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The "Money & the Inner Life Series" opens a much-needed door into the inner life from which we actually relate to money (no matter what financial pundits say about money as a thing in its own right). These books are truly for our confusing, exciting, and potentially transforming times (both inwardly and culturally).

This inside-out approach to money takes into account what is most real in you: the part that has never before made it into discussions about money ~ the part that holds the key to your fortune. Instead of letting money defining your worth, these books show that your true worth surfaces as you discover your essential nature.

How wealthy could you be if your whole, real Being were taken into account? These books on money and the inner life will open that door. Living in MotherWealth invites you to make the abundant inner-and-outer wealth of MotherWealth real in your daily life.


Living inMotherWealth

{The Sequel to MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money}

by Naomi Rose

with illustrations by the author

"MotherWealth" is too fulfilling a place to simply visit. This sequel helps you live here.

What if Nature, and our own true nature, are enough to support us?

Since the usual ways with money aren't working so well any more,

where else can we look for our support and well being?

What if the answer lies inside us, in our very Being?

What if we could actually live in MotherWealth?

The magical world opened up in MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money can be your constant home base,

not just something you stumble into (and fall out of) during difficult times.

By learning how to regain your own true nature

and open to The Divine Motherthrough relating to your own mother (outside and inside),

you will have all the wealth, support and fulfillment you need.

Money included.

Offering personal stories, reflections, evocations, meditations, invitations to join in, and abundant artwork, this book enriches us with a healing, sometimes poignant, feast for anyone who seeks to live well supported by their true being, rather than continuing to follow the destructive path of going out of oneself to get money. 

Benefits of the Book

Contents of the Book

Chapter 1: Nature's Generosity
Chapter 2: Being Present

Chapter Three: Mothering

Chapter Four: Trusting the Ground of Being

Chapter Five: Giving and Receiving

Chapter Six: MotherWealth and Money

Chapter Seven: Tuning and Attuning

Chapter Eight: Weaving and Being Woven

Chapter Nine: Becoming MotherWealth


Mother with toddler on hip

Goats Feeding

Excerpt from Chapter 1, "Nature's Generosity"

There is something about being in nature that gives you back to yourself.

Inessentials and worries fall away, and you are left with your natural being. The ground underfoot meets your step, upholds your weight responsively. Unpaved and alive, it engages even your nervous system, your spine, slowly bringing your far-flung, erratic, rhythmless thoughts into one coherent rhythm. Breath comes into you as a gift and a relief. Each step brings you closer to your unvarnished self.

The trees overhead shield and inspire you, mediate between earth and sky on your behalf. Both sheltering and reaching out, their rough branches arms, their abundance of green leaves prayers, they remind your very skin of being loved. Your outflow of breath is the tree's life-blood; its outflow of breath is yours. And all you had to do to come into this life support, this holy relationship, was simply be there; to breathe; to be yourself, without having to justify or earn. To acknowledge the gift of life.

The sky's blue and limitless expanse ~ whether peeking through the latticework of tree branches or full strength, vertical miles of space ~ can remind you that “the sky's the limit,” all is possible. As you look up into it with softening eyes, it may cease to look like a single swath of color and become instead dancing molecules, atoms of possibility. All that you've learned about what's possible ~ in your own life, in the life of your society, even in the future of the world ~ begins to seem less ironclad.

As you realize how good it feels to be aligned in this way, you may begin to consider how your experience of nature might guide your life in the world. How your own nature might become your guide, instead of all the things you learned through others, or cobbled together yourself out of loneliness and fear.


2 trees


Naomi Rose is the author of MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money. A professional writer and book developer, she is also a visual artist, trained at her father, Max Berton's, knee and at the High School of Music & Art in New York City (now LaGuardia High School for the Arts), as well as through other classes and self-teaching. She views drawing as a way of becoming present ~ a subject that dovetails smoothly into Chapter 2 of the book.

She is currently working on completing this book, and will let you know, here, when it is ready for you.