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Starting Your Book

"I miss you. Please write."

~ love, your true nature


Part One: Answering the Call

Chapter 1: Answering the Call

    ~  “But How Do I Start?”

    ~  “When Do I Start?”

    ~  The Process of Writing a Book 

    ~  Answering the Call


Part Two: Preparing the Ground

Chapter 2: Slowing Down and Listening Inside to Make Room to Receive What's There

Chapter 3: The You Who Writes

     ~ Embracing the Blank Page

     ~ Listening

     ~ Slowing Down

Chapter 4: Why We Fear the Book-Writing Process

     ~ Transforming Your Fear into Bright Willingness

Chapter 5: Coming Through the "Fear Barrier"

Chapter 6: The Value of Not Knowing Everything

Chapter 7: Discovering Your Unique Creative Pathways

Chapter 8: Making Sacred Time and Space for Writing


Part Three: Knowing Your Equipment

Chapter 9: Engaging the Linear and Artistic Brains: The Best of Both Worlds

Chapter 10: Are You a “Top Down” or a “ Bottom Up” Kind of Writer? (Or Somewhere in Between?)

Chapter 11: The Magic of Desire; the Growth Hormone of Attention

Chapter 12: And Now that You're Prepared . . .


Part Four: Writing It Down

Chapter 13: Easing into Your Heart

Chapter 14: Accessing What Your Heart Holds in Store

Chapter 15: How to Tell When You're on the Right Track

Chapter 16: But What About the Rest of the Book?


End Notes

How This Book Was Written


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