow of writing, rooted in your own whole-hearted desire rather than in any script I might impose. I don't give pre-designed assignments unless a client asks for it, preferring to build on what evolves organically.  

These are your sessions, in service of the book that's in your heart. And that's what we serve.


Sessions: As of 2009. an hour session is $95. Some clients choose to have an hour-and-a-half session because they want to speed up the momentum of their writing, because they have to travel a bit of a distance to meet with me, or for some other reason. 

Hands-on manuscript work: Sometimes clients ask me to edit or otherwise make written suggestions on their works in progress.  My fee for this is $65 an hour. 

Payment Options

If you live close enough to meet with me in person, you can pay by check or cash (delivered at the time of each session). If you live out of state, you can either mail me a check at:

Writing from the Deeper Self

P.O. Box 21622

Piedmont, CA 94620.

Or you can pay by PayPal, below. (Clients who live out of the United States should use PayPal.)

At the 2009 rate of $95/hour:

For a 1-hour consultation @ $95:

Please pay by check for the time being.

For a 1.5 hour consultation @ $142.50:

Please pay by check for the time being.

For a 2-hour consulttion @ $190:

Please pay by check for the time being.

At the pre-2009 rate of $85/hour:

For a 1-hour consultation @ $85 (pre-2009 rate):

For a 1.5 hour consultation @ $85/hour: total, $127.50 (pre-2009 rate):

For a 2-hour consultation @ $85/hour: total, $170 (pre-2009 rate):

For 1 hour of manuscript work @ $65/hour: total, $65:

For other time frames and charges: Please contact me if you need me to set up a PayPal button for the amount that you will be sending.

How to Contact Me

You can telephone me (Pacific Standard Time) at:

(510) 465-3935

Or you can e-mail me at:

to tell me about yourself and your book. If it looks like I can help you, we can set up a time to talk and/or meet.

Thank you for your interest.

I look forward to being of service to you

and your dream of writing a book.