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Writing from the Deeper Self
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Writing from the Deeper Self

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Bringing Your Treasures into the World . . .




The purpose of Writing from the Deeper Self is to bring into the world writings that remind readers of their essential nature and connection with life, and help bring them through places of internal and external darkness to the experience of inspiration, liberation, peace, wholeness, beauty, song, praise, and redemption.

In this way, by approaching writing not so much as a profession as a vehicle for transforming the inner nature of a human being, the books and other written works that emerge from the WFDS matrix will transform the outer world, as well. This occurs not only because of the particular subject matter that is addressed, but also because of the internal place within the writer from which the subject is addressed. As we are tuned, so those who come into contact with the range and harmonics of our tuning begin to vibrate sympathetically, much like a stringed instrument–and glorious music results.

People reading these books and stories are better able to see their own stories, and thereby are restored to their own wholeness. And, completing the circle of yearning and fulfillment that characterizes all human beings in their depths–both writers and readers alike–readers receive in their souls what grew in the souls of the writers. And they are renewed and washed with recognition, and re-given the gift of their unique yet interconnected place in the scheme of things.


Support for the Writers

The WFDS consultation process is designed not only to produce profound and beautiful publishable books, but also to support and encourage the human beings doing the writing. Writing is courageous, if rewarding, work. By working with these writers on an ongoing basis, Naomi Rose is able to provide consistent support and support for the writer’s own knowledge of what works. The process of a life out of which fine works of art come into being requires support and encouragement during fallow times as well as harvest times.



The books engendered through the WFDS approach can be self-published by the author, or brought to the attention of an external publisher, with Naomi’s help and support.

Please note that some of the books brought about through the Writing from the Deeper Self process ~ including, but not limited to, Naomi's own books ~ have been published by Rose Press, an organic outgrowth of the Writing from the Deeper Self process. (See link on menu to your left for Rose Press.)



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