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What clients have to say

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“When I decided to dive into all the notes I had collected and really turn my outline into a book, Naomi Rose was an invaluable partner on the journey.

“She understood what I wanted to say, and made sure that my thoughts flowed smoothly. Her grasp of the book extended from the overall vision down to the details, and even in small ways—by completing a phrase or rearranging a sentence or paragraph here and there—she created an appealing whole out of the many ideas I had to share.

“Her insights and her gift for understanding my message raised my confidence so much.She shared my vision, and was genuinely excited about getting this book out into the world.

“The book is now changing lives, and finding its way into homes and hearts around the world. She offered the support I needed to create the book that I dared to dream was possible. Thank you so much, Naomi!”

~ Barbara Hanneloré , author, The Moon and You: A Woman's Guide to an Easier Monthly Cycle

Finalist , Indie Excellence Book Awards ; Silver Award from the Living Now Book Awards




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The fruits of my 30+ years as an editor

& my recommendation of a meticulous proofreader

at your service



Table of Contents for this page:

I. Editing

  1. About Editing in General

           ~ A good editor is your ally

           ~ Why editing is (absolutely) necessary

      2.  Levels of Editing

          ~ Copyediting

          ~ Substantive editing

          ~ Rewriting

      3. Choosing Naomi Rose as Your Editor

II. Proofreading

  1. About Proofreading in General

           ~ Why proofreading is (absolutely) necessary

      2. The Best Proofreader I Know

      ~ Why I recommend him for your written work

      ~ In his own words: Personal Statement

          ~ 5-Star reviews of his work







1. About Editing in General

  • A Good Editor Is Your Ally
  • Why Editing Is (Absolutely) Necessary

Almost all writers understand that editing helps their manuscript to be error-free, read more clearly, and have a professional-level integrity.  

A good editor is not your critic, but your ally.  The editor's talent and task is to sense the jewel in your work, and free it from the "rock" of prose that imprisons or camouflages it.

A good editor also makes sure that your writing is free of all embarrassments, such as spelling errors, grammatical errors, punctuation errors, stylistic inconsistencies, and so on. If you care enough about your writing to share it with readers (whether in print, online, or as an ebook), you also care enough about your writing to make sure that it reads well and is error-free.




2. Levels of Editing

  • What the Choices Are
  • Which Level to Choose, & Why

People often don't know exactly what "editing" means, so they don't know they have choices, or what to ask for.

To help you make a good choice, here are the three primary levels of editing that a professional can do for you:

    • Copyediting. This deals primarily with the mechanics of grammar, spelling, and sentence structure so that your manuscript has the professional-level dignity it deserves. (No computer "editor" or spellchecker can replace the discernment of a real-life professional editor.)
    • Substantive editing. On this level, the "substance" of your writing is addressed by the editor. Substantive editing addresses the structure/organization, clarity, and wording of your writing. The editor may rearrange (or propose) sections and paragraphs to maximize clarity and reader interest; suggest transitions to make the writing flow; and advise you where to fill in missing pieces to round out and complete the writing's message and delivery.
    • Rewriting. Also a level of editing, rewriting takes the material you provide and brings it to a higher level. The editor will reword your writing adeptly, and suggest or add examples, phrases, or structural material, etc., so that in the end you can say, "Yes, that’s it. That 's exactly what I meant to say!"




3. Choosing Naomi Rose

as Your Editor

I bring over 30 years' experience as an editor to my clients, in addition to being a Book Developer.

Whatever your subject, I can bring your writing to a place of clarity and coherence, readability and interest, and (if needed) do references and bibliographies. I have worked with a good many publishers, authors, nonprofits, and businesses, and have won a few awards for my editing, including listings in various Who's Who volumes, and the "Elite Service Award for Best Editor/Book Developer in the San Francisco Bay Area" from

Whether you have written a book manuscript (ms.), an article, a memoir, poetry, a website, a thesis, or some other genre, I can help make the telling difference between a highly professional manuscript compelling to read, well organized, and correct in its punctuation, spelling, and grammar and one that's not sufficiently clear, coherent, organized, and interesting to be taken seriously.


"Naomi Rose took my manuscript and turned it into a book!"

~ Larry Decker, Ph.D., author, The Alchemy of Combat:

Transforming Post-Traumatic Stress in Veterans into Post-Traumatic Growth (Omega Publications, 2014)


To discuss your project

& taste how I can help you bring your written manuscript

as close to perfection as possible,

Contact me:

Naomi Rose


P.S. I'd be happy to provide you with a list of published works I have edited, as well as some of the publishers, authors, and businesses with whom I haveworked. Please ask for this when you contact me to discuss your project.












1. About Proofreading in General

  • Why Proofreading Is (Absolutely) Necessary


You might think you can skip having your manuscript (or galleys) proofread.

But this would be a huge mistake. A good proofreader catches all the errors, inconsistencies, and glitches that if not recognized and corrected can cause you embarrassment.

It's not only that these kinds of errors are embarrassing for you. It's also that the reader who has to encounter typos, wrong words, misspellings, grammatical mistakes, paragraphs left out (etc.) is not being treated with full respect. This reader may feel curious at best, and profoundly irritated at worst.

Such was my own response when reading a very compelling, well-written novel and coming upon misspelled words, wrong words, names of characters who were never mentioned before or since, missing periods, and so on. I felt yanked out of my subjective, immersed experience, and didn't enjoy the abruptness of leaving that world involuntarily, at all.

So if you have written something you care about and want your readers to take seriously, engaging a proofreader is essential. Whether you have written a book or an article, a website or a business document, essentially anything you want to publish needs to be error-free, both for your readers' sakes and for your own reputation.




2. The Best Proofreader I Know ~

Gabriel Steinfeld


  • Why I recommend Gabriel Steinfeld for your written work

For one thing, Gabriel is incredibly good with details, so his proofreading will make your writing read with total correctness, accuracy, and professionalism. This is especially important if you are doing nonfiction writing, business writing, professional writing (virtually any profession), academic writing, websites, and so on.

Proofreading is also essential for fiction. Science fiction is also a genre where his knowledgeability and skills can make a valuable difference.

For another thing, Gabriel has an incredible instinct for knowing what to question in a manuscript so it comes out right whether it's an unusual spelling, an arcane term, an acronym you've put together yourself, a little-known name, and so on. He does the research you probably wouldn't know to do yourself, so that everything about your manuscript is impeccable.

And he has been trained by the best. Gabriel has been trained through Editcetera, a highly acknowledged association of freelancers serving the publishing field. In addition, he has been mentored by me. Based on my standards developed over 30 years in the publications field, both personally and professionally I vouch for the excellence of his work.


The bottom line:

Gabriel's proofreading makes your writing

look really good.

And that makes you look really good!


Contact him to discuss your project.

Gabriel Steinfeld

Steinfeld Proofreading



  • In Gabriel's own words: Personal Statement

I'm Gabriel Steinfeld—and I'm a proofreader not only by training, but also by temperament and inclination. I like to find things that are inaccurate or out of place in a piece of writing, because then I have the satisfaction of making them right.

In fact, I'm the kind of person who notices typos, wrong punctuation, and so on when I'm reading just about anything: books, newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, even signs. I've read the Chicago Manual of Style (the editors' and proofreaders' “bible”) out of curiosity, on my own. I don't assume that everything is already accurate: I check. So I'm very well suited to this work. And my clients are very happy with it, too.

Proofreading isn't a luxury—it's a crucial part of any written presentation.


  • 5-Star reviews & testimonials by Gabriel's well-satisfied clients


“Gabriel Steinfeld's attention to details is extraordinary. He unfailingly caught typos, repetitions, and misspellings, and paid particular attention to punctuation. Without doubt, he has a deep knowledge of spelling and grammar, and is familiar with all the intricate rules of punctuation. I highly recommend him as a proofreader for any manuscript destined for publication.”

Colette Gauthier Myles

Author, Love, Songs, War; librarian (retired),

University of California, Berkeley


“Gabriel is a very painstaking proofreader. He is very attentive to detail and very conscientious. He did a wonderful job for me and my client, and I highly recommend him.”

Ralph Dranow, Editor

Ghostwriter for Beyond and Back:

A Story of Courage, Passion, Commitment, and Love,

by Tammera Ring-Gjerde


“Gabriel is a fabulous proofreader! Very thoughtful comments and good catches.”

—Margaret Copeland, Terragrafix

Book designer and typesetter for The City and the Fields:

Multicultural Themes in California Literature,

by Marek Breiger




Contact Gabriel to discuss your project.

Gabriel Steinfeld

Steinfeld Proofreading



Your readers will thank you!

      (Even if unconsciously)       




"The difference between the right word and the nearly right word is the same as the difference between lightning and the lightning bug."  

~ Mark Twain

"You write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what's burning inside you. And we edit to let the fire show through the smoke."

~ Arthur Plotnik

"You become a good writer just as you become a good joiner:

by planing down your sentences."

~ Anatole France

"What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure."

~ Samuel Johnson

"My life needs editing."

~ Mort Sahl

"Proofread carefully to see if you any words out."

~ Author Unknown

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