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Ring of Truth

"When your writing comes from the heart, it has the ring of truth to it."

Writing d Editing d Ghostwriting d Memoir

Lotus Singing Bowls

with Ralph Dranow

For People Who Want to Discover the Real Meaning of Their Life

by Writing a Memoir

or Other Written Work That Matters

I can help you bring it out through interviews ~ help you write it yourself ~ edit it ~ or write it for you.



You have something inside you that urgently needs to come out, and you would like it to be expressed in written form, but you're not a writer. Perhaps you can express your thoughts and feelings more easily through speaking than writing. You feel somewhat frustrated, because you want to reach people with your ideas and feelings through the written word in the most effective way.

Maybe you'd like to have a book, oral history, or personal essay celebrating and/or exploring your life. Perhaps you're passionate about the work you do, and would like to have a book, article, website text, business letter, or other literature about your business or special field of expertise. 

Whatever you would like to have written, it can happen — with the help of a skilled professional writer.

I am a widely published writer (see below), who is also a good listener and interviewer, able to elicit what you need to say. In addition, I can take your spoken thoughts and feelings and transpose them onto the page in a clear, compelling way that has the ring of truth. This can happen whether your desire is to touch people emotionally, or whether your main objective is to express your ideas or convey information.  

When your story or message has the ring of truth, it benefits you as well as your readers.

To set this reverberation in motion,

contact me for a free phone consultation to discuss your project (510/465-3935)

"Ralph has a wonderful talent for drawing people out

with his sincere interest

and intelligent questions."

~ Sher Phillips Gamard, writer, and facilitator of the Redwood Writers Salon





You've written something from the heart, deep and passionate, a piece that could potentially touch many people, but you feel the writing is not quite there, yet.

You know you have something important to say, and you feel frustrated that it's not yet been said in the way you want.

You'd like to see the promising seed you've planted be nurtured into a beautiful flower.

But how?

Good editing can make a difference, transforming the rough, raw material of your writing into something you can fully stand behind. Here are some of the things good editing can correct so that your writing will speak eloquently for you:

All of these problems are easily fixable, if your writing comes from the heart and has the ring of truth to it.

"The foundation of strong writing is the ring of truth, writing that comes from a deep place inside and taps into universal feelings and experiences. Readers from all backgrounds will be able to relate to this kind of writing. So if you've achieved this, it's a great start, but your writing might still feel incomplete because it's not saying most effectively what you would like it to say...." (Read more)

I am an experienced editor and widely published writer who can help you bring your writing to the next level. I will give your writing the careful attention to detail and nuance that it deserves, so that you can feel proud of what you've done.


A well-edited piece of writing has the ring of truth to it.

The essence of your message, style, and quality comes forth, realizing your deepest intention.

To set this reverberation in motion,

contact me for a free phone consultation to discuss your project (510/465-3935).





Each of us is a precious being with a unique, powerful story to tell. There's poetry and beauty in the life of every one of us if we take the time to look for it. All of us have had to deal with difficult, painful times; the challenge of dealing with adversity and learning to become more authentic in the process allows the beauty and poetry of your life to shine through.


Even if you're not a writer, you can have a book honoring your life. I'm a good, empathetic listener and a skillful interviewer. You can tell me your story, and then I'll transpose it onto the page, crafting a compelling narrative while simultaneously maintaining your own, unique voice. It will be your own special story honoring the poetry of your life experience and who you really are.

To explore how my ghostwriting service can result in just the book you are hoping for,

contact me for a free phone consultation (510/465-3935)..




The Poetry of Your Life

You have something powerful inside you, a story that urgently needs to come out ~ and you would like to express it in written form. You've wanted to tell your story for a long time, but the scope of the project has felt daunting. You've wondered if you could fully capture the essence of your experience, make it come alive on the page. You might be wondering how to get started and also how to deal with painful, perhaps shameful, memories.


These are difficult issues, to be sure ~ but if your writing is honest and has the ring of truth to it, that's a definite advantage. An essential aspect of good memoir writing is self-knowledge, the courage to perceive yourself honestly and the willingness to be vulnerable and transparent. You don't have to have achieved enlightenment to write a good memoir. An honest account of your struggle to live a meaningful life, with all its fumblings and mistakes, will be a story many people can identify with. And if you are able to hold your mistakes with compassion, the difficult memories become less painful.


Another aspect of good writing is craft, the ability to use words skillfully to create a vivid picture for your readers. As an award-winning poet and widely published poet, nonfiction and fiction writer, I can help you write your memoir so that it has the ring of truth to it and captures the beauty and poetry of your life. Writing this kind of book is a very vulnerable experience. I will provide you with the support, guidance, and accountability you need to sustain you through this demanding but ultimately rewarding project. You will come away from it with a completed book, as well as the healing and transformation you've generated through the writing process.


To discuss what it might be like to write and publish a memoir of your life, with my assistance,

contact me for a free phone consultation (510/465-3935).



(I take my work home with me,

and don't let it go until it's done.)

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How Ralph Dranow has helped clients with their writing:

"I have been working with Ralph for more than a year on a book about science and spirituality. For someone who has never written a book before, much less published, this has seemed at times an overwhelming project. [However], Ralph is skilled in making things manageable. He is a very good listener who allows you to fully express yourself, which greatly clarifies the next step that you will take. He is a gentle and supportive presence who elicits confidence in the writer. I highly recommend him."

—Billy Weprin:author, Gifts of the Day

"Ralph did more than simply listen during my oral history. He sensed the thread of meaning in my story, and guided our discussion towards a deeper and more interesting reflection on my experience."

—Dan Marlin: poet, essayist

"Ralph has been exceptionally helpful in working with me on a book about my husband's life-threatening illness. It was a very emotional time for my husband and myself, and Ralph was extremely patient with us. I could not have finished the book without Ralph's assistance."

—Tammy Ring-Gjerde: memoirist

"Because of Ralph's writing and editing assistance with my essays, I got into a top Ivy League school, which is among the top five programs in the country for my major, urban planning. Thank you!"

—Mary M.


How Ralph Dranow has helped clients through editing their writing:

"Ralph Dranow's editing of my memoir in poetry helped me to do deeper work through revision and additional writing. He has the insight and understanding of a poet and writer. He is compassionate when reading sensitive material, and generous with his expert knowledge, and skilled in noting strengths and where a story can be strengthened. I recommend him whole-heartedly."

—Jeannie Lupton: poet, memoir writer, teacher, reading series coordinator (Frank Bettes Center for the Arts)

"Ralph has been professional and timely in his editing of my writing. He is flexible with my situation and limitations. I feel as if I can be completely open and honest with my questions, conflicts, confusion in my writing, the scope of what is possible, and the focus and limits of what needs to be addressed. I am happy to recommend him as an editor for biographical writing."

—Una Nakamura: memoir writer

"Ralph is an excellent reader. He tells it as he sees it."

—Michael Daniels: novelist, short-story writer, poet

"I found Ralph's advice to be very helpful in getting started on my first book. He was patient, knowledgeable, encouraging, and professional. He helped me find an East-Coast editor and publisher who has been perfect for me."

—Richard Wren: mystery writer

"Ralph Dranow, Ring of Truth Writing and Editing, showed me great compassion while providing expedient and thorough editing for my memoir. Thank you for making my work shine."

—Danielle Bergan

"I had a very good experience with Ralph Dranow as editor for my novel. He listened to my needs before he read the book and wrote a multi-page critique that I've found useful as I work on a second draft. It's also very apparent that he's well read. He worked quickly as well. Although my book isn't particularly large, 46K in words, Ralph's editing was complete in less than a week. I'd highly recommend Ralph for a writer with a finished manuscript who is looking for an editor to give feedback on strengths and weaknesses in the work."

—Steve Porter: novelist

"Ralph is the perfect balance for me as a writer. He is honest, truthful, open, and he is very timely. I enjoy working with Ralph because of his sense of commitment to the idea and theme. His feedback always makes me think. I tend to assume everyone moves from a higher vibration, and Ralph reminds me to come back to earth. I love how Ralph can be so open and yet stay objective in the thought process. I highly recommend Ralph to anyone needing an editor who is open, responsible, committed, and timely! I love my conversations with Ralph!"

—Teresa Proctor: author, The Golden Key to Understanding: Healing with Mary Magdalene

"Ralph has the rare gift of teaching; he's the five-star college professor we all wish we had. You can see the love for what he does in his eyes. It was such a pleasure having Ralph edit a story and an e-book I was working on. His approachable, unassuming demeanor was most welcome for a first-time client. He gets right to the task, plus his warm smile and nurturing feedback helped me get to the essence of my thoughts, provide self-confidence and motivate me to write more. I felt relaxed and open for his feedback. I shall seek out Ralph again as I continue to share my stories with the world. He made a somewhat nerve-wracking situation a painless and encouraging experience."

—Bethany St. Clair: author, Organizing with Feng Shui: 101 Tips Room By Room


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Professional Credentials

Ralph Dranow is an award-winning writer, poet, and journalist. He has edited all kinds of writing, including various kinds of nonfiction as well as poetry and fiction.

As a writer, he has published over 100 poems in a variety of literary magazines, and also was first-prize winner in Nerve Cowboy's 2000 chapbook contest. He has published six books of poetry and short stories, as well as articles and personal essays in many newspapers and magazines, such as the San Francisco Chronicle and Pure Inspiration.

He has also taught writing to individuals and in groups.

For more details, click here.