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The Rose Press "Creative Process" Book Series

This series brings you closer to the Source of creation that is not only available to you, but is actually in you.Whether you want to start actually writing a book or simply become more intimate with your inherent creative ability, this series will unveil the mystery by bringing you into the Mystery of Creation, and give you insights, tools, and encouragement to take this wonderful, life-changing journey for yourself. Out of this will evolve a book with your authentic voice and message ~ one that heals you as you write it, and your readers as they read it.

Starting with Starting your Book.


Starting Your Book

"I miss you. Please write."

~ love, your true nature

A book whisperer charts a path to finding your own path

through writing a book ~

and revealing the beauty of your true nature, in the process.


Did you ever wish you could wave a magic wand and end up with a book you've written (that you love)?

You can. 

The magic wand is your compassionate awareness of the treasures that lie in wait inside you.

Starting Your Book will activate this magic wand.

Print edition: $17.95

E-book: $12.95

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Starting Your Book

A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page

by Attending to What's Inside You

Print edition: $17.95

E-book edition: $12.95

135 pages

Benefits of the Book

{E ncouragement, trust, inspiration, support}

Starting Your Book will:

Starting Your Book is based on the Book Development work of Naomi Rose, creator of "Writing from the Deeper Self," an approach to writing that she has successfully used with her book-writing clients for over 20 years. For more information, see the "About" page at the top of this menu, or go to Naomi's Book Development website, www.essentialwriting.com.



Starting Your Book Is About

a mirror to the hidden treasures of your being ~

Writing a book ~ no matter what the topic or genre ~

is a potential source of much joy, discovery, compassion,

and connection with the Divine.

Starting a book is not a formula you need to learn. It's an organic growth that can only come out of you. This deeply encouraging book about writing a book assumes that what's inside the writer is what makes the book valuable and the process of writing a book worthwhile. Where most writing books focus on the product, this intimate companion highlights the person doing the writing. As you get more and more acquainted with what's inside you, you'll find that writing y our book flows easily, surprising and frequently delighting you with what ~ and who ~ you find.

"Yes, but ...

How do I begin?"

And this is where many would-be authors come up against a barrier that they sense but don't even know what it is. “But how do I start?” they ask themselves, at a loss for a point of entry ~ as if writing a book were a formula they needed to learn (or learn to crack), rather than an organic growth from within.

Wouldn't it be freeing and wonderfully helpful to recognize these barriers and have the resources to get through them adeptly and confidently? Starting Your Book: A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What's Inside You sheds an encouraging light on what can come up when you're even thinking about beginning to write a book, and offers surprising, profound, and effective ways to center and prepare yourself to receive the writing that comes.

Finally, it leads you through the process of setting down on paper the gifts your heart brings you, anchoring you in the beauty of the writing and the exaltation of the writing experience, so that you can find your way back into this place again and again as your book progresses.

“There is no other book like yours ~ if you will have the tender courage to allow yourself to write it.

The value of a book is not only about the subject matter; it's also about the person, opening to the subject.

There is no other presence like yours, no flavor like the one you impart, no fragrance of Being as unique.”

~ From Chapter 1, “Answering the Call”

"Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and your caring with the world through a book.

I learned things, I felt understood, and I grew increasingly inspired as I turned the pages.... 

I felt that you were speaking from the heart, seeking to be of service from the sincere desire to assist,

not to indoctrinate or impress. And I felt that you and I were having a conversation." 

~Sarah Beaber, writer {Ohio, USA}

Starting Your Book


A Sampling of Praise for Starting Your Book

Testimonials from Readers-Turned-Writers

{Spontaneously offered responses from real people who have been using this book}

"Reading your book was like receiving a comforting hug of encouragement.""

~ Jane Falla: writer, editor, former literary agency associate

{Massachusetts, USA}


"I am halfway through your book and simply love it.

I love your writing style

and the information is worth the gold medal."

~ Petra Meinke, writer

{Vancouver, BC, Canada}


"I'm finding it inspirational in itself.”

~ Colleen Clail, writer



"I have been very comforted by your words.

I really enjoyed how you shared the writing process of the very book I was reading.

Your process is very interesting to me

because you include so much of your humanness in it."

~ Shelley Klammer, writer

{Port Moody, BC, Canada}


"Naomi Rose's writing and personal coaching sessions

have imbued me with so much that I'm grateful for....

I'm happy to acknowledge her important influence on my writing life

as I have others in the past:

Julia Cameron,

Natalie Goldberg,

and Eric Maisel,

to name a few."

~ Chris Dunmire, writer,

Creative Director & Publisher, Creativity Portal {A Writers Digest "101 Best Web Sites for Writers" site}

{To read more testimonials from readers/users of this book, click here}

Starting Your Book


A   Peek  Inside  the  Book

An Insider's Look Behind the Scenes of Starting a Book

An Insider's look Behind the Scenes of Starting a Book

An Insider's look Behind the Scenes of Starting a Book

“Writing a book is a joy and a challenge ~

a journey from where you are to where you will eventually end up,

and who you will be when you get there.”

                                                               ~ Naomi Rose


The following appetizers from the book only hint at the feast to come ~ the cornucopia of encouragement and delight that you will find in reading Starting Your Book.

If writing a book is a desire in your heart (whether clearly known to you or stashed away in some forgotten drawer but tugging on your consciousness), the following excerpts from Starting Your Book will ignite your hope and give roots to your dream that your book can really happen. 

To read from ~

~ click here.


Contents of the Book

A guide-rail to help you move into writing your own book

{or at least believe it's possible}

In this book, you'll find:

Part One: Answering the Call ~ {"But How Do I Start?" and more}

Part Two: Preparing the Ground ~ {"Embracing the Blank Page," "Coming through the Fear Barrier," and more}

Part Three: Knowing Your Equipment ~ {"Engaging the Linear and Artistic Brains" and more}

Part Four: Writing It Down ~ {"How to Tell When You're on the Right Track" and more}

Afterword: How This Book Was Written .... {and more}

Click here

Starting Your Book


Ready to step into the thrill of the inner-unknown,

and bring your treasures onto the page

as you yourself discover them within you?

You deserve to give yourself this kind of aware and loving attention,

to relax the grip of your conditioned fears,

and to awaken to the inspired creative being you really are.

Print edition: $17.95

E-book: $12.95

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~ OR ~

See special package (at bottom of page):


And to enhance your writing and self-discovery experience,

we now also offer

two wonderful aids you won't want to deprive yourself of:

1. A hands-on Process Notebook


2. A specially designed Flower Essence Remedy for Writers to go with Starting Your Book,

called "You Are the Treasure You Seek"


The Process Notebook

A hands-on "Process Notebook" to use with Starting Your Book,

to help you discover, track, navigate, and treasure

how your book-writing process emerges out of you.


ring binder Stock Photo - 5097647

71 pages, as a pdf


This 71-page Process Notebook is for those who want to take the wisdom and guidance of Starting Your Book, and expand it in a hands-on way. This deep self-discovery tool is designed to help you become aware of what's inside you that you can cultivate and draw from to write your book(s) with presence, self-awareness and gratitude, ease, the thrill of discovery, and, frequently, joy.

Benefits include:

You can use this Process Notebook with every book or writing project you write. Recognizing your writing process as you are actually writing your book will give you priceless information about who you are as a person and a writer; what brings you closer to yourself; and your own unique creative ways. Not only is it just plain being interesting to observe your own writing process ~ using this notebook will enhance your confidence that you can draw joyfully from your inner well at any time. 

Imagine what it would be like to know:

every time you sit down to write!

This is the promise of this Process Notebook. Because what will come out of this notebook is the ever-increasing fulfillment of your creative promise.

This Process Notebook is a companion to your process of deep writing, so you come to know more and more about who you are, what's inside you, what you can rely on, and where you can go when you haven't a clue. Use it hands-on. Let it become an intimate guide, calling forth your own unique and precious guidance, so that your own unique and precious notes of the one great song can come forth and bring joy and illumination to all of us.

Starting Your Book opens the door. The Process Notebook helps you go through it.

For a taste of the Process Notebook you can be working with to bring forth the treasures in you (and track your process in the process), click here.

The Process Notebook

{for use with Starting Your Book}


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Or special package (see bottom of page):






"You Are the Treasure You Seek"

Rose Press Flower Essence Remedy for Writers & Readers

{To accompany the book, Starting Your Book}

Starting Your Book

This special Flower Essence Remedy for Writers, called "You Are the Treasure You Seek,"

has been uniquely designed by Rose Press

to help you digest

the inspiration, nourishment, and encouragement

of Starting Your Book

in a (literally) embodied way 

$12 when ordered with Starting Your Book

($15 if ordered separately)

Flowers are your healing friends!

Flower essences are literally the essence of a flower's particular healing quality, distilled in pure water and preserved with a very small amount of alcohol. Every flower has its own healing properties, such as serenity, enthusiasm, creativity, clarity, and a great many more. And when these flowers are picked at just the right time, and submerged in a bowl of pure water, much as with rose perfume the distillation of the flower's healing nature infuses the water, and it is then the water that holds the “medicine.”

Flower essences work by healing the “emotional body” and the "mental body" (which can thereby also heal the physical body), which means that their method and effects are subtle yet potent. You simply place 4 or so drops under the tongue, or in a glass of pure water, several times a day. Or you can apply it as a mist, topically, or in a bath if you don't want to ingest it. A specific flower essence will work for you if its “medicine” is what your being needs.

If you are called to work with Starting Your Book, you will also enjoy using its companion flower essence, "You Are the Treasure You Seek." Designed expressly for Rose Press, this remarkable flower essence remedy will help you move with ease into writing your book in a way that reveals your inner treasures. "You Are the Treasure You Seek" flower essence blend will help you listen within, trust what you find, open to inspiration, and move through formerly stuck places so that you can start writing your book with enthusiasm, joy, the wonder of discovery, and fulfillment. 

{For more details about all Rose Press Flower Essence Remedies for Writers & Readers, click here.}

A lovely distillation and "medicine" for your doubts and fears about book-writing,

this remarkable flower essence remedy

will have you marveling at the limitless inner treasures you have to draw from,

and enhance your inspiration, courage, and creative play as you write. 

$12 when ordered with Starting Your Book,

$15 if purchased separately

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~ OR ~

See special package, below:







1. Starting Your Book

Starting Your Book


2. Process Notebook

ring binder Stock Photo - 5097647


3. Flower Essence Remedy, "You Are the Treasure You Seek"

These wonderful aids to your deep, fulfilling writing are sold separately. But when you purchase all three, you get a special package and a special discount.

1. With the print edition of Starting Your Book:  your cost is just $42.50 (regular cost: $47.90 ~ a more than 10% savings!)

Package of 3 with print Starting Your Book

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2. With the e-book edition of Starting Your Book:  your cost is just $37.50 (regular cost: $42.90 ~ a more than 10% savings!)

Package of 3 with e-book Starting Your Book

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"[Starting Your Book] was very helpful to get over myself

and find the confidence to just start writing.

Rose gets it right about what freezes up the imagination and passion,

and she offers good insights to help one get over the challenge of the blank page.

Her book is the nurturing teacher you always dreamed of that would coax and praise you to reveal your heart."

~ Linda Eckmann



Naomi Rose

is a writer, book developer, and the creator of "Writing from the Deeper Self." For more about Naomi and her professional work and credentials, see the "About" page of this website.

Naomi Rose

"What Naomi does superbly is to evoke the creative and articulate in each person who works with her."

~ Gay Luce, author, Body Time and Your Second Life; co-founder and teacher, Nine Gates Mystery School